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Over clip, matrimony has been the solid base for reproduction and kid raising, which is the foundation of household and societal life. There is

acknowledgment that leting polygamous or closely related twosomes into our matrimony system would be dysfunctional in our society. Does this

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non use to same-sex matrimony every bit good? The societal unacceptableness of same-sex matrimony, the danger of undertaking AIDS, and the bad

influence on kids prove that same-sex matrimony should non be legalized.

Homosexual militants, about three per centum of our population, argue that those who do non hold with them are? homophobic? or? heterosexist. ? However, that statement is simply prejudiced against society. Today? s society can surely hold its ain sentiment. The rightsand Torahs of homophiles are finally restricted. Congress? s judicial proceeding now describes Torahs that prevent homosexuals and tribades from get marrieding, reproducing, or following ( Williams 299 ) . Marriage, every bit good as acceptance, is considered a privilege ; those who marry or follow must obey the Torahs. No illustrations in past history occur in which same-sex brotherhoods were given the equal rights and legal acknowledgment as heterosexual

brotherhoods ( Kaplan 16 ) . Factually, recent polls province that two-thirds of American grownups oppose same-sex brotherhoods in which the homophiles are

given rights such as revenue enhancement interruptions, Social Security, divorce rights, infirmary visits, detention, or heritage. In a different canvass taken, American

grownups were asked if homosexual matrimony should be legal ; 64 per centum stated no, while merely twenty-nice per centum said yes. The same

group of grownups were besides asked about homosexual acceptance. Fifty-seven per centum said no, while 35 per centum agreed ( Cloud 44 ) .

Broadening our systematic signifier of matrimony weakens it. on a different note, the figure of homosexuals ( males ) exceeds the figure of tribades,

and legalising same-sex matrimony may ensue in male domination, get the better ofing the adult female? s function in society. A hierarchy of homosexual matrimony

keeping more economic power and societal position could go, get the better ofing even all heterosexual integrity ( Williams 317 ) .

The chief ground the province is interested in matrimony has been to supply fiscal and emotional security, every bit good as function theoretical accounts for

kids. In the current matrimony system of merely opposite-sex integrity, the protection of reproduction is decently emphasized. However, over the

last century heterosexual matrimony has declined because impressions of what makes a good adult male or adult female have changed, ensuing in

self-realization elsewhere than in matrimony and household. The symbolism of homosexual matrimony is besides upseting. For illustration, a sapphic or

homosexual nuptials has a heavy symbolic message on all invitees that attend, including kids, cooks, and servers. Coevalss to come will

retrieve the homosexual nuptials as portion of their friend? s or loved one? s life style. Even though some homosexual brotherhoods may raise

kids better than some straight persons, the homosexual brotherhood is a symbolic onslaught of the norm of society and extremely unaccepted by

society. It is a known fact that homophiles are finally discriminated. Even in San Francisco, California, where homosexuals are thickly settled, the

homophiles routinely experience favoritism, hatred, and rejection. These factors besides show that same-sex matrimony is unaccepted by

society. Surely, if same-sex matrimony becomes a natural world, so bisexual and three-some matrimonies will follow. What will go of


The AIDS virus plays a really important portion in homosexualism. The individuals with the highest hazard of undertaking the AIDS virus are homosexual or

bisexual white males ( Williams 305 ) . This AIDS virus is spread continuously because the cheery person may either non cognize he is HIV

positive or may take non to inform his sexual spouse. Both ways are every bit unsafe, particularly since homosexuals frequently have multiple sex

spouses. Since AIDS

is most normally spread by bodily fluids, the HIV virus is most common for sexually active persons.

See the instance of the North household. They married in 1982 but separated in 1991 when Mr. North admitted to an matter with another adult female.

He learned he was HIV positive in April 1991, but continued to hold unprotected sexual intercourse with his married woman until his June confession.

After a twelvemonth? s separation, Mr. North revealed that there was no other adult female ; he had engaged in homosexual activities get downing in 1979,

go oning through his matrimony, and he and his homosexual lover- besides HIV positive- intended to inform the kids about his new life style.

Mrs. North so filed for divorce and asked that trial be limited to protect the kids from the possibility of undertaking HIV. She

believed that because he had repeatedly lied to her, he could non be trusted to adequately guard the kids against exposure to the homosexual

life style ( Williams 307 ) .

HIV-positive homophiles frequently lie about holding AIDS in order to maintain their sexual spouses. One HIV-positive male explained, ? I feel

unsafe to my sex spouse. But I have to maintain position and keep my gender? ( Williams 316 ) . Bisexuals, every bit good as

homophiles, come in contact with AIDS with changing responses. Obviously, the AIDS virus is common in homosexualism. Would legalising

same-sex matrimony non increase the scope of persons transporting the HIV virus?

Homosexuality creates a bad influence on kids. The concentration of kids turning up in homosexual households is largely in San

Francisco, New York, and other big urban metropoliss.

The kids of same-sex married twosomes are frequently deprived of function theoretical accounts to look up to. Children of sapphic twosomes will be deprived of a

male parent, the effects of which are good documented. The sexual penchant of kids of homosexual parents is besides affected. It is sensible

to province the rate at which kids of sapphic twosomes choose same-sex spouses is geometrically larger than the rate of kids of

heterosexual parents. A recent study concludes that nine out of 25 ( 36 % ) kids of sapphic female parents and four out of 21

( 19 % ) kids of heterosexual female parents reported same-sex attractive force. Additionally, six of 25 ( 24 % ) kids of sapphic female parents and

zero of 21 ( 0 % ) kids of heterosexual female parents reported going involved with person of the same gender ( Williams 308 ) .

Clearly, the kid? s sexual penchant is affected by the parent? s gender.

A kid of homosexual parents may besides hold affected behaviour. Serious wellness jobs may incur from being a kid of homosexual or sapphic

twosomes. Past research on kids of sapphic or cheery twosomes is scarred my methodological jobs, including heavy trust on

self-reporting and a inclination to disregard grounds non back uping a decision. Male childs raised by masculine male parents feel more secure and

by and large do non perpetrate offenses. Boys of tribades may be susceptible to this behaviour. Homosexuals besides have a history of unstable

relationships, so the kids may endure household breaks frequently.

Another hazard involved with same-sex twosomes is their history of substance maltreatment. As a group, same-sex twosomes are known for substance

maltreatment, which may take to a shorter life anticipation than straight persons, every bit good as a bad influence on kids ( Williams 308 ) .

Despite some failures, the household of a hubby, married woman, and kids offers yet the best environment for human development. Same-sex

matrimony may finally damage the norm in our society and interrupt human life. Many factors demonstrate that same-sex matrimony is a

break to human life. The societal unacceptableness of same-sex matrimony, the danger of undertaking AIDS, and the bad influence of kids

turn out that homosexual matrimony should non be legalized.


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