Write a paper saying your place. If such a alteration can be made. depict how it can be accomplished. Yes. I believe a self-seeking leader can go a servant leader. I say this from personal experience. In the text it spoke about the “Scrooge phenomenon. ” which deals with a close decease experience that causes a individual to acquire in touch with their ain mortality and recognize that they life is more about what you give that what you get. ( p120 ) While functioning in Iraq I experienced many near decease experiences. and got divorced to my first married woman due to her unfaithfulness. As a consequence to these things returning place I was a muss and so I decided to self-medicate with drugs and intoxicant. I truly got to a bad point. and eventually went to intervention and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Calendar months passed. I got clean I divorced my first married woman. and I enrolled into Anderson University in Human Service plan with concentration in Behavioral Science. My purposes at the clip were to acquire into this plan so I could understand the things traveling on with my mental wellness and to besides one time I graduated. to work at the Veterans’ Hospital as a Mental Health Counselor. and assist other veterans returning from the war.

The inquiry for this paper asks if a ego -serving leader can go a servant leader. I believe that by me inscribing in that course of study to assist myself and to work at the Veterans Hospital was me being self-seeking. I say that. because since so God has sent many marks stating me that He has other programs for me. Several Ministers whom I didn’t even know state me that. ” God has a naming for me into ministry. ” Even as I was turning up I’ve been told that I was called to be in ministry. I besides read Rick Warren’s book Purpose Driven Life. and I realized that I went through the things I did because God has been fixing me for something greater.

At the clip of the trial and tests I was traveling through I had no thought of God’s intent for me. but now afterwards I realize that it’s non about me. but God. and the stretch psyche. My way in my surveies now is for me to acquire my Masters of Ministry Degree following Undergraduate Degree. which I am scheduled to finish December of following twelvemonth. God is so amazing. I must state because this lesson trades with precisely what I’m traveling through in my life. I’m presently at my learner/apprentice phase. and I’m holding defeat. deficiency of motive. and disheartenment with making my school assignment due to my disablements and my surgery. ( p147 ) I thank God for this lesson. because it gives me encouragement to non let my self-importance to acquire me off from my intent. I candidly do believe that a self-seeking leader can go a servant leader ; the route isn’t easy. but it is turn outing to be deserving it. Thank you Jesus.


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Blanchard. K. & A ; Hodges P. ( 2005 ) Lead Like Jesus. Nashville. Tennessee: Thomas Nelson


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