Shahnaz Husain`s journey as an enterpriser is a great inspiration for all the immature enterprisers and startup ventures. Shahnaz Husain is one of the rare and few first coevals adult females entrepreneur. innovator. airy and an pioneer. who introduced a wholly new construct of Ayurvedic Care and Cure worldwide. She created a trade name with cosmopolitan entreaty and application. Shahnaz Husain`s trade name found topographic point in the international market for Ayurvedic beauty attention. In a universe ridden with environmental debasement. Shahnaz Husain ventured into the universe of nature and its healing powers. taking the Indian herbal heritage of Ayurveda to every corner of the Earth with a crusader’s ardor. When Shahnaz Husain was in Chennai late for an assignment. she was blunt in her vocalization when inquiries were thrown to her. The innovator of Ayurvedic beauty attention has achieved unprecedented international acclamation for her practical application of Ayurveda. the ancient Indian system of herbal healing.

Merely when there was a world-wide “back to nature” tendency. Shahnaz Husain recaptured an antediluvian herb tea system and made it relevant to modern demands. Ms Husain explained how a individual can acquire younger daily by keeping his or her wellness in a phased and fine-tuned mode. It was so non surprising seeing the of all time nimble Shahnaz who adopted the rule of Ayurveda. based on an incorporate system of clinical interventions and merchandise scopes. about four decennaries ago. In fact. her calling has been a changeless hunt for a better option. After all. she steadfastly believed that there is a room for betterment. The suave and soft-spoken. Shahnaz’s survey of Ayurveda. the Indian holistic system of herbal healing. strengthened her religion in nature after happening that it could offer the ideal replies to protective. preventative and even disciplinary cosmetic-care. What started as a immature adult females entrepreneur`s dream is today one of the biggest trade name in the decorative attention infinite. the Shahnaz Husain Group. Shahnaz Husain is the Chief executive officer and the Brand Ambassador of the group.

Today. the group has a concatenation of over 400 franchise clinics. stores. schools and spas worldwide. every bit good as ayurvedic preparations for tegument. hair. organic structure and wellness attention covering about 138 coutries. Her journey. from one herb tea clinic to a worldwide concatenation. is one of unprecedented success. What started as a little concern at place at a clip when cyberspace was unheard of. went on to go one of the greatest trade names across the Earth in the ayurvedic attention section. The Group has besides gone planetary with some of its other ventures like the Shahnaz Husain Forever Beautiful lifestyle stores. Beauty Training Institutes. Ayurvedic entres and Shahnaz Husain Ayurvedic Spas. all based on her franchise system. The bubblingly enthusiastic lady late extended her base in the UK. by opening two more franchise salons in London. in Finchley and Middlesex. every bit good as a Shahnaz Ayurveda Aesthetic Clinic on Harley Street. The Group’s international presence is deriving farther impulse. TESCO. the largest retail merchant of UK will sell Shahnaz Husain herbal merchandises across all its shops. Harmonizing to Shahnaz Husain. “Our confederation with TESCO will assist to make a larger subdivision of society in the UK.

We are spread outing our footmarks across the Earth. We will take Ayurveda and Brand India to more states within a twelvemonth. ” she asserts confidently. The company is spread outing quickly and is come ining Saudi Arabia. Israel. Myanmar and Bangladesh. aiming gross of Dollar 10 million from these states during this twelvemonth. The Group besides plans to tap the niche section in the US. where there is an increasing involvement in alternate therapies. The Group besides participated in COSMEXPO – 2009 at Cairo. Egypt in March. 2009. where Shahnaz Husain was Chief Guest and Cosmoprof in Italy. the biggest world-wide event in the beauty sector. Born into a conservative household. the mild-mannered Shahnaz says. “I had to follow with existing traditions and was married at a stamp age of 15 and go a female parent by the clip I was 16. I trained for 10 old ages to maintain abreast with the developments in decorative therapy and decorative chemical science. at taking establishments of the West. like Helena Rubinstein. Swarzkopf. Christine Valmy. Lancome and Lean of Copenhagen. ” Adopting the rule of “Care and Cure. ” she put up her ain herbal clinic. at her abode. with really small capital investing. formulating merchandises for tegument. hair and organic structure attention. based on the ayurvedic system and developing clinical interventions for specific jobs.

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Her preparations and interventions have become discoveries in natural beauty attention. Shahnaz’s success. as she avers. in the international sphere. in the face of great odds. is itself phenomenal. Fiscal restraints and closed doors did non discourage her from accomplishing her precious end with winging colorss. Did contending a solitary conflict in viing with the biggest trade name names in the international markets. where one million millions of dollars are spent on advertisement and packaging affected her assurance. morale and enthusiasm? “I ever have complete religion in my ain abilities and with unbeatable belief in Ayurveda. I allowed my merchandises to talk for themselves” . she replied with a smiling on her face. adding “I sold a 5000-year old civilisation in a jar. ” Some of Shahnaz`s greatest entrepreneurial accomplishment include Padma Shri Award –First entrepreneur individual from the beauty sphere to have the desired Award.

Ms Husain’s other international awards include the Arch of Europe International Gold Starin Madrid. Spain. the Quality Excellence Award in Geneva. Cannes and London. Golden America Award in New York. the Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur Award in London. Woman of the Millennium Award in USA. Woman of the Year Award from the Governor of California. USA and the WQC International Star Award in Paris in November 2007 and Leonardo da Vinci Diamond Award by International Biographical Centre. Cambridge. U. K. Ms Husain’s inventions and spirit of endeavor are good matched. Never losing sight of the basic nature rule and Ayurveda. her part to her field is unprecedented. Through her calling. regular columns and books. she has created an consciousness of the dangers of chemical interventions that has influenced heads and market demands.

Her calling is a portraiture of how she has translated her thoughts into world. populating life by her values and alone doctrine. Her profound cognition of natural attention. her rare energy and verve. every bit good as her religion in her ain abilities. do it a narrative of a adult female who dared to woolgather and succeeded beyond success. Indeed. Shahnaz Husain has become a fable in her ain life-time. while her organisation. Shahnaz Herbals. is a brilliant look of her dreams. hopes and aspirations. Is it non the clip for other enterprisers to emulate her in their chosen profession? “There is nil which can non be learnt or done. ” concludes Shahnaz in her ain inimitable manner. as she marks of for the day”


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