Shakespeare Comedy Essay, Research Paper

Shakespearian Comedy

Shakespeare wrote many dramas during his life-time. Some of his

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dramas have similar comedic features and so other dramas

are the exact antonym of comedy. Shakespeare wrote calamities,

love affair, history, comedy and job dramas all with great success.

During the public presentation of these dramas there was no scenery so great

clip was taken when developing the characters and the secret plan so the

dramas would be entertaining. A Midsummers Night & # 8217 ; s Dream and Much

Bustle About Nothing are merely two of the comedies Shakespeare wrote.

These two dramas have many things in common where as Measure for

Measure is a job drama with a wholly different tone. Comparing

and contrasting these three dramas will assist us to understand what

Shakespeare thought comedy was in the 1600 & # 8217 ; s and to see if our

positions on comedy are the same today.

A Midsummer Night & # 8217 ; s Dream is a gay comedy. The drama takes

topographic point in June and this is a ensorcelled clip. In the spring the

usage is to observe the return of birthrate to the Earth.

During this clip the immature people spend the dark in the forests to

celebrate. Shakespeare uses the greenworld form in this drama.

The drama begins in the metropolis, moves out to the state and so back

to the metropolis. Bing in the state makes things better because

there is repose, freedom and people can go barbarian

versus when they are in the metropolis and have to follow imposts and

Torahs and act rationally.

Comedies contain barricading figures and in this drama it is

Egeus. If he was non in the manner, Hermia could get married Lysander.

Since he is doing jobs in his girls life by seeking to

do her marry Demetrius, this begins the journey into the forests.

Egeus threatened Hermia with decease if she were to get married Lysander so

she thinks the lone manner they can be together is to run off.

One unusual component is why Egeus was so set on Hermia get marrieding

Demetrius. Lysander came from as good a household as Demetrius. Both

were good possessed with belongings and money so Egeus & # 8217 ; s power is

made to look senseless.

The drama moves into the forests which is haunted by faeries who

are at that place to bless the nuptials of Theseus and Hippolyta. The

disputing between Oberon and Titania over the changeling male child leads

to the king wanting to abash Titania with the love juice by

doing her autumn in love with a monster. The first individual she sees

is Bottom and she falls violently in love with him.

Oberon is doing a spectacle of Titania and Bottom. It is

pathetic that she is in love with him because he is from such a

lower category than her, he is human and she is a faery, and he has

the caput of an buttocks. She is besides a queen and he is an uneducated

working adult male and a lucifer like this would ne’er go on. Bottom has

such a job with linguistic communication. He speaks in malapropisms. He tries

to state one word but ever comes up with the incorrect 1. He is a

working adult male who tries to move more educated that he truly is.

Through Bottom and Titania we see that love is unsighted. Besides, while

Titania is under the influence of the love juice she releases the

changeling male child to Oberon so he did carry through his end.

The confusion between Lysander, Hermia, Helena, and Demetrius

because of the love juice is full of amusing happenings. When

Lysander wakes up and thinks he is in love with Helena, Hermia is

ignored and treated severely by Lysander. Then non merely was Lysander

stating he loved Helena, Demetrius was besides handling Hermia severely.

This left hapless Hermia so disquieted but we as the audience know this is

a buffoonery and shortly the enchantment will be lifted.

The chief characters in the drama are all developed to a point

where the audience can place with them. We learn things about

them separately so we can experience happy or sad when things happen in

their life. I felt sad for Hermia when she was jolted by Lysander

because their love for each other had seemed so strong and she was

so confused by his behaviour. Even though the audience knows the

truth it is easy to experience sad for her.

As the drama nears the terminal, Oberon lifts the enchantment and everyone

seems to believe they have had a rare vision and so their lives

travel on merely as if none of this had happened.

The drama brings closing to the reader by holding the

traditional stoping of a comedy. They normally end in nuptialss and

a banquet which is precisely what happens in A Midsummer Night & # 8217 ; s Dream.

