I was woken up quite suddenly by the noise coming from downstairs, doors slamming and to top it all off my younger sister bellowing for her breakfast.

I got out of bed and went downstairs.

As I turned to go into the kitchen I noticed the post piled on the floor obviously Mum hasn’t noticed as she rushed to get breakfast.

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I picked up the post and had a quick look through to see if I had any mail, there was a lot of post that morning mainly bills but as I looked as I looked at the bottom letter it was a baby coloured envelope which was addressed to me.

I wondered what was in the envelope, so I dropped the bills and opened the letter it was a very colourful piece of paper with the words,


I rushed into the kitchen frantically shouting and I was struggling to get Mums attention.

She turned around sharply from the cooker and asked,

“Katie what’s wrong”. I just sowed her letter because at that point I was really to excited to tell her, as Mum was reading the letter I was jumping around with great excitement, it seemed to out my sister in a good mood because she was in stitches laughing at me.

I was so happy that I’d won who would have thought out of millions of surfers I would be the one to win. I had entered the competition just after Christmas, when Mum pointed it out in the newspaper; you had to design a poster advertising the new surf club In Sydney. As a competition prize you would have the chance to go to Sydney with a friend and surf while learning new sills fro a whole week. After I had calmed down and had stopped screaming Mum had spotted a problem as she always does she pointed out about that I had won the competition for a friend and I, and that we would have to leave for Sydney tomorrow morning. Mum didn’t know that I had been planning for ages that if I won the competition Leah my best mate would be coming with me and there was also the fact that Leah was also into surfing, as presides it didn’t take me long to pack so the was no complications on the way.

However the letter clearly stated that you had to be at Bristol airport by ten o’clock that following day, so Leah had to stay over mine that night.

It was Sunday morning and Leah and I was in the taxi on our way to the airport, Leah was being very quite a sign of nerves. I however was feeling very anxious and excited I had butterflies in my stomach. We had finally arrived at the airport; the letter had clearly stated that the manger of the surf club was meeting us at the airport. A tall very tanned man had approached us he said,

“Are you the competition winners”?

I looked at Leah grinned and then I relied yes in a very cheerful manner.

When we were seated on the plane the man whose name was George was explaining what we would be doing and how much fun the whole experience would be. The flight there had taken a long time and it very much felt like that with George talking the whole way. It was Monday evening and Leah and I needed rest for the day that was a head of us.

We had been showed to are rooms which was on the surfing resort, I had looked out the window to view and magnificent scene the ocean was a clear blue colour, I had noticed people surfing they looked terrific and I fought to my self for that moment that’s going to be tomorrow.

I had woken up to the smell of fresh sea air; I had turned to see if Leah was still asleep to my amazement Leah was not there, as I got out of bed to change the door busted open it was Leah she had already gone down and got the suits ready for out first day of surfing.

We had gone down to reception to see where re coach was the lady at reception had said he is already down the sea waiting for you. Leah and I had run down to the coach, he was very tall and strong just as you should be as a surfer. He had asked us to show him what we could do we had started surfing when I noticed the bug rain clouds in the sky, I looked at the coach on the beach and he was telling us to come in to shore, when we approached coach he said I’m sorry no more surfing today the rains about to come and the sea will get very rough. Leah and I went to our room I was gutted but not as much due we had the rest of the week to surf, it was 4 o’clock, we had a bite to eat from the buffet in the main hall of the surf club, and I was still quite tired from the journey so we went to sleep.

At about 12 o’clock that evening I heard a ruckus on the beach and sirens bellowing past the surf club, I looked out of the window and I had seen crowds of people rushing around and some people crying, most of the men looked half cut. I fell back sleep.

The next morning the sky looked clear and is was very sunny, Leah and I ran down to the beach but to our surprise there was no coach in fact there was no one on the beach at all, I had spotted a sign , we ran over to see what the sign was saying,


I was devastated, it come to my head to go and ask reception where our coach was no sign of coach and with what I had just read it made me think, the receptionist as I should of fought was in tears when I asked who got attacked last night she replied very sharply your coach he was setting up a course for you as you missed so much due o the weather yesterday. After hearing that it had made me feel extremely guilty, I had a plan but it would take a lot of courage from Leah and me.

To get all the people on the beach again and enjoying their vacations I needed to prove there was no fear in swimming or surfing just after one attack, Leah was very helpful and even agreed to come surfing with me, wed went up and had sneaked past reception into the boards room, we were already changed so we just grabbed the boards and ran down to the sea.

We started surfing and I was really enjoying myself being able to surf in such a peace and calm sea was amazing and memorable.

Leah and I was getting into the swing of things when we spotted people pointing and running down onto the beach into the water I gave a smile to Leah and said we don’t it I feel so happy and relieved that our vacation of surfing isn’t over.

We had been surfing most of the day when I decided I needed to rest so I went to the changing room changed and led on the beach o the other had Leah was still surfing enjoying it while she’s got the chance.

I had been lying on the sand quite a while now and was feeling really tired and much laid backed. As I turned on to my stomach I heard a scream, and swearing, it had sounded like Leah I jumped up and had a look Leah was struggling to get back to shore I was wondering what was groin on un till she shouted shark everyone on the beach must of heard as they all scampered and screaming even though they went in the sea they seemed more scared then Leah.

I crushed into the sea shouting don’t panic Leah they can sense, I was getting closer to Leah when suddenly she shot up in the air the Shark had her in his mouth swinging her back ad forth rapidly Leah screaming in complete agony.

Every thing went quiet only noise was the emergency people on the boat, I couldn’t see anything something had hit my leg it was Leash cap she was wearing I turned back knowing that Leah had gone I felt so quilt fro making hr help me make people use the beach. I turned and had one last look at the sea and something grabbed my leg I felt as if I had been shot in my leg I could see the blood pooring out of my leg then suddenly I thrashed into the air knowing what was ahead.


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