* Read each inquiry carefully to find which 1 you will reply * When you have selected the inquiry you will pass a few proceedingss interrupting it apart to guarantee that your response replies all facets. If you are looking for Excellence you want to choose a inquiry that will let you to show that you are able to link your text to society. |

To demo that with friendly relationship and trust one can interrupt free from their subjugation Example:
Identify what you consider to be the director’s chief intent in bring forthing a text you have studied AND explore. in deepness. one or two chief techniques used to accomplish it.
Camera shootings and duologue
Think of your essay like an hr glass.
You are traveling to get down broad ( general ) with your ideas get narrow ( really specific ) and so stop broad ( by and large once more ) .
Measure Two: Introduction ( Same as Novel )
With your debut you want to capture your reader’s attending. You are traveling to get down your essay with a few general statements. Quote ; historical background ; remark on a relevant issue in your text ; utilize a statistic to foreground another issue that relates to your essay’s topic|

Then you will travel into the specific inside informations of your text:
* You must include the rubric and DIRECTOR of the text
* You must repeat the cardinal words of the inquiry ( use these words precisely as it indicates to the marker that you understand what the inquiry is inquiring ) * You must besides include or do mention to ocular and verbal techniques

When you see the word HOW it means techniques! I. e. How does the manager craft the text-Visual-lighting. costumes. props. camera shootings. camera angles. cuts. leap cuts. fade out edits. cross cuts. color filters. *cinematography. station productionVerbal-dialogue. music. non diagetic. diagetic. voiceovers. sound effects|

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Example Introduction:

Green-interesting start/connection
Blue-identifies techniques
Purple-key elements Yellow-echoes the inquiry

“Hope is of import because it can do the present minute less hard to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better. we can bear a adversity today. ” ( Thich Nhat Hanh ) Hope can sometimes be a difficult construct to understand for many who are in hard state of affairss. In The Shawshank Redemption directed by Frank Darabont. hope is an elusive thought for many of the prison’s inmates-except Andy Dufresne. Andy Dufresne is a character that helps to uncover Darabont’s chief intent in bring forthing the movie. that with friendly relationship and hope people can interrupt free from their subjugation. The movie uses camera shootings and music to portray this chief intent.

Notice how the author has combined all of the different elements. Does this look different to a Level 1 debut?

Measure 3: Body Paragraphs

Remember that now the ‘hour glass’ is get downing to go narrow. This is where you become specific with your information. You will necessitate to: * Begin each paragraph with a subject sentence that introduces the reader to your focal point * You may so necessitate to develop out these thoughts ( another sentence ) * Add a verbal technique ( duologue. voiceover. music. sound effects ) that supports the subject * Add a ocular technique ( camera shots/angles. costume. symbolism. particular effects. redacting techniques etc. ) that supports the subject * THINK ABOUT ADDING A THIRD OF EITHER VISUAL OR VERBAL

* Explain how the ocular and verbal characteristics support the technique and subject * Try to link the subject to modern twenty-four hours society-how is what you are watching still relevant? This is for excellence. Does non hold to be in every paragraph.

Green-society Blue-identifies techniques Purple-explanation Yellow-echoes the inquiry Example Body Paragraph:
Andy Dufrense was a character who ne’er fit into the universe of Shawshank Prison. Unlike other captives who claimed their artlessness Andy was a wrongfully accused adult male a common happening for 8-12 % of today’s inmates ( Truth and Justice. 2011 ) . Although Andy’s religion and hope does falter at times throughout the movie it ne’er dissolves. Music is a verbal characteristic used to assist the audience understand the chief intent of the movie that with friendly relationship and trust one can interrupt free from their subjugation. Music was used to assist demo us Darabont’s thought of freedom and institutionalisation. Andy intentionally disobeys the warden and plays “The Marriage of Figaro” on the big talkers.

He is badly punished for this and is sent into “the hole” . As the music is playing. all the captives stop what they are making as they are awed by the beautiful voices of the Italian adult females. The long shootings and utmost long shootings reveal the captives as they all stop their activities and listen to the music. This gives the captives freedom as it brings back memories and takes them to a topographic point outside of the prison. It gives them hope that someday they might be free of this prison. When Andy is sent to the hole as a consequence of noncompliance. he says that he took the music down at that place with him. A close up of Andy being ab initio locked in reveals a smiling on his face. He had the music in his caput and it gave him hope. This hope helped him last throughout the undermentioned old ages in the prison.

You so necessitate to reiterate this procedure TWO MORE TIMES!

You must retrieve that your organic structure paragraphs is where you show your cognition of the text. It is besides the topographic point where you analyse the characteristics and cardinal thoughts and how they worked together. Step Four: Decision ( SAME AS NOVEL )

We are now at the terminal of the essay. This is a Critical paragraph as this is the last component of the essay your marker will read. You want to set in merely as much attempt here as you did at the beginning. Introduction-catches the reader’s attentionConclusion-reminds them merely how superb you are! | You will get down your decision with the particular:

* You must include the manager and writer of the text
* You must repeat the cardinal words of the inquiry ( use these words precisely as it indicates to the marker that you understand what the inquiry is inquiring ) * You must besides include or do mention to the ocular and verbal techniques Your last sentence or sentences will be general. Remember we are now at the underside of the hr glass. You want to stop with a statement or thought that leaves the reader thought. End with a connexion to current society ; terminal with a brooding observation about your text ; a lesson learned|

Green-society Purple-key elements
Yellow-echoes the inquiry

Hope is an of import component of endurance in any environment. In Frank Darabont’s The Shawshank Redemption both camera shootings and music have been used efficaciously to assist develop the chief intent that with friendly relationship and trust one can interrupt free from their subjugation. At the start of this movie. Andy is shown to be a dis-passionate adult male who has lived in comfort. Throughout The Shawshank Redemption. his journey to show his emotions. construct up his bravery and defy the ultimate conflict between head and authorization helps him derive back the freedom took from him.


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