In sing the procedure of the colony of the West over the whole period. how far can the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 be seen as the cardinal turning point? The war of 1812 was followed by a period of geographic expedition of the West which had been greatly expanded by the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. The procedure of enlargement was immense and resulted in the original 13 provinces being 45 provinces by 1906. Equally good as the Louisiana Purchase. the Mexican-American War and the Californian Gold Rush of 1848. the Homestead Act of 1862 and the Exodus motion from 1879 were all cardinal turning points which helped the procedure of Westward Expansion. The cardinal standards for judging a turning point is if the event created chances to travel west. if it opened up land to settle in and if it had a psychological impact on the state. The Louisiana Purchase was a really important event as it increased the size of the United States by dual overnight for merely $ 15 million. This was a cardinal turning point in enlargement as it opened up a immense sum of land for more colonists ( an excess 828. 000 square stat mis ) .

Aboard this it created chances for people to go west as it gave entree to the Mississippi river which was of import for travel and commercialism. This purchase was besides important in the fact that it created a more unafraid environment for colonists as it eliminated the Gallic from imperial competition. Jefferson believed the Gallic were curtailing US commercialism and that they tried to command environing district. Therefore this event affected the procedure of alteration as it allowed America to distribute its resources and bucked up people to travel west. such as the Indians which were encouraged to settle at that place. The most of import ground for this event being a turning point was that it opened up a big sum of land to settle in. a batch of the farther events which take topographic point would non hold happened if it wasn’t for this district being the United States’ and so provided many grounds for enlargement to go on. Another cardinal event which took topographic point was the Mexican American War of 1848 which begun because Texas was a gateway to the Pacific and was a great agricultural chance.

This was a cardinal turning point as it had a large psychological impact on the people of America as many believed in the Manifest fate. in that America had a right to spread out. and so supported the appropriation of Texas which increased their liquors on westbound colony. Polk intentionally provoked a war as he knew they could easy be overcome. The pact of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed in 1848 which ceded California. Texas and New Mexico. Another ground for this being a turning point is that it gave entree to the Pacific significance that agriculture was capable so created farther chances to travel west and once more intend that transit was made easier for commercialism. The cardinal ground this was a turning point was manifest fate which was completed after this event. America had managed to procure land coast-to-coast which was a immense psychological moral encouragement for America who now knew they had a batch of power with a batch of land. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo led to California being ceded to America.

In 1848 there was the Californian Gold haste which chiefly lasted until the early 1850’s with 1000000s of households going from around the universe to California and environing countries in hunt for luck. In 1850. California ( now a new province ) had about 40 % foreign born dwellers. demoing that this event increased the diverseness of people settling West. but besides inspired many to travel as they believed a new life could be made from the Gold being found. Furthermore it dramatically increased the velocity of people traveling out west. by 1853 the population was about 250. 000 whereas in 1848 the Californian district had less than 1000 dwellers. The Gold caused a great economic roar which created substructures taking to many people settling here and encouraged more to travel West. The Californian Gold Rush’s most of import ground that it is a turning point in westbound enlargement is that it created chances. It allowed people to do a batch of money from the Gold. but besides from new concerns which were now being created due to a new market of people. and because of this and the great roar. many people started to settle here at a really fast rate.

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In 1862 the Homestead Act was put into topographic point. this allowed husbandmans to get 160 estates of land if they lived there for 5 old ages. or for 6 months with an extra payment of $ 1. 25 per acre. This was important as it allowed little scale colony to develop. In some ways this could be seen as a turning point as it gave husbandmans a opportunity to be economically dependent. which gave them chances to spread out or to make other thing with their money. It besides inspired many people to travel west and take up these lands which could be seen from figures that show that 400. 000 households set up there taking 285 million estates of land. On the other manus. there were points which showed that this wasn’t every bit important as it seemed. Most significantly. there was a 43 % failure rate for those seeking to acquire land in Nebraska under the Homestead Act demoing that it wasn’t as easy to settle West as the act tried to do it.

Furthermore. land was put into the custodies of work forces who had no sufficient foresight so even though this land was meant for farming. many people who didn’t know what to make with it took it up and finally a batch of the land went to blow. This act of 1862 could be seen as a turning point chiefly because of how it inspired many people to travel west due to the immense sum of land it opened up leting people to gain from it from farming. To reason. the Louisiana Purchase which about doubled America overnight for merely $ 15million was the cardinal turning point in Westward enlargement. This is because the other events which occurred which are all important in their ain right would non hold occurred if they did non hold the land.

The struggle between Mexico and America would non hold occurred as Polk would non hold been inclined to desire Texas as they would non hold been near it. Therefore the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo would non hold taken topographic point which ceded California. Even though the Gold Rush would hold still occurred in 1848. the sudden addition in prosperity due to the economic roar would non hold helped America and hence would non hold been made an American province. Last. even though the Homestead Act of 1862 was non really successful. it still inspired many households to go west. increased colony at that place and helped westward enlargement. However even this would non hold happened if it wasn’t for the land being at that place in the first topographic point due to the Louisiana Purchase.


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