The first reason why Junk food should not be banned at school is that Junk foods are inexpensive. The reason why Junk foods are popular is that Junk foods are cheap and available at any time (Hollingsworth 31). For instance, what is called “Junk food” is somewhat helping some students to survive. In fact, there are different types of students in school. Some are coming from rich families while others come from poor families. Basically, they have different financial capacities to afford school meals.

For example, a student who comes to school with three dollars is likely to buy the food hat will satisfy his hunger rather than the one that is supposed to be good. As matter of fact, in school students eat to fulfill themselves to obtain the strength to keep focused in class. For example, students will buy a combo of burger with a can of soda, and a little cookie. In sum, Junk foods are indispensable in schools because some students cannot afford to buy healthy foods. The second reason why Junk food should not be banned in schools Is that students prefer to be free when they eat their meals.

Furthermore, students like to eat things they have watched on TV or seen from a friend. For example, a student who saw his friend the day before with a meal that smelled good to him; Is likely to buy the same thing as his friend the next day. Basically, preventing this student from buying the food he has planning to buy will frustrate him. Advertise play a big role In students’ food choices. For example, McDonald’s spends approximately 1 billion dollars yearly In advertise (Marling 80).

With this exhaustive number of promotions a day, students often make their choices from commercials and come to schools to buy these foods. Some students will not even eat If they cannot buy a food that Is pleasing to them. In sum, giving student the liberty to choose what they want to eat will ensure that every student eats and they will all have enough energy to continue studying. The last reason why Junk foods should not be banned at school Is that school foods keep students coming to school.

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For Instance, food that Is sold In schools creates a deep Image of Its smell, taste, and appearance In student’s mind; that students become very attached to these foods. Some people say that even after twenty years since they graduated from high school, they still remember the smell and the taste of the pancakes they were eating at school. An English teacher, Margaret Johnson, says that Glenn student large possibility of choices can make schools feel more as a farmland place than as a prison; and It can help Improve students’ sense of personal responsibility and satisfaction Monsoons 10).

In other words, keeping Junk foods or the foods that students are used to eat will make students comfortable In schools, keep them coming for more. In sum, school Is already a frustrating place and food regulation will make school feels Like a low cost of Junk foods are the reasons why Junk foods should not be banned in schools. Moreover, schools must be the most comfortable place in order to keep students coming. Restricting foods will make schools more frustrating and less enjoyable.


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