In the class of this Self-obervation and self-reflection essay. I inten to illostaigh what I have learn about myself and what country I belive still necessitate to understand. Psychotherapist Carl Rogers believe ‘ Congruence between feeling and action can ne’er be total…choosing to be existent with others is the individual most of import determination a individual can make’ . ( ) Agreeable with Rogers. however I know believe that the individual most of import determination a individual can do is to be honest with oneself. Understanding their ain feeling and being able to accept who they are. before being able to be ‘real’ with others. Since being cognizant of how self-observation and contemplation are the most of import tool for a counselor or healer. I decided to analyze my behavior and the ground for my attack to my brushs. while self-searching I had a conversation with my female parent about measure pa.

At first. I could non bear to hear his name. as the conversation continues I grow more impatient and found myself experiencing highly annoy and intolerable thought about him. Nonetheless. I wanted to understand and accent with her. the more make-believe to be interested the more I grow hostile. I though about my feelings and observe how I felt. I realizes that the truly hate I felt towards my measure dad while turning up. was in fact for my female parent. I despised the fact that she had put his demands and desire foremost. and has ever feign she was ok. Look back on this. I think it was much easier and acceptable for me to detest him instead than my female parent. I ever rebel in my relationships and frequently project my position on other who seems weak and control by their male spouse. before I could ne’er understand why these adult females seems are incapable of standing their land.

After reflecting on my feels towards my measure pa. I realized that I hated my female parent for the manner she allowed him to command her and I ne’er truly hated him. As a consequence I grow more over powering in my relationship and snapped at any mark of control or command. I get dying and defensive when speaking or seeking to assist these kinds of jobs. I became the individual I despised so much! More on more. I understand as a healer one is required to understand the of import their ego. before offering aid to other. Just by know my frights and understanding my feeling I am more comfy to cover with them.

Processing a curative and oneself is such a hard accomplishment. seeking to carry through The overall purpose of guidance is to supply an chance for the client to work towards populating in a manner he or she experiences every bit more hearty and resourceful.

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The aims of a guidance relationship will change harmonizing to the client’s needs. Guidance may be concerned with:
* developmental issues
* turn toing and deciding specific jobs
* devising determinations
* get bying with crisis
* developing personal penetration and cognition
* working through feelings of interior struggle
* or bettering relationships with others.

The function of the counselor is to ease the client’s work in ways which respect the client’s values. personal resources and capacity for pick within his or her cultural context.

British Association for Reding
Code of moralss and pattern for counselors 2000. parity 3. 1 development of the capacities for self-­?reflection in order to increase self-­? consciousness. heighten personal accomplishments in assisting relationships and to back up planning


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