I have been employed as a services and environmental direction adviser to rede the client of design issues sing the new interior metropolis brewery next to the Kennet and Avon Canal in Reading, the issues that I shall be reding on are ;

The wellness and safety on site.

The proviso of primary services and possible options.

The environmental impact of design picks.

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The planetary heating and clime alteration – CO2 emanation, the company are really concerned about the addition of planetary heating and clime alteration.

The client already owns the industrial unit, which is a high usage of energy, peculiarly natural gas, to drive the immense steam turbines. The company have reduced their energy ingestion by 25 % in recent old ages through invention and committedness. The small town is to house their cardinal workers, who at nowadays have to go great distances to acquire to work. The land where the small town is to be built is a Brownfield site and has a few obsolete outbuildings in a province of disrepair.

Health and Safety

As with any building undertaking wellness and safety will be a large factor sing any issues that are involved on and around the site. So therefore the three chief pieces of statute law will hold to be followed these are as follows.

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 was put into topographic point to do certain that the wellness, safety and public assistance of employer, employees and the general populace is protected against the hazards which has the possible to do injury. The HSWA 1974 contains four chief parts that are in the involvement of the employer and employees and they are set in 9 agendas.

Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

Under the direction of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, it has a legal demand that a hazard appraisal should be undertaken and that there is a written record to travel with it. This is so that you can see what could do injury to the employer, employee and to the general populace in the workplace and that there is satisfactory safeguards in topographic point to cut down the hazard towards wellness and safety. There are besides a figure of paperss to follow with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 they are as follows ;

A pre – accident hazard appraisal.

A station – accident rhenium – appraisal.

An accident probe study.

Health surveillance records in appropriate instances.

Information provided to employees.

Documents associating to the employees wellness and safety preparation.

Construction Design and Management ordinances 2007

The CDM Regulations set out a figure of cardinal demands and are supported by the ACoP ( Approved Code of Practice ) , with several counsel notes and is divided into five parts. These are as follows ;

1 ) The presentment of the undertaking by the signifier F10.

2 ) A wellness and safety program.

3 ) A wellness and safety file.

4 ) Information and preparation records.

5 ) Records of advice/views of individuals at work.

I would rede that the contractor on site should do certain that all sub – contractors are to the full competent with their occupation and that if they are non so they are paired with a brother who is competent.

Understanding the influence of environmental and climatic alterations on the design procedure

Construction and the built environment presently accounts for around half of the national C emanations, to undertake this job it involves making sustainable topographic points. The designs of new edifices must demo how the edifice minimises emanations towards the environmental, societal and economic sustainability. The stairss which are taken in design to understate C emanations and to increase sustainability are as follows

Using locally sourced stuffs

Eco friendly beginnings of energy

Using high degrees of insularity

Global heating and clime alteration

Global heating and clime alteration autumn under portion L of the edifice ordinances which is the preservation of fuel and power. These ordinances were revised in 2006 to come into line with the current clime alteration ; they province that by 2015 all new edifices should be self sufficient, to cut down C emanations this means that the new reinforced edifices should be able to make their ain hot H2O and electricity. They besides outline that to minimise emanations to air, land and H2O to increase sustainability by utilizing eco friendly stuffs such as rammed Earth and timber frames alternatively of utilizing the traditional method of bricks and cement and utilizing recycled auto Surs which look like roofing tiles for the roof or by utilizing green roofing alternatively of normal slates, the impact of this means that the stuffs can be sourced locally which besides cuts down C emanations as it cuts the demand for going. Another option is to restrict the figure of auto parking infinites to seek and promote people to walk to their finish or to utilize public conveyance.

Regulations/ Code for sustainable places

There are no existent ordinances in building saying that edifices are to be eco friendly and be self sufficient, nevertheless with C emanations increasing Energy public presentation Certificates ( EPC ) have been introduced across England to assist better the energy efficiency of edifices and is required by jurisprudence, this is when a edifice is constructed, sold or rented. The EPC`s are valid for three old ages. The certification provides evaluations for the edifice which scope from A to G with A being the most energy efficient and G being the least energy efficient, with the mean being a D. These certifications besides come with a study saying suggestions on how to do the edifice more energy efficient nevertheless you do non hold to move on the recommendations made.

