The victim a morbidly, obsessed man is found face down in a plate of spaghetti. According to the autopsy examiner, the victim was forced at gun point to eat until his stomach ruptured and he died of internal hemorrhaging. This provides us with the John Doe serial killer’s MO. Which is, to kills his victims in accordance to their sinful lives. In this case his sin and death was presented to the victim in the form of gluttony. Gluttony is found behind the refrigerator written in grease, with a not that says, “Long is the way and hard that out of hell leads up to light.

The Second murder and sin is present in the form of greed. Detective Mills finds himself at the murder scene which is at the office of defense attorney Eli Gould. Else’s forced attrition was to cut Off pound of his own flesh. Greed is spelled out on the carpet of the attorneys office. This is the killer’s signature. While comparing notes the detectives discover the killer is drawing inspiration from Dent’s Inferno and The Parson’s Tale. They also discover that the killer is forcing atonement upon the victims in the form of their own deadly sin. He is reaching a sermon through is murders.

While looking through the evidence they wonder if Mrs.. Gould knew anything they didn’t. Mrs.. Gould identified that a painting in her husband’s office was hanging upside down. Upon investigating this clue Detectives Somerset and Mills find a set of finger prints behind the paint that spell out help me. The finger prints belong to a suspect by the name of Theodore Allen a man known to be suffering from a series of mental illnesses. This turns out to be the red herring of the movie and the real murders next victim. Theodore Allen’s death ND sin were sloth.

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He is found tied to a bed barely alive and starved to death for exactly year, kept alive only to suffer. Somerset and Mills are able to get a lead on the murder by paying a man from the FBI to use a FBI computer program to find a name of someone that has been reading books that may relate to The Seven Deadly sins. The FBI agent gives them the name Jonathan Doe. While investigating John Doe the Detectives are shot at by a suspect. While in the pursuit Mills is struck by the suspect and the suspect is able to acquirer Mills’ gun and press it to his but before he is shot

Somerset shows up on the scene and the suspect flees. The detective went back to the suspect’s apartment where Mills kicks in the door and pays a bum to provide probable cause. Here at the suspect’s apartment the Detectives receive a phone call from the murderer informing them that he is going to speed up his murder plans and he also apologized for hurting Mills. The clues found at John Does apartment led to a specialty sex shop that customized the next murder weapon and which turns out to be a dildo unlaced with knives.

The dildo is used to murder and punish the next victim. This victim is guilty of lust and is then murdered by it too. Detectives Mills and Somerset arrive at the crime scene of this victim and find the victim in bed with a painting of herself and her face removed and bandaged. The killer has left this victim with an option by gluing a phone in her right hand and a bottle of sleeping pills in the other. Her options are to go through life disfigured or to take the pills. Pride is written in blood on the wall at the crimes scene announcing the victim’s sin and death.

In the next scene opens with the Detectives walking through the police station on the way to the office, when John Doe walks in and yells to the Detectives that he is there to turn himself in. It is here we find that he cuts the skin off his fingers tip in order to conceal his identity. All the Detectives know about him is he is a wealthy and well educated individual. John Doe makes and offer to show the Detectives where the last two murders victims are, in exchange for his full written confession and if they refuse he will plea insanity.

The Detectives of course except his offer and transport him where he wants to go. John Doe leads the detective to the middle of the dessert where has a man deliver a package to Detective Mills. But, Somerset opens it before Mills has a chance to see what it is. John Doe tells him that he killed his wife. He then confesses his sin is new and he must be killed for it. Mills then became wrath and shot the killer in the head and multiple times after that. By this all of the Seven Deadly Sins are fulfilled. The movie is ended with Mills being taken away in the back off squad car.


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