Short introduction
of the background and the factors which gave rise to its formation
ISIS/ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)1 was the rise of
Sunni Wahhabi ideology that came into Iraq after the civil war of Syria. It’s
history goes back to the U.S invasion on Afghanistan after which the key
leaders of Al-Qaida fled all over the world. One of those leaders was Abu Mosa
Al Zarkawi a Jordanian citizen2 who was also considered as the right
hand of Osama bin laden in Afghanistan fled to Iraq after US invasion and
formed a new organization name AQI (Al Qaeda in Iraq). The U.S invasion of Afghanistan
and then Iraq provided him strong roots to work for his extremist ideology and
the dismantling of the Iraqi Soldier provided him a large number of volunteers
to work for him extremist ideology. He carried out several attacks in various
parts of Iraq that claimed lives of both the foreign troops and civilians. He
was later on killed in a drone attack in 2006 but his extremist ideology was
still present among the people. During the Arab spring when Bashar ul Asad had
a crackdown against the those stood against his opponents, they found more
sympathy in Syria and moved there and formed a new organization named ISIS
which was then led by a resident Abu Bakar Al Bagdadi a resident of Samara,

Role of Regional and Western Powers in
supporting ISIS
The Syrian general made a plea on Al Jazeera that if the foreign forces
don’t arm them, they are not able to fight against Bashar-ul-Asad. Within a
week Saudi, US, Jordan, Turkey, Israel and Qatar began providing weapons to the
rebels the so called Free Syrian Army.1 Those weapons ended up in
the hand of ISIS. 14th June, 2014 the then president Barak Obama
showed his support for the fighters. And then it crossed the border and entered
into Iraq. They captured the oil wells and started selling it into the black
market and in turn started buying weapons and running their caliphate from it.
It was using the Anbar province which is a neighbor of Jordan to sell oil. 3
Turkey provided the route for the foreign fighters to enter through its
territory and fight against the Bashar government forces. It also armed them in
exchange of buying Syrian Oil from it.4 The Israel started providing
weapons to these militants and even treating them in their hospitals.5


Defeat of ISIS

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the decree issued by the prominent Shia Iraqi leader Ayatollah Syed Ali Sistani6
a resistance group comprising of more than 70 different ethnic and religion was
formed under the banner of Popular Mobilization Front to fight against ISIS.
This group was widely supported by Iran, who provided weapons, assistance and
training to the fighters of this group. According to an Iraqi Major General
Ghais Al-Hamdawi7,

Iran wants is a Secure Boarder and Stable Neighbour free of Extremism.

stood by the people of Iraq during complicated circumstances.

believe that without the help of Iran ISIS would be at the door step of


leader of ISIS Abu Bakar Baghdadi is claimed to be killed in an air strike by
Russia which almost ended the chapter of ISIS leadership in Syria and Iraq8
on May 28, 2017. And then it was easy for the ground forces fighting to clean
their remaining parts. Finally, Iran cleaned the last stronghold city of ISIS
and announced its defeat from Syria November 21,20179. On
December,2017 finally the Iraqi prime minister held a press conference and
announced the defeat of ISIS.

“Our forces are in complete control of the
Iraqi-Syrian border and I therefore announce the end of the war against Daesh,”10



of IS from Syria

BBC reported that US led coalition helped the
ISIS fighters to escape from Raqqa, the stronghold of the terrorist
organization in the name of securing the humans.11 Providing the
safe exit to the ISIS fighters will definitely provide a continuous threat of
extremism to the World.


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