Florida and as California are both U.S. states. However, Florida
is on the larboard of the U.S., with the Mexican Gulf on one side and the
Atlantic on the other side, while California is on the westward of the US and
stretches from the Mexican border along the Pacific for nearly nine hundred

Many people think that it is burdensome to ship a vehicle
from Florida to California but it is quite easy if you follow the right
procedures. The over two thousand seven hundred miles may be long but with a
qualified shipping expert, it is not a big deal.

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Following the right procedures means that you have to be vigilant
when shipping a motor car.  If you decide
to drive your wagon yourself, I assure you the process will be nerve-racking.  You will put mileage and wear and tear your
car. Moreover, driving yourself accumulates irrelevant worry and reparations.
Just think of meals, lodgings, gas and further upkeep of your car. All this have
to be alleged. The economical choice is to have your wagon delivered to you. It
is wise to ship your vehicle using the proper method to emancipate time, effort
and cash.

There is a wide range of automobile shipping and logistics
companies, it is all up to the customer to choose one of them. These companies
present their client with antagonistic rates. What Automobile and logistics
companies do to stay in the business and in the competitive market is;
transporting many cars at once to keep costs down and pass the savings to their
customers. They cannot just transport one car at a time.

Before shipping your wagon from Florida to California there
are some things you will need to do.

 First, it is
recommended that you compare different quotes from different shipping and
logistics   companies before you decide. The second thing
is to ensure that you have an intermediate pick up for you in California. Another
thing is to make sure your car is clean!   A
shipping company may refuse to transport your vehicle if it is not clean, due
to liability purposes. Wash, inspect, and document the state of your vehicle
before shipping. Leave the car to the shipping company just as you want to see
it when it is delivered. Consider purchasing an additional insurance for your
car. Your car needs to be properly covered (insurance) and registered. Anything
bad might happen (especially where open auto method is used during
transportation). Similarly, if you have any concerns about your vehicle, let
the company know. Finally yet importantly, your driver’s license needs to be

The price tag of shipping a car relies on diverse factors.
The following are some of the factors:

Duration of the year:  Some
seasons are better for shipping cars than others are. Shipping during winter
will cost you more compared to summer. Therefore, one should be keen when
determining when the transportation will take place.

Vehicle size:  The size
greatly affects the car shipping-quote.  The
larger the car, the higher the price tag (That is also apparently the case when
buying a vehicle, so shipping is not different).Larger cars like Sports Utility
Vehicles (SUVs) will of course  cost more
to transport compared to smaller cars like sedan, since it can accommodate more
cars on a single truck. Generally, it is easier to ship smaller vehicles, so
they tend to cost less to ship. The opposite is also true.

Timespan: The faster you need a vehicle delivered to you, the
costlier it will be. Shipping companies will need to accommodate you more,
which can disrupt their natural supply chain.

Your price range:  When
possible, purchase the best shipping experience for your price range. Do not
skip on insurance, or request special favors from the shipping company in
regards to route logistics, if you want to keep the price low. Just like with
flying, the higher the price, the more relaxing the experience.

Additional costs like insurance: It is suggested that you
purchase insurance to cover the cost of your car while it is being shipped, in
the rare event of damage.  Vehicles that
are more expensive will require insurance that is more expensive.

Planned route: Requesting the use of convenient routes for
shipping companies, for example major highways and freeways, will keep the cost
of shipping your vehicle low.

The type of transport: There are
two types of transportation:  the
open and the closed/enclosed. Now would you prefer an enclosed trailer offering more
protection to an open one? An enclosed one is definitely going to cost you
The fuel price: The
fuel price will affect the cost of shipping  because of varying fuel prices that a car
shipping quote offered is perhaps more than the previous day’s quote.


The shipment of a car from Florida to
California takes an average of 7-10 business days. This obviously includes
three days of pick up and six days of delivery. However, these are generally
averages. It may be longer or even shorter relying on innumerable factors such
as weather traffic jam, the season and more.

Automobile shipping and logistics companies use one of the
two available methods to transport a vehicle to their clients. These methods includes
the enclosed auto transport and open auto transport. Both of these methods are
available to the customers but it up to them to choose the one they need. Usually,
most of the cars (normal ones) are transported through the open auto transport
whereas the treasured and unique cars are transported via the enclosed auto

The open auto transport is of course the cheaper of the two.
Just like many cheap things, your car will be disclosed to the elements, reason
because, your car will be one of the many being pulled on a rack by a transport.
This method seems unsettling because of the disclosure, but the client should
not be anguished. Most of the cars as earlier stated in the US are shipped via
this same method. This is standard in the Automobile shipping and logistics

The enclosed auto transport is the second option and your
vehicle does not have to be put on a rack. You vehicle  is transported in a closed trailer, either
alone or amidst other cars. A large rig drags the trailer to car’s destinations
and your vehicle is offloaded. This method is of course more expensive compared
to the open auto method, and it is only recommended to owner of exotic
vehicles. The owner does not have to worry about a possibility of a damage, as
rare as that might occur.


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