Outline Format For Presentation about Self Presentations General Purpose: Specific Purpose: Organizational Pattern: Introduction I. Attention getter: Today IM going to inform the class about why soccer and cheerleaders are my favorite activities. II. Central Idea/Thesis Statement: Today I will be discussing my soccer and cheerleaders experiences Ill. Preview Statement: I will enlighten you with Body l. First main point* Soccer A. Vive been playing soccer since I was eight. B. I have been playing on the same club team for ten years. We were division champions. 2. We won multiple tournament championships. C. I no longer play for this club team because I recently started playing for BUY. First transition: The other most important sport to me is cheerleaders. II. Second main point Cheerleaders A. I have been involved in cheerleaders for two years. 1. I cheered for a club team called the elements. 2. I made lifelong friends from being on the elements team. B. Cheer has played a great deal in my life because it taught me how to really be a team and trust others.

Second transition: Signal the conclusion : as you can see soccer and cheerleaders are important parts of my life. Conclusion l. Summary of Main Points only : In conclusion, Vive been playing soccer for ten years and I continue to love playing. I have won division championships with my club team and multiple tournament championships. To this day I continue to play for the woman’s soccer team here at BUY. II. Although only cheering for two years, cheerleaders has taught me how to really be a team player and how to truly give a am my complete trust.

I also will have lifelong friends from these experiences. IV. Memorable close: I hope you have learned more about myself and why cheerleaders Ana soccer are so Important to me. *In outlining, if you have a I, you must have a II and if you have a sub-point A, you must have a sub-point B. If the central idea/purpose can’t be divided in at least two ways, it isn’t deemed “worthy’ of being a central idea. Similarly, if a I isn’t capable of being divided by an A and a B, it isn’t “worthy’ of being in that position.


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