K.P.N Travels India Limited is providing coachs in four provinces viz. Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Kerala, and Karnataka. Customer prefers KPN Travels buses through out the twelvemonth for traveling to assorted topographic points in South India. 38 old ages in public conveyance is so a great achievement by our company. Head-office is at Salem, KPN Travels India Limited, is in concern since last 40 old ages. From a low beginning, it has grown to go one of the taking coach operators with an spread outing fleet of coachs in the state. Offering first-class service with its well-maintained managers and gracious staff, KPN Travels strength lies in its enlightened direction under Dr.K.P.Natarajan its Managing Director. Today the luxury coachs of KPN are familiar sights on about all the huge main roads of the South. The runaway success of the company and the popularity of its coach service is traceable to its quality and timely service to clients, first-class labor dealingss and the steadfast trueness of the workers to the direction. Born in the twelvemonth 1949 at small town called at Periyaputhur in Salem territory. Dr. Natarajan ( Kuppanna Goundar Ponmalai Goundar Natarajan ) is simple and most retiring, and he is from an agricultural household.

History of KPN Travels:

Dr.KPN started his calling as a circuit operator in 1968, Later, in 1971, he realized the demand for regular coach services between major towns and metropoliss. Thus was born KPN Travels in 1972. At the age of 23, he started the first service of KPN Travels between Thirunelveli and Bangalore. Initially he used to go and sometimes even drove the coach himself. His regular travel on the coachs gave him an chance to interact with all his clients and acquire valuable feedback, which helped better service, installations and comfort degrees in the coach. In the following twosome of old ages Dr.KPN could get down his service from Trichy to Chennai. In fact, he began viing with railroads by get downing his service at around the same clip from Trichy and making Chennai much earlier than the express trains. Customers enjoyed the experience and started preferring KPN coachs. It is a fact thatA KPN was one of the number ones to present the latest engineerings in coachs. Today it has the latest and most modern fleet of coachs, including 35 Volvo B7R high-end luxury managers. Dr. KPN ‘s sound direction and open uping thoughts on fleet standardisation, bus path reappraisal and employee preparation provided a strong base for growing.


The chief aim of the SERVQUAL graduated table is to happen out the client satisfaction, client outlook towards KPN Travels and it besides helps to happen the spread between the expected service and sensed service in KPN Travels.


Visited KPN Travels in order to fix Questioner.

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Open ended inquirer had been prepared for five quality dimension of service quality.

Inquirers have been issued to five travellers of KPN Travels in order to happen the service they provide.

By the consequence of the study we can place the traveller ‘s satisfaction, traveller ‘s outlook and at that place by giving decision and recommendation.


Harmonizing to SERVQUAL method questionnaire has been prepared, 22 inquiries has been prepared under five dimension of service quality. The five dimension of service quality are Tangible, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance and Empathy. The inquiries is taken from the KPN Travels which is in Bommanahalli. These set of inquiry are ranked 1 – 7 in which 1 being strongly differ and 7 being strongly agree.

Tangibles – Tangibles are visually appealing installation. Were people can happen in service Centre with installations available to them which is clearly seeable.

1. KPN Travels has modern looking equipment.

2. KPN Travels physical installations are visually appealing.

3. KPN Travels response desk employees are orderly looking.

4. Materials associated with the service ( such as booklets or statements ) are visually

appealing at KPN Travels.

The following set of inquiry has been taken on the bases of “ Reliability ” which denotes ability to execute the promised service reliable and accurately by KPN Travels

1. When KPN Travels promises to make something by a certain clip, it does so.

2. When you have a job, KPN Travels shows a sincere involvement in work outing it.

3. KPN Travels performs the service right the first clip.

4. KPN Travels provides its service at the clip it promises to make so.

5. KPN Travels insists on mistake free records.

The following set of inquiry has been taken on the bases of “ Responsiveness ” which denotes Willingness to assist clients and supply prompt service to their clients by KPN Travels.

1. Employees in KPN Travels tell you precisely when services will be performed.

2. Employees in KPN Travels give you prompt service.

3. Employees in KPN Travels are ever willing to assist you.

4. Employees in KPN Travels are ne’er excessively busy to react to your petition.

The following set of inquiry has been taken on the bases of “ Assurance ” which denotes Knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and assurance in the head of client.

