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Should We Be Conservatively Optimistic About Russia s Economic and Political Future?

It remains to be seen whether Russia will be successful in change overing to a capitalistic and democratic society. Since 1989, Russia has easy deteriorated into a state in great crises. The GDP has decreased at about a 9 % per twelvemonth since 1990 and more and more Russians are traveling into poorness every twelvemonth. This is a large job, Russia is still a atomic power, and we do non desire them to acquire in a state of affairs where they feel they must flog out. The state has so much potency, merely the United States challengers Russia in natural resources. In many ways, Russia is doing advancement ; the citizens do hold more freedom now than at any clip in their history. It is unfortunate that the huge bulk of the Russians can non bask this freedom.

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It is in both the World s and the United State s best involvement that Russia becomes economically stable and comfortable. The United States should make whatever it can to assist Russia accomplish these ends. For that to go on, The US may hold to accept that their initial recommendations to the Russians have failed. Over the old ages, the Russian people have come to mistrust the purposes of the American Government. Though our authorities meant good, it has made things much worse for the Russian people. It is of import that we right these wrongs, but should we be optimistic about the hereafter of Russia on its present class.

To positions on this inquiry are presented in John T. Rourke s Taking Sides. Stephen Sestanovich, who is ambassador-at-large and particular advisor to the secretary of province for the New Independent States, gives the position that we should be conservatively optimistic. Peter Reddaway, who is a professor of political scientific discipline, gives a counter position. Both positions provided a great trade of information in selling their positions and in certain cases it seemed that they provided excessively much information or information that truly had no bearing. Both did a good occupation of explicating that a comfortable Russia makes for a more stable Europe, if non the whole universe.

Stephen Sestanovich made an effectual statement for being optimistic about Russia s hereafter. He was credible largely because he did non seek to do the state of affairs in Russia seem better than it was. He chose to be wholly blunt in every point that he made. This is an effectual scheme in reasoning his side because intelligent people want to see both sides of state of affairs before doing a determination. If Sestanovich chose to merely speak about the positives, an intelligent reader would be really disbelieving.

Sestanovich points out advancement in 3 cardinal countries. The first country is Security/Non Proliferation. He expresses his and the US s defeat with the fact that Russia has non signed the START 2 pact, at this clip, START 2 has been ratified by the Russians.

Sestanovich besides mentions that during a G8 meeting in Birmingham, Yeltsin joined in with the others in reprobating India s foolhardy atomic trials. He besides points out that the Russians seem to be taking earnestly the dangers of leaking sensitive engineering to states such as Iran. He talks about the stairss Moscow has taken to command these leaks. Sestanovich points out that the top leading has now made it clear that they are committed to halting the spread of atomic engineering, where as before it wasn t rather so clear. Second Russia is seting topographic point a regulative construction to command the flow of sensitive engineering and that Russian Space Agency has been assigned over-sight duty for the full infinite projectile industry. And thirdly, the United States is working with the Russians to beef up their export control systems.

The 2nd country where Sestanovich cites Russian Pr

ogress is in the country of Democracy, Human Rights, and Religious Freedom. He points out that in 1997, Russia passed a potentially discriminatory jurisprudence refering faith. It required that a new faith must wait 15 old ages after registering before having basic legal rights. Action was rapidly taken to contradict this jurisprudence. He points out that Russia has initiated plans to back up free and just elections, the development of independent media, and the publicity of accountable and antiphonal municipal authoritiess. These are of import factors in constructing a democratic society.

` The 3rd country of advancement Sestanovich references is the US Russia Economic Relationship. He points out the advancement Russia has made in change overing to a market economic system. Presently 70 per centum of the GDP is produced by the private sector. He said that Russia joined the Paris Club as a creditor member and had been invited to fall in the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation ( APEC ) . Sestanovich points out that advancement in Russia whether good or bad will travel easy because this is still new to the Russian people.

Peter Reddaway gives the opposing position of whether the US should be optimistic about Russia s hereafter. He makes some strong points against being optimistic about Russia s hereafter. He points out that a bulk of Russians are get downing to doubt capitalist economy. The bulk is demoing misgiving of the United States and it s enterprises. He cited a recent canvass in which 60-70 per centum of Russians polled believed that America was seeking to cut down Russia to a 2nd rate power and a manufacturer of natural stuffs. This is besides taking to a misgiving of the Russian authorities itself because they feel the authorities is giving in to US demands.

Reddaway besides mentions the belief that there is no regulation of jurisprudence in Russia and that the Torahs are used to profit the elite but non the mean citizen. He besides talks about authorities corruptness replacing for the regulation of jurisprudence. In fact one authorities functionary said the corruptnesss is an of import societal map in Russia and that nil could acquire done without it. Reddaway negotiations about the Governments Non-Accountability ; the fact that many workers are non acquiring paid despite all the IMF loans. This is go oning while the top 5-10 per centum of the population is populating a life of luxury and surplus. Many Russians believe that the elect position ordinary citizens as merely a nuisance. So in retrospect, Reddaway has some legitimate points in his beliefs.

When comparing the two positions, Sestanovich was more convincing because he came across as being more honest. Though he is Russian, he did non waver in indicating out the mistakes of Russia. Reddaway had good points, but he merely saw it from one side. He chose to go forth out the positive tendencies in Russia. This is a error because most individuals are disbelieving of nonreversible positions.

Besides, there is nil incorrect with being optimistic every bit long as you are prepared for the option. You can be optimistic about winning the lottery, but every bit long as you don t discontinue your occupation before you win, there is no injury done. The US should be conservatively optimistic of Russia s hereafter because it is in our best involvement. If you are non optimistic that you can win, more than probably you will non try to win. It is of import to be prepared for the failure of capitalist economy and democracy in Russia. We should non destruct all of our atomic arms while leting them to maintain their armories, but we should go on to work with Russia to acquire control of their systems. The United states may hold to get down its pride and admit that its suggested policies have non worked and we may hold to work out new programs to convey Russia around. It is of import that the US make every attempt to help the Russians, It is in our best involvement every bit good as the whole universes.


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