You should limit your communication with the captor to which of the following? (Select all that apply)
-Address health and welfare concerns (correct)
-Ask to be returned to U.S. control (correct)
-Identify yourself (correct)
-Provide the innocent circumstances leading to capture (correct)
What are some methods to purify water? (Select all that apply)
-Chemically treating water with chlorine or iodine (correct)
-Purifying with a commercial micro filter (correct)
-Boiling vigorously for at least one minute (correct)
What pre-deployment document requires you to provide, four personal authentication statements, full front and right side photographs, and fingerprints?
-DD Form 1833 Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP) (correct)
The Code of Conduct is your moral guide from isolation to captivity resolution.
The Evasion Plan of Action (EPA) provides recovery forces the following information should you become isolated. (Select all that apply)
-It helps them to anticipate your actions and intentions should you become isolated (correct)
-Ensure you detail the factors concerning the methods and procedures you intend to use to communicate with recovery forces (correct)
-Your evasion intentions and key recovery information (correct)
One way to gain acceptance from the local population after making contact is to discuss the similarities between your religions. This helps to show you are peaceful and mean no harm.
To which article of the Code of Conduct does the following statement refer? If captured I will continue to resist by all means available. I will make every effort to escape and aid others to escape. I will accept neither parole nor special favors from the enemy.
Article III (correct)
Upon your release, a DoD Public Affairs Officer (PAO) will be available to help you. Their goal is to_______________________________________. (Select all that apply)
-coordinate your interactions with the media (correct)
-help you regain control over your life (correct)
The Code of Conduct is a ____________ for military members when isolated or held against their will by entities hostile to the U.S.
moral guide (correct)
Resistance is a BATTLE OF WITS with your captor.
An effective memory tool that can assist you with using situational awareness during an isolating event is the acronym PAID-E, which stands for perceive, ______________, interpret, decide, and execute.
analyze (correct)
Which of the following are criteria for selecting a shelter site? (Select all that apply)
-The area is large enough for you and your equipment (correct)
-Provides natural protection from environment, hazards, and threats (correct)
-Sufficient materials are available for constructing a shelter (correct)
The three basic food sources during isolation are packed rations, animals and insects, and plants.
During a hole-up what is your primary concern?
Security (correct)
Identify elements of Article II of the Code of Conduct. (Select all that apply)
-Military members are never authorized to surrender (correct)
-During military operations outside declared hostilities you may delay contact with local authorities (correct)
Which evasion aids can assist you with making contact with the local population? (Select all that apply)
-Pointee-Talkee (correct)
-Cultural Smart Cards (correct)
Limiting the amount of personal information available to others includes reducing your ______________ footprint, and personal information items not required for your operational mission such as credit cards and other identifiable items in your wallet or purse.
social media (correct)
Identify some posture and resistance constants of an effective resistance posture.
-Stall (correct)
-Control emotions (correct)
-Bounce back (correct)
The weakened state of the captives’ ____________reduces their capacity to collectively resist adversary exploitation efforts. Acceptance of special favors also provides an opening for an adversary’s future exploitation efforts against you.
organization (correct)
The two types of reporting isolating events are observer-reported and media reporting.
Which of the following are used to control bleeding?
-Apply direct pressure (correct)
-Use a tourniquet (correct)
-Elevate and immobilize (correct)
As part of your resistance posture you should portray ______ at all times.
innocence (correct)
Actions to take when capture is imminent include. (Select all that apply)
-Try to retain your personal cell phone (correct)
-Sanitize personal or sensitive materials (correct)
-Leave evidence of presence at capture point (correct)
You should attempt to provide proof of life during any audio or video recording or written documents?
What evasion aid is tailored to cover an individual operational area, combining standard navigation charts and maps with evasion and survival information?
Evasion chart (correct)
When are personnel ALWAYS authorized to escape?
When in physical or mortal danger (correct)
What should you do during USG negotiations for your release? (Select all that apply)
-Maintain your honor and communicate your innocence (correct)
-Remain professional and avoid exploitation (correct)
-Have faith in the USG (correct)
Selecting a signaling site and putting your signal in a suitable location is critical. A signaling site is defined as any site, based on your situation that enhances signaling efforts and the likelihood for the signal to be detected by friendly forces. What is a signaling site criterion? (Select all that apply)
-Sufficient materials for signal construction (correct)
-Recovery possible from/near site (correct)
-Site hidden from potential enemy observation and ground fire (correct)
Unlike a wartime situation, where the senior ranking member takes command of all prisoners, in a hostage situation, the most capable member must take command to ensure survivability.
When providing proof of life what information should you include? (Select all that apply)
-A verifiable date (correct)
-Your health and welfare (correct)
-You and your fellow captives’ identities (correct)
During a direct action recovery, you should pick up a weapon and assist the recovery team.
Continuously learning about your captivity environment and the captor is known as ___________________.
situational awareness (correct)
Leaving evidence of your presence supports U.S. Government effort to locate, identify and recover you.
Tactical hand-held radio transceivers, cell phones, satellite phones, and personal locator beacons (PLBs) are devices you could use for electronic communication.
In the event of isolation during operations other than war, the reasons to delay contact with legitimate authorities include. (Select all that apply)
-Gain situational awareness (correct)
-Contact friendly forces (correct)
Should your captors provide an opportunity to communicate using written, oral, or video means, you should:
Provide proof of life (correct)
What are some de-escalation strategies personnel can use to discourage captor violence? (Select all that apply)
-Maintain a low profile (correct)
-Be conscious of your body language (correct)
The traditional chain of command roles and responsibilities continue in all captivity environments. The senior eligible military member assumes command over captives from all U.S. Military Departments.
Which of the following is NOT an applicable Code of Conduct?
-Directing the captor’s attention to a fellow captive for interrogation.
Identify steps in building a fire. (Select all that apply)
-Use a platform (correct)
-Prepare adequate amounts of tinder, kindling, and fuel (correct)
– Carefully place small, dry kindling over the burning tinder (correct)
What are the goals of using a disguise? (Select all that apply)
-Prevent recognition (correct)
-Pass initial scrutiny (correct)
If captured, you must give no information or take part in any action which might be harmful to your comrades. This is an example of__________ under article IV of the Code of Conduct.
Keeping Faith
Which of the Code of Conduct article articulates the emotional connection between the Service member and the concept of sacrifice, as a requirement for honorable military service?
Article I
To which article of the Code of Conduct does the following statement refer? When questioned, should I become a prisoner of war, I am required to give name, rank, service number and date of birth. I will evade answering further questions to the utmost of my ability. I will make no oral or written statements disloyal to my country and its allies or harmful to their cause.
Article V (correct)

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