The Code for Sustainable Homes is an environmental impact evaluation system for lodging in England, puting new criterions for energy efficiency and sustainability. The codification works by holding a star evaluation runing from 1 to 6 with 6 stars being the highest possible of efficiency and 1 star being the entry degree. To acquire these codifications there is an overall appraisal which looks at the environmental impact of the physique the standard for this appraisal is as follows ;

Energy and CO2 emanations

Water H20 and surface H2O run off




Health and good being



Heat Energy Transfer in Buildings including U Values

Heat transportation in a edifice should be considered really carefully when being designed and built because heat can be lost merely, but can besides be gained by a edifice. The inside environmental or comfort temperature should be maintained between 18oC and 21oC. The tabular array as follows will demo you how easy heat is lost and gained.

Gained heat in a edifice

Lost heat in a edifice





Other suites








Difference between the interior and outside temperatures

Every piece of stuff used in the edifice will hold a U value. The U value shows how good a edifice heat`s, for illustration ;


U Value

( W/m2 K )

Area ( M2 )

Temperature Difference ( OC )

Rate of heat loss ( W )













35 – 2.6













Entire rate of fabric heat loss

1734.24 W

The environmental impact of design picks.

The environmental impact of design picks is a large factor when coming to plan a new edifice because of the factors as follows ;

Natural stuffs ingestion

This is a large factor because if you are utilizing stuffs from other states so you are making so you are making more transit so there is more nurseries gases fouling the air nevertheless if you used locally sourced stuffs it cuts out the demand of transit and therefore you are non fouling the air.

Energy ingestion

This has to be considered in two ways as you have to look at how much energy you are utilizing to construct the edifice and so you have to look at how much of its ain energy the edifice produces to do it self sufficient.

Waste coevals

It is virtually impossible to cut out waste during building nevertheless we can restrict the sum being produced by ciphering the right sum of stuffs really needed for the undertaking and if waste is left over so it is gotten rid of in the right manor.

Health and safety hazards

Health and safety is ever a large factor and the ordinances covering wellness and safety should ever be followed.

Agribusiness and Animal loss

This is of import because on any site you build there will be agribusiness that you take down which means that you will be destructing animate beings home grounds which will finally kill them, so it is of import that if braid or shrubs are taken down that they are replaced someplace where they are non traveling to acquire taken down on the site.

These factors all play a large portion when coming to plan and construct the new edifice because if your edifice is non up to a suited criterion which where it does non fall into the new sustainable codification system so your design will non be built. These design picks will hold a bigger impact on the overall edifice every bit good as holding an impact when non portion of the edifice.

Eco friendly beginnings of energy

As modern edifices are being designed and built to be self sufficient, we are traveling to seek and do this new physique to the highest codification possible in making its ain energy which will besides hold really small environmental impact as possible, this can be done by the usage of eco – friendly beginnings, such as ;

Hot Water solar panels

Hot H2O solar panels work by roll uping the Sun energy to warm the H2O running through the solar panels pipes and when the H2O is hot plenty it is so transferred to the hot H2O cylinder in the edifice. The benefits of utilizing hot H2O solar panels is that they are low care and that they have long constituent life-times

I would rede that these are installed on the edifice as they will supply most of your hot H2O if non all. Besides I advise you that the larger solar panels should be installed as they can besides supply energy to heat up the edifice.

Photovoltaic solar panels

Photovoltaic solar panels work by garnering the Sun energy and change overing the energy into electricity, these solar panels do non necessitate direct sunlight so they can work on cloudy yearss, nevertheless the stronger the sunlight the more energy is produced, which can be used to run house clasp contraptions and illuming the benefits of utilizing photovoltaic panels are that it will cut your C footmark and electricity measures nevertheless if these are installed at that place the roof will hold to be strong plenty to keep the weight as these are non light spots of stuff.

I advise that photovoltaic solar panels are besides installed with the hot H2O panels as these will account for most of your electricity, which will run your mundane family contraptions such as lighting and cookery contraptions.

Land beginning heat pumps

Land beginning heat pumps extract heat from the land, which can be used to heat radiators or under floor warming. Ground beginning heat pumps work by go arounding a mixture of H2O and anti freezing around a pipe buried underneath the land, the mixture will acquire heated as it travels around the pipe.

The pipes can be stored to a deepness of one hundred meters and because the heat underneath the land stays at the same temperature all twelvemonth unit of ammunition, they can be used in the winter without any loss of power

I would rede that these are installed as they can be used all twelvemonth unit of ammunition with out fail, they will assist heat your place cutting your C footmark.

Trombe walls

Trombe walls are south confronting walls that are normally made out of rock or masonry which have a thermic mass and are normally a dark coloring material to absorb the Sun heat and are spaced behind a glass wall to bring forth heat, Trombe walls frequently take several hours to go through the heat through.


