In edition, an analysis of peter Dogs painting will further expound on the identity of hybrid in this form of art and how it is displayed in various characters in the cinemas and novels and in other forms of art such as paintings. Hybridism In the film my beautiful launderette Is brought out In various aspects. Omar one of the characters has an Indian father. He is attached to both British and Indian culture and as a result does not know his real identity. He is interested in the ways of his people including learning the culture of his family, the customs and origin.

Concurrently, he wants to be a British working and living in Britain. N the hybrid character of Karri Emir, whose multiple and fluid identity represents a ‘new way of being British’ (Squirrels, My Beautiful Launderette” 18). He considers himself primarily English, but at the same time, he acknowledges a sense of cultural responsibility towards his roots and learns to accept his identity confusion and hybridism. This comes out as an identity hybrid in relation to the two cultures.

Omar is both a homosexual and heterosexual in terms of sexual orientation, he debates whether to be involved in relationships with men and at the same time with women. He Is uncertain of what gender to choose, he thinks, and “it is heartbreaking to have to choose one over the other [genders], Like having to decide between the Battles and the Rolling stones (Squirrels, Hanna, 55). This comes, out as Identity crisis, he wants to be viewed as a man and at the same time a woman in different scenarios.

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This additionally forms of identity hybrid in relation to the two sexual orientations that Omar seeks to identify himself with. He shows interest in men seeing that one of his role models Karri appeals to him as a sexual partner and later a woman he tests Eleanor. He is a confused teenager and this come out as Identity hybrid. Hanna salaries the author of the novel the Buddha of suburbia approaches the hybrid identity in the novel “The Buddha of Suburbia” it focuses on a young man named Karri.

Karri, the son of an Indian father and an English mother, has never seen India, though that does not exclude him from being called a half-caste. As he goes through an expansive and witty coming of age, it becomes clear that Karri shares some first-rate qualities with his creator (who is half-English, half-Pakistani). Karri Is faint In the face of every attempt to make him ordinary and does not really care family by other people and uses it as an avenue to pursue his love for women and sex.. “Your father looks like a magician,” a young Englishman tells Karri at one session. He looks more like George Harrison to me,”(Kurdish, Hanoi, 167) is Karma’s astute reply. The period details especially the peacock look for men, with long hair and flamboyant shirts is realistic and laughable, without being exaggerated into caricature. Women, who are often blithely unaware of their own biases, are always pursuing the dark, attractive Karri. L want to know more about your culture; where are you from? “(Kurdish, Hanoi, 110) he is asked. “Brimley,” he says, naming his London suburb. Karri and Omar are similar in the context of the diverse cultures they belong.

However, Omar is interested in learning his culture and people, but Karri has no interest at all he prefers to put it behind him and live a normal teenage life. This brings out the hybrid identity in the two young people with similar situations but different attitudes towards the situation Hybrid identity in art is treated differently from hybrid identities in literature and cinema. Peter Dog knows his identity and is able to art several paintings of Trinidad. When he was a young boy, he used to live in Trinidad, but over time, he has visited many countries and lived in several of them.

This would automatically form an assumption that he has several identities, but he declares confidently of a single identity, which is Trinidad. His work of art comes off as a biography. Some of the paintings in the gallery tell us about his identity. On one, hand, the first painting shows black people with quite blurred faces with a lot of vegetation in the background. Whereas, in the second painting, the faces re quite clear, but the background is empty and uncanny: there is no vegetation except two or three trees, fog and the reflection of the boat in water is perceived as blood flowing.

All this would probably be interpreted as Dogs view of black people as peaceful people living in beautiful green environments in comparison to the white people. The white people take a larger portion of the painting, but the environment is empty and boring, the red reflection gives and impression of fear and sadness among the white. The two paintings are placed close to each other to show a contrast teen the two communities. Dog has a better image of black identities than white people owing from his various visits around the world.

Omar and karri are unaware of their hybrid identities, but Dog is well aware of his as he clearly analyzes in his works Karachi sees identity hybrid in a different way from peter Dog, he uses two characters whose parents have different identities, one character, Omar is interested in learning his culture and integrating it into his other culture while karri does not really care or seem bothered about his identity. Omar on the other side has an identity dilemma in determining his sexual orientation, he does not know what orientation best fits him, and this is another way that Karachi uses to bring out hybridism.

Dog may have several identities from the prevalent traveling he has been through since childhood, but he has Just one established identity that is with black people. He succeeds in presenting his vision of other identities in comparison to his own through his artwork, bringing out his identity as beautiful and best choice for him. He has an established identity, which he can express easily through his art Liana, Anthony, 125) Identity can be perceived and expounded in different ways in art, cinema and literature.

It can be tackled on different angles depending on the varying factors of their life they are torn in between, that is, culture for both of them owing to the fact that their parents are of conflicting cultures and sexual orientation to Omar who has a battle between being a homosexual or a heterosexual. On the other hand, peter dog is seen to perfectly know his identity, he may have had avenues that would make it hard for him to specifically attach to an identity, but from is paintings, he clearly has an identity which is displays clearly expounding on how he perceives his identity in relation to other identities.

It is important to own a specific identity and remain attached to it, this ensures firm decision making with a single guide and orientation. Additionally it reduces confusion and easy sway into any upcoming identities that may not be quite favorable. Identity hybrid is common among young people like karri and Omar, that puberty age posses a lot of identity crisis that need resolving like that which Omar was initiating by integrating his two ultras to fit in his life.


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