Senior Citizens: Safe Drivers Or Roadway Hazards Essay, Research Paper

Senior Citizens: Safe Drivers or Roadway Hazards

Driving is a simple undertaking that many of us execute on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing. Most people are safe drivers, while a few are incapable of driving safely. Safe and capable is how most senior citizens can be viewed, nevertheless, there are some exclusions. A simple retesting of the senior citizens would do the roads more safe. Senior citizens & # 8217 ; 65 and over should be allowed to drive merely if they can go through a 2nd drive trial.

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Testing of the senior citizens for the simple mundane undertaking of driving would be considered stereotyped. Necessitating senior citizens to retest would connote that they are incapable and unequal merely because of their age. However, these trials would do other drivers feel more secure. Other drivers would experience more secure with the cognition that senior citizens have been tested for their drive capablenesss. Many of us frequently doubt non merely their cognition of the route, but their physical capablenesss. Once all senior citizens are tested, other drivers will be assured that the seniors are safe and capable of all roadway operations.

Young and old, most people are afraid of trials of all sorts. Because of their fright of trials, many senior citizens may take non to retest The license is a really critical portion of some senior & # 8217 ; s lives because it gives them independency. Though this trial may take away some licenses, it is non an onslaught on the seniors of our society. It is a known fact that in seniors oculus and manus coordination deteriorates. Furthermore, hearing and memory becomes hampered in senior citizens. Because of the natural procedure known as ripening, finally all of us will be senior citizens with these same physical jobs. Bad hearing is really unsafe on the roadway. Consequently, one can non hear Sirens, horns, or other warnings. Memory loss is a job confronted by immature and old alike, nevertheless, it is more outstanding in senior citizens. Therefore, senior citizens may hold forgotten critical information about drive. Alzheimer & # 8217 ; s diseas

vitamin E, which is a memory loss disease, affects many senior citizens and is an on-going job. By retesting driving accomplishments, the senior citizens can be assured that their memory is integral. If in fact a senior citizen’s memory has deteriorated, he or she can acquire the aid that they need. Again to reiterate, to retest is non to curtail senior citizens from driving, but it is merely a safety safeguard.

One of the more serious concerns, hampered vision, prevails in many senior citizens. Without right vision a driver endangers non merely their ain life, but the lives of other walkers and drivers. Cataracts, which prevail in many senior citizens can be a really unsafe medical status. Therefore, the vision of many senior citizens on the route may be deteriorating, and they may non be cognizant of their job. A undertaking for younger drivers, dark drive may be about impossible for aged people with vision jobs. New limitations may use to those who can non drive safely at dark. These serious physical conditions could take to many accidents ensuing in decease.

Most of import of all, reappraisal classs in driving are an first-class chances for all drivers immature and old. Since senior citizens received their licenses many old ages ago, they may hold forgotten some regulations of the route. Roadway Torahs have changed greatly in the past old ages, and retesting will convey all senior citizens up to day of the month with the current Torahs. The retesting plan can besides assist be extended to other age groups and people who have been inactive on the route. Retesting will turn out to be an efficient and effectual manner to cut down accidents on the route.

Clearly, retesting senior citizens 65 and over would do the roads safer and would cut down the figure of roadway accidents. Drivers who are incapable of driving safely would hold their licenses taken off. Most senior citizens are safe drivers and present no menace to the safety of others, but a few do present a serious menace. These are the people that retesting is designed to curtail. The retest is non to halter the independency of senior citizens, but is merely a safety safeguard.


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