Passivhaus plants by packing the form of the edifice to cut down the surface country where possible and holding the Windowss face south towards the equator to maximise solar addition. These edifices can be constructed by lightweight or dense stuffs which have some thermic addition to assist maintain the edifice cool in the summer months.

Wind turbines

There are two types of air current turbines ; horizontal axis and perpendicular axis, both types do the similar occupation in making electricity. However the horizontal axis air current turbines need to be straight aimed at the air current to bring forth electricity, and the perpendicular axis air current turbines will work in either way of the air current to make electricity.

I would rede that the air current turbines are non installed as the edifice is on a low and level country so you will non acquire the full consequence as if they were on a higher country.

Ternary glazing Windowss

Triple glazed Windowss are similar to duplicate glazed nevertheless they have an excess window glass of glass in the window which creates two air infinites within the window, this creates thermic insularity which will assist maintain the edifice warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Sustainable Drain Systems ( SUDS )

Sustainable Drainage Systems provide a natural attack in prolonging drainage in and around developments ; SUDS do this by decelerating down surface H2O run off to assist cut down the opportunities of implosion therapy and reduces the hazard of sewer implosion therapy during heavy rain. The best surfaces for this to work are ; green roofs, permeable surfaces and filter drains.

LED lighting

LED are really eco friendly unlike your normal light bulb as the LED`s and supply more visible radiation with the usage of less energy and uses less than a one-fourth of the electricity generated

The proviso of primary services and possible options

The proviso of some primary services is necessary and is reflected in the construction program and local program policies. Primary services are allowed to be used up to code 5 of being self sufficient edifices as codification six has to be to the full self sufficient. Code 5 besides has to be reasonably much ego sufficient with limited primary services being allowed.

Types of primary services are as follows ;

Telephone line





For this undertaking it will be reasonably difficult to cut out the primary services due to the graduated table of the edifice as we do non acquire the right whether to power adequate energy for this type of edifice but they can be limited to the sum of energy that they give to the brewery, nevertheless possible options could be ;

Rain H2O reaping

Green roofing

Ventilation with heat recovery

Micro combined heat and power systems

However as the development is being built beside a river, so there could be a possibility of utilizing a H2O factory to assist bring forth some of the running H2O and pumping it back out and traveling through a rhythm system.


It is of import to utilize the right stuffs for eco friendly sustainable physiques but besides to cut down C emanations such as utilizing locally/regional produced stuffs. Buying locally can assist make a good local partnership with the providers, cut down transit and aid with the regional economic system nevertheless the stuffs being bought may non be of good adequate quality. The best stuffs to utilize on a new edifice are stuffs that hold a batch of thermic belongingss as this aid to maintain the edifice warm in the winter and ice chest in the summer.

Insulation Methods

Insulation is really of import in a edifice as a well-insulated edifice will supply year-around comfort, will cut down heat loss in the winter and will besides cut down the sum of heat addition in the summer which means it will be less to heat and chill. Insulation besides helps to cut down noise degrees and condensation. Methods of insularity are as follows ;


Rock wool

Urethane froth,

Polystyrene blocks


Sheep ‘s wool

Insulation besides comes in different signifiers such as ;







I advise that fiberglass covers are to be put into the loft infinite ; this is because fiberglass improves your energy preservation but it is besides fireproof, lightweight and will last the same life-time of the edifice.

I would besides rede that sheep ‘s wool are to be used for the wall insularity this is because it is a natural merchandise and it absorbs and releases wet and has a life span of 50 old ages or more.

Plans for the Brewery

Basement ;

The programs for the cellar show that there are adequate auto parking infinites for although the director of the brewery is seeking to carry the usage of public conveyance or walking to the brewery. The waste disposal country, beer basement, dry storage room, works room and services have besides been placed in the cellar for hygiene grounds.

Land Floor

The land floor consists of a separate household sofa country which includes an enclosed drama country for kids and a caf & A ; eacute ; country with a to the full fitted kitchen and saloon.

First floor

The first floor consists of the chief flat for the proprietor of the brewery with a to the full fitted kitchen and bathroom installations. There is a little balcony coming off the eating house and saloon.

Overall position including the river

There are lavatories on the land and first floors, the lift and stepss run through all three floors there is besides two fire issues on each floor for wellness and safety grounds.

3D positions of the Brewery

Basement ;

Land Floor ;

First Floor ;


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