For the intent of this assignment. I am traveling to discourse my reading of note 13. every bit good as. the section analysis spreadsheet. Note 13 negotiations about fabricating installation in Europe that supplies the merchandises for multiple sections. These sections inherit the costs based upon volume used by those several sections. I will presume that since Asia Pacific. Latin America. and North America were non mentioned. these parts have their ain fabrication that takes topographic point for their ain section. Besides mentioned in the note was that intersegment transportations and gross revenues are non important. I will be sing these minutess as non-existent or non comparative as an premise. I am traveling to get down by looking through the section information spreadsheet. The first check is the section dollar sums over the last 8 old ages. We are besides given the 8 twelvemonth norm and the recent 5 twelvemonth norm. I was able to unhide the information which gave me information for the Latin America. North America. Asia Pacific / China and Central / Easter Europe dating back to 2001. What we have seen over this clip span is a quickly turning market in Latin America in footings of gross.

However. operating net income has turning at half the rate as gross. This tells me that the costs of goods sold and SG & A ; A monetary values have risen dramatically over this clip span per merchandise. Furthermore. entire assets have been turning at an even faster rate. This rate does transcend the growing rate of depreciation and amortisation which tells me that they are in a turning scheme. Capital Outgo has been turning at a rate similar to gross. but dropped 42 per centum in 2011. My conjecture is that they may hold written down some of their debt at this clip. This market is non merely their most successful market in comparing to others. but it is all by far the largest. Latin America is accounting for 45 per centum of gross. 62. 6 per centum of operating net income. and 45 per centum of the company’s assets in 2011. The 45 per centum grosss accounting for 62. 6 per centum of operating net income tells me that this is a really successful section in comparing to others. It is drawing the company through the tough times over the last few old ages.

My premise is that the company was engulfed in the success of the company in the mid 2000’s that they may hold over looked that it mostly had to make with Latin America. The growing of Latin America since 2004 is besides reeling. It one time had merely 25 per centum of the gross. 32 per centum of the operating net income and 23 per centum of the assets. This segment’s volume in comparing with the full company had about doubled. The compounded one-year growing rate for the last 5 old ages had exceeded all classs compared to 8 twelvemonth norm with the exclusion of depreciation and amortisation. I’ll make the statement that Latin Americas growing is decelerating a small over recent old ages ( 2009 – 2011 ) traveling from a growing rate in gross of 20 per centum to around 10. most likely due to planetary recession. Harmonizing to Note 13. Brazil histories for a big part of Latin America as we see growing in gross go from $ 1. 817 billion to $ 2. 316 billion ( 21. 5 % growing in 2 old ages ) and durable assets ( largely warehousing is my conjecture ) from $ 331 million to $ 418 million ( 26 % growing from 2009 – 2011 ) . I believe that Latin America’s success can be centered on the big volume of Brazil.

The last sheet expressions at the ratios of each section. Operating net income in footings of gross is dropping and return on assets has besides fallen in recent old ages. Capex over depreciation Tells us how much the company is passing on new assets. Thereby. a positive figure Tells us that they are turning and negative figure provinces that they are decelerating growing down. 2011 is the closest they get to 1. I believe that Avon is seeking to fasten up by holding less capital outgo but they are aching the concern by trying to decelerate growing in Latin America. It is clear that the efficiency and cost side of the equation is slacking and demands to be closely monitored. Lack of efficiency is besides seen in the ROA. which has dropped to half of what it was in 2004. North America is a wholly different narrative. USA represents a big part of this section as stated in Note 13. We have seen grosss bead from $ 1. 817 billion to $ 1. 748 in two old ages while long term assets have grown from $ 582 million to $ 1. 088 billion. Much of this leap probably had to make with the acquisition of Silpada. Revenue and operating net income have plummeted.

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The two compounded one-year growing rates tell me that most of it is taking topographic point in recent old ages. They turned in their first negative operating net income in 2011. One of the more enigmatic points that I noticed for North America is that depreciation and amortisation is turning by about 20 per centum while capital outgos is consuming by about 50 per centum. Somehow they are dropping the sum of investing by half. yet their depreciation is turning strongly. proposing that they are non puting any money into this section. I do cognize that their assets that they do hold on their books are non developing a return as it one time did. In fact. ROA drops from 43 per centum in 2004 to a negative 15. 3 % . This section is a really hapless executing part of their concern. It is losing portions of the market and losing even more control of their costs and assets. Central and Eastern Europe has seen small growing and even less alteration in operating net income.

The bead in entire assets might propose that they are seeking to go leaner in this section. 2011 is the first twelvemonth that Avon has decided non to out put the disbursement on depreciation. The sum that they have tried to turn this concern has resulted in small growing from gross revenues. The dropping of operating net income over gross revenues Tells me that the they are get downing to lose a appreciation of their operations in this section. Western Europe. Middle East and Africa has been making better in the recent 5 old ages than they had before so. This is due to the lifting operating net income and growing in gross revenues. They besides have a maintain scheme with a capex over depreciation figure of less than 1. I could reason that this deficiency of disbursement to develop growing has resulted in the best 2 old ages for this section in 2010 and 2011. ROA reached 25 per centum and operating net income over gross revenues was about 20 per centum.

The last section is Asia Pacific and China. As we have read and discussed in our category. Avon has been working to put a nowadayss in China through Acts of the Apostless of graft. This is a section that could see important alterations in the close hereafter. Looking at the yesteryear shows us that Avon has less market portions than in old old ages. However. Avon is seeing its entire assets grow each twelvemonth. Entire plus turnover has gone from over 2 to 1. 5 now. They have a ROA that was 30 per centum in 2004 that is now 12. 9 % . They are seen seeking to turn the concern through internal investings ( Capex / Depreciation ) but have yet to see any indicant that it is working for Avon ( Decreasing gross and dropping operating net income over gross revenues ) .

The last portion I wanted to advert was the gross by merchandise class in Note 13. It is broken out by Fashion. Beauty and Home. They besides have a row for other gross that consists of order processing. I believe that the Silpada acquisition would fall in the manner row. We see an addition in manner go from $ 1. 8 billion in 2009 to 2. 0 billion in 2010 and drop 1. 9 billion in 2011. Beauty goes from 7. 2 billion in 2009 to 7. 7 billion in 2010 and continues upward to $ 8. 1 billion in 2011.

The place class sees really small alteration in the 4 old ages. In the 3 old ages given. each merchandise class is keeping the exact per centum of gross. My suggestion to Avon would be to interrupt out how these merchandises do in each market section. Potentially. this could let them to better understand how their merchandises fair in each section. It can be seen from this exercising that Avon is a in a batch of problem and needs to do some drastic alterations. They have to get down with North America. since it is one of the larger sections and is executing the worst relation to their other hapless executing section.


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