1.0 Segmentation Theory

Cleavage is a manner of dividing peculiar market into subdivisions, which show same traits or mode. ( For Marketing Learners Globally n.d. ) While market cleavage is the procedure of accommodating the different demands and wants to the different groups of consumer. ( Segmentation n.d. )

There are four variables that used under cleavage, which is geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural cleavage. Geographic cleavage divides the market harmonizing to geographical country. Geographic cleavage is used because consumers in different part show different traits and mode. Demographic cleavage divides the population into gender, age, household life rhythm and income among other variables. Same as the theory of the geographical cleavage, demographic cleavage is use because there are different demands and want consume by different age, gender and household life rhythm consumer.

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To marks more precise profiles of the mark market, psychographics cleavage can be use. Psychographics cleavage can be divided into personality features, societal category, and life style. ( For Marketing Learners Globally n.d. ) Last but non least is behavioural cleavage. Behavioral cleavage is a procedure of grouping the client by their cognition, attitude and responses to the merchandise. For illustration, juncture, benefits sought, user position and usage rate. ( Kotler, et Al. 2008 )

In short, cleavage is used by seller to develop effectual selling programs. By developing an effectual selling program with analysis of the cleavage, businees will cognize what the clients want from phase to present and function the client better so that the client will come back to them once more. As a consequence, the concern will acquire higher net income than others.

Besides that, concern that make analysis on the multidimensional attack to segmentation supply information sing little divisions in the entire market that portion peculiar demands. The designation of those demands can develop new or improved peculiar merchandises that meet the demand of the clients. Once the merchandise meet or over the outlook of the consumer, client will usually willing to pay higher monetary value. Therefore, the net income border of the concern will increase. ( Recklies 2001 )

2.0 Target Market Identification

The merchandise for this paper is an international stone star, Lady Gaga. This subdivision will discourse on the traits of the primary mark market in Malaysia of the merchandise.

2.1 Geographic Traits

Sellers have used the Geographic cleavage to different geographical units such as rural or urban countries, which make up the market. Besides that, the sellers besides segmented the market for the metropoliss with big population, to guarantee a sufficient big consumer base. Primary mark market of Lady Gaga is included in most of the capital of Malaysia which is more comfortable. For case, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, and Johor Bahru there will be more of the primary mark market as the location is much more comfortable ; while for the suburban such as Kelantan, Kedah and Muar would be less.

2.2 Demographic Traits

The sellers section their market harmonizing to the demographic cleavage, as it is the most of import factors that may act upon consumers. The primary mark market of Lady Gaga is consumers who were born in 1980-1995. This group of consumer was usually label by sellers as Generation Y. ( Fixing for Generation Y 2008 ) Most of the coevals Y who were the primary mark market of the Lady gaga is now in between 15 to 30 old ages old and stills being a pupil whoever taking secondary or third instruction.

2.3 Psychographic Traits

Sellers have used different cleavage harmonizing to different people lifestyle, socioeconomic, personality. Consumers in the same age bracket may hold different life styles and personality. One of the life style of the primary mark market of Lady Gaga is holding dark life with tonss of merriment. This is because Lady Gaga ‘s vocals are frequently appear in dark nine, saloon disco KTVs and so on. Besides that, most of the consumers are engineering understanding which are interested in engineering and can non populate without engineering such as cyberspace, manus phone, laptop and so on.

2.4 Behavioral Traits

Harmonizing to the different behavioural variable cleavage that consist benefit sought, usage rate, occasions and more is besides the factors that cause consumer to be involvement and purchase it. Profit cleavage requires sellers to understand and happen the chief benefits clients look for in a merchandise. Peoples normally listen to the stone n axial rotation ‘s vocal to alleviate their emphasis. ( Chimento and Tafalla 2002 ) Same theory, the consumer of the merchandise – Lady Gaga, is seeking a manner to alleviate them self from the outside factors by listen to her vocal.

In decision, the primary mark market of Lady Gaga is people, who stay in urban country, age between15-30 which labeled as Generation Y, pupil who taking secondary and third instruction, bask nightlife, engineering understanding and alleviate their emphasis by listening to her vocal.

3.0 Rationale of the Target Market Collage

The image that has chosen is stated in the montage. There are all together 6 images which represent the traits of the primary mark market of the merchandise – Lady Gaga.

First is the image of the merchandise – Lady Gaga. The black colour background shows the significance of power. This is because Lady Gaga is the celebrated international stone star which might be replaced some other international star such as Madonna. Besides that, the black colour background besides has the consequence to do other colour base out. As a consequence, the image of Lady Gaga which situated at the center of the black colour background is represent the queen that surrounded by power. ( Color Meaning n.d. )

Following is the image that represents the geographical cleavage which is urban country. As reference above, the primary mark market of the merchandise is located in the urban country. As a consequence, this image has been used because it shows many of the baronial edifices with colourful background in it which represents the feature of the urban country.

The images that represent the demographic cleavage is Generation Y and pupil which have reference above. One of the feature of Generation Y is originative and invention. The image of Generation Y which shows show the word “ Y ” by demoing the “ Y ” utilizing the half of the cheek is a sort of originative. As a consequence, this image matches the feature of Generation Y. For the image of pupil, this has been choose because the theoretical account consist of both male and female which mean that the primary mark market of Lady Gaga is included both female and male. Other than that, the image consists of books as good which indirectly represent as pupil.

For the psychographic cleavage, images which represent engineering understanding and dark life are included. The image represent engineering understanding has been used as most of the Generation Y is engineering understanding and they ca n’t populate without engineering. The engineering that they normally used is computing machine, manus phone, camera and so on.

For illustration, computing machine and manus phone are normally used by Generation Y to acquire the information and contact with other people easy through cyberspace. For the image of dark life, the image has been used because this image convey the significance of felicity and carefree by holding nightlife. As reference in subdivision 2, Lady Gaga ‘s vocal is frequently used in dark nine, disco and saloon which usually operate during dark clip. Therefore, the primary mark market will travel to these topographic points to holding their dark life.

Last but non least is the images that represent the behavioural cleavage, the image has been used as the image convey information of enjoy. The theoretical account that lie down on the green grass convey the message of carefree and enjoy. The consumer is basking when listening to Gaga ‘s vocal. By the manner, many of the consumers besides like to sing Gaga ‘s vocal because the vocal is easy to sing and learn. As a consequence, many people like to travel saloon, clubbing, KTVs, and disco to let go of and bask them self for being stress by outside factor.


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