parietal, temporal, occipital
the 3 lobes in which sensory areas are found
primary somatosensory cortex
the sensory area which receives information from the somatic sensory receptors in the skin and skeletal muscles
spatial discrimination
the ability of the primary somatosensory cortex to indicate which body area is being stimulated
post-central gyrus
the gyrus in which the primary somatosensory cortex is located
parietal lobe
the lobe in which the primary somatosensory cortex is located
somatosensory association cortex
receives input from primary somatosensory cortex and integrates it
occipital lobe
the lobe in which the primary visual cortex is located
retina of the eye
area from which the visual information originates
visual association area
area which uses past visual experience to interpret visual stimuli
temporal lobes
location of the brain’s auditory areas
primary auditory cortex cochlea hearing receptors
the ____ _____ _____ receives impulses from the _____ of the ear which contains ____ ____
pitch, rhythm, loudness
the primary auditory cortex determines the _____, _____ and _____ of auditory stimuli
auditory association area
area which interprets information from the primary auditory cortex
olfactory areas
areas which receive and intepret smells
gustatory cortex
area which receives and interprets taste stimuli
vestibular cortex
area which receives and interprets stimuli for equilibrium
the inner ear
location of equilibrium receptors
prefrontal cortex
the most complex region of the brain
genius maker
prefrontal cortex is the _____
prefrontal cortex
area of brain which seperates us from other animals
late teens/early 20’s
age at which the prefrontal cortex becomes fully developed
limbic system
the emotional portion of the brain
visceral association area
area which receives and interprets input from the abdominal organs
left hemisphere
hemisphere in which the brain’s language areas are located
wernicke’s area
brain area used to sound out unfamiliar words
lateral prefrontal cortex
portion of brain used for language comprehension and word analysis
temporal lobe
lobe of the brain in which word association occurs
name given to the division of labor among the hemispheres of the brain
cerebral dominance
when one hemisphere takes over one particular task more than does another

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