Many athletes have already attempted to make money themselves from selling g their likeness. For example, selling autographs, memorabilia, or other sports team I teems for their own profit. First of all it is against the NCAA rules for college athletes to accept pro fit for the above. Though it is against the rules, many athletes have been investigated for proof and attempt to profit from their likeness.

All of the athletes that have been put under an invent stagnation have received punishments, some in fact did put the athletes at risk to lose their at helmet career as they Shaw 2 know it, and be less qualified for some awards; such as the Hessian Trophy which is presented to the best player in college football in December. This is becoming a huge pr bobble today and is seen as a “growing pain”. For example, picture yourself as an athlete in college e and some crazed fan is going to offer you two hundred dollars to sign his team football or not her item.

You know its the wrong thing to do but when you think about it, two hundred times ten I s two thousand and this can put extra money in the bank and get you a head start in life after cool age. Some athletes have argued this example and it has never worked. Athletes have been receiving illegal payments while in school for over twenty years. One of the most talked about examples Was Reggae Bush, allegations that Bush and his family had received hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts from two California unbiased marketing agents were first reported by Yahoo Sports in September 2006, MO nth after Bush had already been drafted No. Overall by the Saints. Bush was not forced to, but g eave up the 2005 Hessian Trophy, which is given annually to the best player in college football. The decision to forfeit the trophy was his, but with pressure from the NCAA. The NCAA put a I at of restrictions on the university of Southern California(USC) which is where Bush attended. Another popular example is Johnny Magazine, who was the quarterback for Texas A&M during the e year of 2012 and 2013.

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While attending the College Football National Championship on Jan aura 7th 201 2, Magazine was caught signing autographs at a table, and was accused of profiting g money off them. It is rumored that he received over 7,500 dollars from autographs that night. As result of his actions the NCAA suspended him for one game the following season. The MO SST recent allegation is Todd Curly, running back for Georgia University. In the 2014 football seas n Curly was suspended for half of the season as a result of over 1,000 pieces of signed me Arabia being Shaw 3 sold on a website.

The NCAA and Georgia eventually lifted the suspension and while he was suspended, Curly was knocked out of the Hessian Trophy race. On his first d ay back he tore his CAL and will be out for the remainder of the season, how ironic! The big question is should college athletes be paid? There is a huge ongoing d beagle over this very controversial topic. The sides are pretty much even and there is no c erect side, it is all just a matter of opinion, but it is the NCAA rules, so theoretically the correct a answer as of right now is no!

Most of the people who are arguing the topic are the ESP. sports a allays. Most of the analysts believe that since it is already being done, then it is okay. This ho waver, is the wrong way to look at it. Just because a lot of athletes are breaking the rules d goes not mean it is okay. Very few brave analysts argue that it should not be allowed. One analyst whose name is Lou Holt, who was a coach at the University of Notre Dame in the 1 ass’s, eve n went as far to say that they should not receive a salary, or pay for their likeness, but maybe a stipend at completion of their graduation.

He argues that the stipend can help pay the SST art of the athletes ills, and will also help graduation percentages because the stipend will motive ate players to not care as much about going into the draft early. Athletes have said that they en deed payment for money, tuition, food, and living on campus. But most of the athletes that ape art play well enough to receive payment for their skill, have already been granted full ride scholarships which pay for all of the above. So why won’t the Universities and the NCAA allow the athletes to be paid?

We II for one, paying numerous athletes would take funding out of the Universities hi chi would also take money from the Nana’s profits. For example, say each athlete makes seventy thousand dollars per year played in college, multiply that by sixty for football and a lot more of r other sports and Shaw 4 organizations, then the Universities lose tens of millions of dollars each year! As a result of the Universities and NCAA losing money from paying athletes, the memorabilia a ND concession stands would cost a lot more money, also ticket prices would go up by a lot so the programs can try to recuperate some of the money they lose.

Not only will the universities SSE funding, but their athletics programs will also lose funding which means less money for the e stadium, and employees, and a lot of employees may lose jobs and then we have unemployed deed janitors, coaches, referees, camera crew, and other gamed officials. Lack of funding for the athletics programs would also mean that the field might not be cleaned and repaired e enough, and this could cause injury to players or fans during games and matches.

In addition to all of the funding problems, athletes receiving payments will pop the door for many other college organizations to petition for money. Various clubs and teams such as the chess team, will expect payment when played against other college sees, for their efforts and their knowledge in their field. His will take even more money from Uneven sits funding and eventually the whole thing will be corrupt and the schools will continue losing money and profits until they are forced to close.

The NCAA does make six billion dollars each yea r, but as soon as all of the other teams and organizations come into play, the NCAA will end up losing or gaining little profit, because there are thousands of colleges in the united States, and all added up will cause profit loss. Whenever the athletes and other organizations are paid, the band must also be paid because they practice just as much and if not more than the football tea m and other college ports. In addition to all of their practice, the band is at every football event ( games, pep rallies, championships, etc.. ). All in all, huge profit loss.

Shaw 5 College athletes should not be paid a salary for their likeness and ability, but maybe the NCAA could make it possible for athletes to receive a stipend upon graduation n which could be a good thing for not only the athletes, but may increase the graduation rate of Universities because the stipend would motivate athletes to complete school. In addition to the sit Penn, the athletes could be allowed to sign and sell autographed memorabilia and in return, the NCAA could receive a royalty, the Universities could receive a percentage, and the Govern meet could tax each item sold.


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