Although the movie has me considering reading more of Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle famous Sherlock Holmes books I feel that the movie does not compare well book we are currently reading in class. Therefore I feel that the movie is unfaithful to the spirit of the book. I also feel that the characters Holmes and Watson in the movie are more appealing than the characters they play in the book. I see a very bright future in maybe one sequel to this movie.

I feel that the movie is unfaithful to the spirit of the Hound of the Baskervilles because the movie does not carry some of the same characteristics and it leaves out many details that the book had. For instance in the movie Sherlock Holmes has a love interest but in the book in fact Holmes doesn’t even think about women that much. Another reason I feel this way is because in the book gives the impression that Sherlock Holmes is a very hardworking man but the movie depicts him as hardworking but a little lazy also.

Though the movie was fascinating I feel that it did not hold true to some of the characteristics of the main characters. For example, I think that in the movie Sherlock Holmes does not take some of his cases as seriously as he did with the ones he had in the book. I also feel as if Dr. Watson is portrayed as a better man than Sherlock Holmes in the fact that he presents himself better than Holmes. I say this because it seems to me that Watson dresses better and is more formal than Holmes. One thing I think stayed the same between the movie and the book is that both Holmes and Watson live for the thrill of solving an adventurous mystery.

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Despite the differences the movie was really good and I feel that there will be a sequel. In fact the movie left a couple of clues to suggest that there might be another movie. The biggest clue is at the end of the movie when Sherlock Holmes reopens the case and the movie ends. Another clue is the fact that the man who Holmes saw in the horse carriage is never found thus the reason for him reopening the case. If there is another movie it will most likely be about the same case.

In conclusion I feel that the book and the movie were both pleasing to read and watch. Although the book and movie were good they had minimal comparisons. I also feel that the movie did not keep the spirit of the book. I feel that the characteristics of the characters in the book and the movie are portrayed differently Finally I feel very certain that this movie well have sequels and I’ll be sure to go watch them. As I stated before the book and the movie were both great and I can see myself reading more of these mysterious books and look forward to watching a sequel if there is one.


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