I usually go to buy my clothes at Ontario Mills, because they have much good price clothes. Ontario Mills is a large enclosed shopping mall, marketed as an outlet mall. The mail is a very large outlet. Also there are tons of shops to find shoes, and they have a wide variety of clothing stores. It is in a convenient spot and their store hours are great. Ontario Mills Outlet is the best shopping store for several reasons. First, Ontario Outlet has well stocked and clean. There is always parking and the mall is very clean. Second, Ontario Outlet is a wide selection of clothing and home goods.

They have hundreds of designer and factory outlet. They also have many different clothes, shoes, cosmetics, bags and accessories stores. There is a good place to take the kids, because there have toy store for kids, which is Rainforest toy store. The store seems like a little zoo, so most kids would love there. Third, Ontario Outlet’s stuff is good price and great brands. Ontario Mills is home to many designer-label outlet stores, when I went to Ontario Outlet first time, I surprised that they had cheap and good quality stuffs.

In Korea, brand’s products price are two times more expensive than the United States. So I often go to shopping at Ontario Mills Outlet. I went to Outlet last Sunday, because they offer black Friday big sale. I want to buy pretty clothes and shoes. Finally I found Abercrombie’s sweater that was marked $120. 99 but I paid only $32. 99. It was great deal. In conclusion, I enjoyed shopping at Ontario Mills Outlet that my favorite store. I was so happy for buying pretty clothes. I should go back to buy winter season clothes.

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