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& # 8220 ; Should College Athletes Get Paid To Play & # 8221 ;

Forget about the game-winning touchdown, bury about the cheerleader girlfriend, and bury the pageantry. What about the difficult earned money college jocks will ne’er see and gain? In the universe of college athleticss its win or travel place, and to the victors go the spoils.

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Most successful college athleticss squads rake in 1000000s of dollars in gross. Steve Spurrier, the manager for the Florida Gators signed a six twelvemonth contract where he would do a small over 2.5 million dollars a twelvemonth non including certain benefits like a free auto for his married woman. So with the establishments and managers acquiring rich off their participant who is to state that the participant does non merit a portion of the wealth? Most college jocks get around 200-250 dollars a month for life disbursals and passing money, this is really little compared to the pupil who has clip to work. Some people say that jocks get paid by holding a scholarship but if you look at the subterranean motivation behind scholarships I think people would alter their heads. Coachs try to acquire participants who they think have the endowment to do them win and to carry them to come to their school they try to give them scholarships. So the whole thought behind a scholarship is to entice the pupil to come to your school. Scholarships are merely a recruitment maneuver. Don & # 8217 ; t confound what I am stating though I don & # 8217 ; t believe college participants should be doing 1000000s of dollars but there should be a set wage for all participants no affair if they make the high spots everyday or ride the pine. The participants should do at least what a individual who works doing eight dollars and hr would do in a twelvemonth, and that is a modest wage excessively. Every participant of a college athletics puts in infinite man-hours of work to their athletics alternatively of traveling out and acquiring a occupation they have to give all their clip to this.

A immense argument is should participants have the right to their similitudes? If you go to a bookshop in Jacksonville you would likely happen a Rex Grosseman New Jersey for sale for about one-hundred-and-fifty dollars. Now even though it has his name on it and his numbe

R none of the money that was used to buy the New Jersey will of all time see Grossemans hand’s, the money normally goes to many sections including the Dean of the school but none of the money goes to the athletic section. So who has the right to make up one’s mind if the childs who put in their Black Marias and psyches into their athletics should non acquire paid?

The NCAA has banned college participants from having excess benefits from anybody. Recently though the NCAA has begun to re-think their determination on this topic, with participants and college acquiring caught all the clip for giving and having excess benefits the NCAA are get downing to believe about reforming their Torahs. It is damaging to both the school & # 8217 ; s name and the participant & # 8217 ; s for being caught for excess benefit dirts. Some people say that there is excessively much under the table payment traveling on to implement anyways. If the jocks got what they deserved and got paid to play this would non be an issue.

Paying jocks to play should be legal they put excessively much clip into it non to acquire paid. So while the managers get paid more than the President of the United States does participants sit back and have to be content with the perspiration off their dorsum as payment. Without the participants managers would non acquire paid every bit much as they do cipher goes to see a college game to see the manager in action they go to see the participants. Cipher turns on the telecasting to see how good the manager will respond in a game they watch it to see their squad, their participants in action. So there is much struggle in the universe of college athleticss about where the money should travel. Should it all go to the schools and managers? Or should the participants that make the games possible and do the managers wages and occupations available get a cut of the cheque besides? This is a inquiry that will travel unreciprocated until person takes a base against the corrupt underbelly of college athleticss. In decision should college jocks get paid to play? In my sentiment yes they should there is excessively much money that they have earned drifting about traveling unanswered for the participants non to acquire their cut. So ne’er mind the winning touchdown, ne’er mind the cheerleader girlfriend, what about the pupil jock?


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