Discuss whether it is true to say that The Pain and The Lottery have similar concerns. Short stories usually deal with common Issues. In The Lottery by Shirley Jackson and The Pain by Pauline Smith, we have two stories from very deferent eras and places, that share a common Issue: Our fear of Change. In The Lottery we can clearly see that this fear of change has kept a savage, outdated and irrelevant tradition alive for 77 years. No one questions this ritual, as Old Man Wander says: “There’s always been a lottery. Most of the town are not even sure about the origin or the order of recordings “because so much of the ritual had been forgotten or discarded. ” It has lost its meaning and has no relevance anymore, yet everyone arrives at the Square for this annual event. It is referred to as a “civic activity like a dance or a Halloween event. Mrs. Hutchinson, herself, arrives hurriedly as she explains that she “clean forgot what day it was. ” It is important to understand that this fear of change drove her decision to be there. A decision that ultimately leads to her death. This common fear Is a weakness In all humankind.

We don’t make decisions based on a careful valuation of the reasoning behind It, we base many of our decisions on a fear of change and an Idea of familiarity. That It has always been this way. In The Pain, Saurian and his wife, Delete leads a very isolated existence. Their lives are simple and removed from civilization. Religion plays an important role and they base all their decisions and actions on what the Bible prescribes. When Saurian finds out about the new hospital that can take away Delta’s pain, he changes the path of their simple, familiar existence.

At the hospital, the pain of being separated and the unfamiliar rounding’s, drives Saurian to make a decision that brings an end to their inseparable life. Saurian sneaks into the hospital at night, to take a very ill Delete home with him. (possibly to die in familiar surroundings) Both of them have such a big fear of change. Delete refers to the “strange, lifeless water” and her “unreasonable distaste” for It shows how she battles to adjust to a new environment. Journal must know that his choice to take Delete home, will ultimately result In her death, a permanent separation. Yet, he makes this decision based on his fear of change.

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Both Tories show how a decision based on the familiar or the way it has always been’ can have very sad consequences. It makes us think about what we believe in and how we fear change. If Mrs. Hutchinson stood up to the lottery and if Saurian left Dell]e in the hospital to recover, both stories would have had a very different ending. We should challenge our beliefs and question what is familiar to us. We should make decisions without a fear of change. This is a common issue most of us deal with everyday and these stories highlight how the familiar is not always the right choice in life.


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