1. The behaviour of employees in KPN Travels instills assurance in you.

2. You feel safe in your minutess with KPN Travels.

3. Employees in KPN Travels country systematically gracious with you.

4. Employees in KPN Travels have the cognition to reply your inquiries.

Last and concluding set of inquiry has been taken on the bases of “ Empathy ” which denotes Caring, individualised attending that KPN Travels provides to their travellers

1. KPN Travels gives you single attending.

2. KPN Travels has operating hours convenient to all its clients

3. KPN Travels has employees who give you personal attending.

4. KPN Travels has your best involvement at bosom.

5. The employees of KPN Travels understand your specific demands

These are the inquiries prepared to happen out the sensed service of Kpn clients on footing of their evaluations get downing from the graduated table of 1 to 7 for which 1 being extremely dissatisfied and 7 being extremely satisfied and 4 being moderate which means they are either satisfied or dissatisfied.

Consequence on Travelers Perceived Survey:


Figure: 1.1

From the above fig1.1 clearly show that some of the sampling station has accepted that there is good Appearance of physical installations, equipment, forces, and communicating stuffs in KPN Travels. KPN Travels provides modern coachs like Volvo AC, Volvo multi axle, Sleeper manager buses etc this made sampling stations to hit higher so the overall service quality. Overall mean mark for tangibles “ 59.48 ” which is higher than the overall mean mark for five dimension service quality which is “ 56.23 ”


Fig 1.2

From the above Fig 1.2 clearly shows that some of the sampling stations suggested that the employee in KPN Travels has a good Knowledge and courtesy and besides they have the ability to convey trust and assurance in the head of client. Overall mean mark on Assurance is said to be 65.71 % which is higher than overall mean mark of five dimension of service quality is ” 56.23 % ” all of the sample who have rated has given high evaluation on this class. Everyone feels that they are confident and trusted to go with KPN Travels. This is the country were the KPN Travels as increased the overall norm by deriving more of points in making confidence in their clients. Assurance has scored 10 % more than the overall norm.



From the fig:1.3 clearly show that more figure of sampling stations said that the KPN Travels do n’t care for there travellers properties, no individualised attending is given for the travellers because of these grounds they have been rated excessively low. Empathy overall norm mark is “ 46.28 ” where as the overall mean mark for five dimension of service quality is “ 56.23 ” . This is one of the chief standards in service industry because clients have many other options unless they are non shown empathy in their services it affect their concern at major degree.


Figure: 1.4

From the above fig 1.4 clearly shows that there is more figure of sampling stations who strongly disagree that KPN Travels is non Willingness to assist its travellers and does non supply prompt service to their travellers, this was the chief ground for which the evaluation has dropped down. Overall mean mark on reactivity have been merely “ 55 % ” which is really less compared to overall per centum of five dimension of service quality is 56.23 % most of them has rated really low in this class because most of them feel they did non give prompt service even though they were available to assist travellers. All of them have rated really low in facet of non supplying information like when the coach will come and when the coach will make precisely to their clients.


Figure: 1.5

From the above fig 1.5 clearly show that some of the sampling station has accepted that KPN Travels has the ability to execute the promised service reliable and accurately to their travelers.KPN Travels insists to hold mistakes free records by maintain their coach from accidents. Reliability overall norm mark is “ 57.71 % ” which is higher than the overall mean mark for five dimension of service quality is “ 56.23 % ”


Since people who travel prefer private travels are largely in-between category and upper in-between category they expect a batch as a value for money. There are certain things they expect because they leave authorities conveyance and take private conveyance. KPN Travels should extremely concentrate on giving particular attending by assisting them from the clip of booking to make the topographic point safely with supplying them good installation by cleaning the coachs on regular footing and look intoing the installation at the terminal of each topographic points and giving them exact clip of going and reaching because some people consider clip as money. So if they are non able to supply them there are many rivals to catch those chances. And besides today even authorities coachs started giving same installations as private coachs do with a cost less than private travels. So they have to maintain in head because it is said to be a service with security and at most good religion and they have to give some particular promotional offers for the people who travel most of the clip so that they can retain the clients and there by capturing new clients by word of oral cavity and at that place by to bring forth net income.

My Recommendation:

KPN Travels response desk employee should look neat

KPN Travels employee should react to the travellers as and when they ask for aid.

KPN Travels should give their client particular attending.

KPN Travels should understand client particular demands.

KPN Travels should make particular involvement in client ‘s bosom.

KPN Travels should tie in with the service such as publishing booklets or statements as a visually appealing installation to do client understand about their services.

KPN Travels should give prompt service to their clients.

KPN Travels should take a firm stand on mistake free records.


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