How do we stop the violence in the U.S. schools? Where is it all beginning? The society has brought us from fistfights to gunfights all in the last decade and is that where we want our society to be? Violence in the U.S. schools is on the rise and if anyone is going to stop it I think it has to be us, we are the future and either it can get better or worse.

I believe a huge cause for violence is the high school stereotypes, whether it be the jocks, preps, skaters, or nerds. In high school people are stereotyped whether they choose to be or not. When for say the jocks are degrading the nerds it hurts and all the hurt and anger builds up inside. People come from all types of backgrounds and they are molded into the person they are by their surroundings.

Sometimes people haven t had the support and understanding to know right from wrong. The problem I think that is happening is that too many children aren t being brought up either receiving or showing love and when children are hurt so many times they begin to build walls to prevent them from being hurt or having to feel anymore pain. Teens tend to take these extreme measures to get attention and let somebody anybody know that they are there and to get some kind of response.

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There is no way to pinpoint one exact cause for all the people choosing to release their anger by using a gun, but I believe that if parents and adult figures would present themselves in a role model like manner we wouldn t have all the violence.

A recent national survey by Louis Harris and Associates found that 1 in 8 youths reported having carried a weapon for protection, while 1 in 9 chose to cut class because of their fear of crime. News polls also found that 70 percent of americans believed a shooting like the Columbine could happen in their own community. We as a society don t want our high school students living in fear because they aren t sure whether they ll make it home or not. School is an atmosphere of learning and getting a good education in order to go some where in life.

Parents and teens believe youth violence has increased in the recent years and unless we put a stop to it our society is going to really go down hill.


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