In this paper I will be describing how I observe myself, as well as a reflected appraisal on how others perceive me. I picked a close friend named Erik Sparks of 9 years, and my uncles preservation on what he really thinks of me. In this first paragraph I will give you my personal self- reflection on how I honestly perceive myself followed by the opinions of my selected reference group I have always used social comparison when I’m personally achieving goals, for instance I am very competitive. When it comes to sports I always have to come out ahead or I feel as if I failed or didn’t try to my fullest abilities.

I narrowed my value list down to four values. My values being ranked in importance to me are: Family, Friends, honesty, and striving for success. Family for instance made me ten person I am today. My Tamely memoirs nave all graduate Trot good colleges and obtained good careers which deeply influenced me. When I was younger I was always taught that nothing is handed to you. To be successful you have to work hard and strive for the person your going to be in the future. I feel that I am a very hard worker when it comes to school and work.

My mother always taught me not to lie and I was taught strongly against it, ” honesty makes good integrity. ” I truly feel that people are honest unless they give me a clear reason to think otherwise. I am a very caring person an will always help another person in distress. Even when someone thinks negative about themselves and give up all hope I’m always there to give them positive insight, and try to help them establish a more positive outlook on their particular situation. Sometimes I I Judge Tell Tanat my ego does get In ten way sometimes .

For Instance, sometimes people too quickly and wont give them the time of day if I get the inclination that there trying to take advantage of me or are below me. One major trait about me is that I strive to achieve goals until they are met. When I first transferred to Chic state I ended up dropping out within a couple years, several people told me to basically give up college. In the end negative comments only influence me to strive harder to prove them wrong. Some of my friends that didn’t go to college told me I was wasting my time and I should Just Join a union Job which was kind of a ego buster for me.

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That’s where I feel I sometimes undermine people thinking there saying that because there not smart enough to go to college, an since I am in college and getting good grades there Just Jealous. When it comes to my social expectations I ay feel as if I should of graduated college by now and possibly be married at age 27 is the usual norm. Most students have graduated by now especially when they start college right after high school. I did get side tracked a lot along the Journey of my life. I started DVD at age 18 moved out of my parent’s house and started to party a lot which put a major detour in my academic pace.

Later I moved to Chic at age 23 and ended up moving into one of the biggest party houses off the famous ” SST. ” which is in the 5th an II middle of all the fraternity an sorority houses. After failing out of Chic I felt as if I failed in life than moved back to the bay area. Considering when I have a goal set I accomplish the goal so I decided to go back to DVD to take a few classes in communications so I can transfer in the spring of 2014. Considering once I have a set goal it makes it hard for other people to change my mind on what I want to 00.

As for the reference group ( Erik Sparks, and my uncle) they had there agreements ND disagreements about my own self-reflection. I did have a little distorted feedback from how I interpreted myself. Erik sparks for example said that I’m way to quick to Judge people. He said in the past when he’s introduced me to a new girlfriend I would sometimes be rude and quite. Probably because I Judged her immediately and didn’t even give her a chance because I’m to quick to Judge. There still was a lot of positive attributes he did mention about me. He did say IM a very caring person and will always be there for a friend in distress.

For example, he reminded me the time he rasher his car in Palm springs an had no money or a ride home. He stated calling everyone in his phone book but no one would come to Nils al . A It was on a Saturday Ana I was suppose on a date I really take tens gal. out liked but I ended up canceling, therefore never talking to her again. Anyways, the caring person I am ruined the date Just to drive to Palm Springs to pick up my really good friend. One trait I have about myself is that when I make up my mind its hard for someone to change it. That’s where Cognitive Conservatism plays a strong role in my life towards friends and family.

For example, Erik told me when I want to do something and I have my mind set to it no one else’s opinion matters. He was telling me a few months ago when we were all in San Francisco everyone wanted to go to this particular bar but I wanted to go to a different one. Basically he said I refused to go and I ended up making everyone go where I wanted to go regardless of any hurt feelings. My uncle Tanat I don’t see very oaten was a perfect can considering I don’t late Tort tens project see him very often enabled him to give a more accurate and honest opinion. He did say I am very polite ND do appear very caring towards others.

He did mention I do seem very sincere about what I want to do with my life as well as achieving my set goals. I never saw myself as a shy person I always felt as if I was very outgoing. At the last family party my uncle John did tell me I was kind of separated and didn’t really talk much, making me look particularly rude. I never really saw myself as rude I always felt everyone always enjoyed my company. So I found his distorted feedback interesting because I never really noticed that side of me. He did tell me I’m always able to keep my cool even in the most upsetting


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