Good morning everyone. Today I’m going to talking about my knowledge what I had gained from this course. Before starting, I want to ask you guys some questions. Do you like to share your emotions to others? Do you believe that showing emotions openly is a good things? Let’s think it in a minutes and think it by your own. Okay now, I want to share a theory to all of you, which can help you to change what you feel when your negative emotions happen. How often you have negative emotions?

While you have negative feelings such as anger, anxiety or depression, you can use this method to challenge the belief that you endorsed. This method is called ‘Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy(REBT) or A-B-C theory by Albert Ellis in 1984. Here I would like to give you some possible example to refer in your daily life. The first example is, you feel sad if you get a lower mark of GPA in semester one. Then you feel hopeless and you think that you will lost your parent’s expectations. Next, you should try to think another slide. You can study hard in semester two.

The second example is learn by my classmate who is in this class. I had got no offer in JUPAS, that means I haven’t a chance to study in university. I felt very upset because I guess I could study in university. But now I think that I can’t study in university means a great loss to university. I reckon that there is another different world which I standing here. Because I study in the most expensive area in causeway bay and I meet lots of friends here. It is clear for me to pursue my goal. In conclude, hope this theory can help you to change your mind. Thank you.

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