Lysander and Hermia, Helena and Demetrius, and Theseus and

Hippolyta all get married which signifies a new beginning. The

working work forces end the drama with a Bergomask dance and the faeries

articulation in the dance and bless the matrimonies.

A Midsummer Night & # 8217 ; s Dream contains many elements of a comedy.

The most of import 1s to me are that the drama ends merrily, it is

good story and it made me laugh.

Shakespeare wrote Much Ado About Nothing which is besides a

comedy, but it is a different type of comedy than A Summer solstice

Night & # 8217 ; s Dream. Although these two dramas portion some common

elements, they besides have differences.

Much Ado About Nothing is a comedy of machination. It involves

suspense, inquiry and has a detective narrative component. Within the

comedy of machination, there is societal comedy affecting Beatrice and

Benedick. Through this twosome and Claudio and Hero, the drama

explores the was people interact with each other.

Shakspere shows that love can be really logical but besides really

passionate. Claudio and Hero have a love that is soft, delicate

and logical. Beatrice and Benedick on the other manus, are really

passionately in love with each other and demo this by disputing


Claudio & # 8217 ; s compulsion with Hero is from a distance. He worships

her and is astonished with her beauty. His love for her is really

shoal because he does non cognize her as a individual. Claudio is being

logical about matrimony by asking about Hero & # 8217 ; s fiscal province

and societal standing. After happening out she is an lone kid, he

agrees to allow Don Pedro woo Hero in his favour so she would be his

married woman.

When Claudio and Don Pedro put their program into action at the

masked ball, Don John appears. He acts as a blocking figure in

this drama and causes many jobs. He tells Claudio that Don

Pedro wants Hero for himself, which is a prevarication, but Claudio acts like

“ easy come easy travel ” . He is non really disquieted that he merely lost his

shortly to be bride. When the truth comes out, the nuptials twenty-four hours is set

and the planning begins. Don John is one time once more be aftering to destroy


s. He is a covetous, rancid and unhappy individual. The greenworld

is besides used in this drama but non for gay activities. It is

used for plotting bad things that will ache people.

After Claudio is led to believe Hero was rip offing on him, he

becomes malicious and wants retaliation. Claudio disgraces Hero at the

nuptials. He refuses to get married her in forepart of all the invitees and

accuses her of already holding sex with person else.

This serious act of retaliation causes the audience to experience regretful

for non merely Hero, but her household every bit good because we know that was

non her caressing Borachio. The audience may hold felt worse for

Hero if her character had been more to the full developed but she barely

of all time spoke even when holding to get married Claudio. We can experience regretful

for her but non truly place with her because we do non cognize her

really good. Hero is made a spectacle of for no true ground and

shames her household.

After Hero swoons at the nuptials, Beatrice is ferocious. She

wants retaliation against Claudio. Finally she and Benedick declare

their love for each other which was made possible by being under

tenseness and emotional emphasis and she was eventually able to allow down

her guard. She feels out of control because she needs a adult male to

putting to death Claudio. She is normally able to take attention of things herself

but non this clip. Thankfully Benedick will non kill Claudio and

the truth comes out because of Dogberry and Verges.

When the dark watchers overhear Borachio speaking about the

strategy Dogberry and Verges bring him and his companion to their

superior. It is amusing this watchers could catch anyone making

anything incorrect. The watchers are like Bottom and are amusing.

They have the same job as Bottom and have great trouble


After the truth is out that Claudio was fooled into thought

that Hero was rip offing on him, he is full of heartache because he

believes Hero is dead. He agrees to get married Leonato & # 8217 ; s niece, who is

supposed to look merely like Hero, to do up his awful error to

he household. After he marries the cloaked bride, he is happy to see

it is Hero. This surely is a matrimony of convenience. He did

non cognize Hero anyhow so it would non hold mattered if he knew the

bride to be. In a sense, Hero was resurrected from the dead and

Claudio ends up being a really lucky cat.

Most of the characters are to the full developed, except Hero, so we

can place with their heartache and so their joy. As the drama

comes to an terminal everything is wrapped in a orderly bundle. Don John

is captured and brought back to be punished, Claudio and Hero, and

Beatrice and Benedick are married and the dance and the banquet


Measure for Measure is a drama that is really different from Angstrom

Midsummer Night & # 8217 ; s Dream. The comedy in this drama is really natural. The

ambiance of the two dramas are different but they both trade with

the same issue of gender.

After the Duke has left the metropolis in Angelo & # 8217 ; s custodies, he wants

to demo his power by reprobating Claudio to decease because he got

Juliet pregnant. Angelo is non being sensible because he has let

the power go to his caput. Angelo has besides had sex out of marriage,

he merely did non acquire Mariana pregnant. In this drama sex is

portrayed as much more unsafe than it has been in the other two


After Claudio is jailed, he makes a supplication to his sister,

Isabella, to assist him obtain a forgiveness for his discourtesy. Isabella

had non yet taken her vows to go a nun so she agrees to assist

him. Isabella and Angelo are parallel characters. Both unrecorded with

great restraint.

After Isabella pleads with Angelo to excuse her brother, he

comes up with the thought of an exchange for Claudio & # 8217 ; s freedom. He

wants Isabella to kip with him so he could hold her virginity and

so he would excuse Claudio.

Angelo is a really cold individual with no feelings and has

restrained himself enormously throughout his life. He has a

job with adult females and he is tempted more by a virtuous adult female than

a frivolous one. In a monologue, he talks to himself and attempts to

understand his lecherousness for Isabella. He has a violent image of sex

with her because he wants to destruct her virtuousness.

Angelo is really barbarous. He is traveling to torment and kill Claudio

and he is acquiring pleasance by commanding Isabella. this drama is

covering with power and who has the most.

After the Duke, disguised as the Friar, over hears Isabella

stating Claudio she will non kip with Angelo, he comes up with a

program. Isabella would hold to run into Angelo at midnight and they

would direct Mariana alternatively because the two of them were supposed to

have been married before but her dowery was lost at sea and Angelo

had backed out on the matrimony.

The program works but Angelo goes back on his word and orders

Claudio & # 8217 ; s caput delivered to him at one time. The Friar helps maintain

Claudio in concealing so everyone would believe he was dead. The Friar

so returns as the Duke and Angelo & # 8217 ; s universe begins to unknot. He

is publically exposed so everyone will cognize what male monarch of a individual he

is. He has been tricked into matrimony and is now a really suffering

individual. Although he had the ultimate power for a brief clip,

heabused it and now has to endure the effects for a life-time.

After Claudio is green goodss and allowed to get married Juliet, the

Duke asks for Isabella & # 8217 ; s manus in matrimony.

The sarcasm in this drama looks at the two extremes and the

audience attempts to believe something in the center. The linguistic communication

used in this drama is crude when they are discoursing sex. The work forces

in the metropolis talk about sex in a awful ways discoursing how many

diseases they have gotten from the frosts. Sexual activity is portrayed as a

vile and awful thing.

Measure for Measure is visually unlike other dramas. There is

insisting on Torahs that are really utmost. Peoples are being

measured in opinion. It shows that you should be sensible and

weigh things out before actions are taken.

These three dramas all have different messages which are told

in assorted ways. As a author, Shakespeare was so gifted he could

write different types of narratives with such grace. These three

dramas are merely a few illustrations of the different extremes he was

capable of. Writing and specifying comedy can be really hard.

Many elements of comedy are in his dramas and this makes they really

gratifying reading. Comedy helps me to place with narratives since

I like happy terminations much better than tragic terminations. After

completing a book, I like to hold a feeling of closing and in these

comedies my demand is fulfilled.


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