This fermentation allows filmmakers and even moviegoers to identify usual narratives of the film and how the movie Is expected to unfold. Genres” characteristics are also sometimes called conventions or codes. When It comes to action genre films, stunts and fights are commonly expected. In fact, it is said that, “Action film is a genre wherein physical action takes precedence in the storytelling. The film will often have continuous motion and action including physical stunts, chases, fights, battles, and races.

The story usually revolves around a hero that has a goal, but Is facing incredible odds to obtain It (The Script Lab). ” The site, Tripod, also have these to say about the usual conventions of a Hollywood action movie. Page 1 . Usually Involve straightforward story of good guy versus bad guy, where usually the disputes are resolved by physical force. 2. Usually heroes in Hollywood films are patriotic Americans. 3. Bad guys in Hollywood films tend to be drug lords, terrorists or some other sort of criminal rather than a Nazi or a Communist like in the past. . Usually requires big budget special effects and stunt work. 5. Damsel in distress tends to be used but in recent movies female characters have become stronger In action/adventure movies and even work alongside the strong male characters. 6. It is more than likely that a chase scene will feature somewhere in the movie, whether it is by foot, car, boat etc. 7. The good guys always win. In a way, yes. Filipino moviegoers also expect the fights and chases. What basically, then, is the main difference?

Taking a cue from the work of Salary (1989) about action movies in the Philippines, he says that action film in the country usually revolves around societal groups like the family or even the nation. Like its Hollywood counterpart, he also has this to say about action movies in the Philippines: Nag pipelining baking ay sang URI Eng sine an gung swan central nag suntan, bugbear at barilla as passageway at pigtail Eng interests as salary. ” Cover (1989), on the other hand is more dramatic in his definition of what an action film is, saying, “Barilla at abundant nag Panamanian any Eng pipelining baking.

Appear tit pang embanking allay nag knockabout an damming bung Eng page-API, packaging as manufacturing lifespan. ” Ill. The action star named Joseph Stared One of the biggest action stars in Philippine cinema, Joseph Stared was actually named Joseph Marcelo Jericho. He was born on April 10, 1937 in Tendon, Manila to parents Emilio Jericho and Maria Marcelo. He is one of the ten children of Emilio and Maria, who are said to be wealthy landowners. His family later transferred to San Juan, that is why Joseph was able to run as mayor of the town in latter years.

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Among his siblings, he is said to be the only one without a college degree. He went to Atone De Manila University during his secondary years and later on went to Map, he dropped out when he was lured by chubbiness, something his parents did not approve off. Because of this, he was forbidden to use his family name and so, he owned his own name. He changed the Jericho to Stared, which technically means street and also took the nickname of Reap, a play with the word pare. Stared was the founder of the Movie Workers Welfare Foundation, Inc. Unwelcome) in 1974. An organization of film industry people geared to help its members especially during times of need. He is also a prolific politician, having served as a mayor of San Juan for almost twenty years, during which time he was also cited as one of the Ten eventually elected to the highest post in the land in 1998 and was president until he was 2 Outstanding Young Men in the country. He was also a senator, a vice-president and was convicted of plunder in 2001. He was eventually pardoned by Gloria Arroyo in 2007.

He is presently the mayor of the City of Manila. Joseph Stared is married to Dry. Louisa LOL” Jericho with whom he has three children. IV. Rap’s Paleography Stared”s first film was Kangarooed Pilaf, shown in 1954, under the direction of produced around 70 movies in a span of more than 30 years. His film engagements has earned him two Hall of Fame distinctions, one as best actor, and the other as best producer in 1981 and 1984, respectively. He was dubbed s “the Filipino actor of the century (Crisscross 1999).

He has played various roles including that of a driver, guerilla, gangster and labor union leader. V. Films’ Review This part aims to present information and analysis of several Joseph Stared movies. Among the movies that are presented are the following: A. Asking Salon B. Squander Alibis C. Reap is my Guy D. Bag illuming nag Saba Banking Appeal as Tag Eng Pappy Green Bugaboos Film Details: Director: Pablo Santiago Character”s Name: Nicosia Asking” Salon Role: Gang Leader Co-star: Gaga Gomez, Holland Several year: 1961 Genre: Action/Gangster/Bio

The movie dealt with the exploits of an underworld character, Nicosia Salon, better known as Asking Salon, who is both feared and respected. It showed his brushes with the law and how he is said to be a local Robinsons who steals from the rich so that he can share his “loots” with others (especially those who are under his wings). It also presented how he dealt with people who are close to him and how he also used his smart ways to get what he wants. In the end, his mom”s admonition proved fatally true. Genre: Action/Biography Director: Augusto Buenaventura Character”s Name: Corsair Marring

Role: Hug Leader Co-star: Pearl Battista year: 1980 The movie tells the story of Corsair Marring, more popularly known as Squander Alibis of Tarmac, a Hug leader during the Japanese time. Alibis took up arms himself to mete out Justice to people he considers to be oppressors of the poor and without power. During the course of his armed struggle, he has earned the respect of people and the ire of opponents, the most lethal of which is Assuming, who planned his death through paid mercenaries. The story unfolded through the use of flashback/back story Character”s Name: Nick/Reap/Asking

Role: Brother/”Businessman” Co-star: Nora Manor year: 1973 4 Genre: Action/Comedy Reap is my Guy is about the sibling love between Asking/Nick/Reap and Guy/Loggia. They were separated when Asking decided to leave when Guy was Just five years old. He came back to their town but Guy did not recognize him and he learned that Guy hates her brother. This made him hide his real identity from Guy and instead tried to take care of Guy in the guise of a friend. He had to go back to the city and this broke Guy”s heart so she also decided to go to the city to try her luck. Nick was able to let is wealth because of his opponents.

Guy, on the other hand, was also helped by Proof. Nominal, a music teacher, to hone her singing prowess while Reap tried to earn the trust of the biggest entertainment producer to give Guy a break. They succeeded when Guy was able to amaze him. Nick was also able to break the gang of his and the producer”s opponent. D. Bag Illuming nag Saba 0 Genre: Action/Comedy 0 Director: Cesar Gaylord 0 Character”s Name: Joe Nazarene 0 Role: garbage truck driver 0 Co-star: Nadia Blanch O year: 1976 The movie is about a simple garbage truck driver named Joe Nazarene, a tutor named Airing and a little boy named Bamboo.

It shows how Joe is proud of his work and has a lot of dignity especially when Mr.. Noble offered him money for the return of Mr.. Noble”s son. It also presents that Joe is willing to help others and he was shown as someone great with a kid and is also a woman”s man when he tried courting Airing. The movie also manifests how love doses”t look on a person”s work but 5 rather on how he does his work with dignity. E. Banking Appeal as Tag Eng Pappy Genre: Action/Drama Director: Edgar Rexes Character”s Name: Paul Corpus Co-star: Learns Meringue ear: 1984 The movie revolved around the plight of the oppressed workers in a textile factory.

Paul Corpus (Stared) became their leader when they decided to form a union and do a strike when the management failed to meet their demands. Due to the hardships the members of the union were facing because they cannot earn anymore, many of them decided leave the picket line. Paul, on the other hand, was offered money by the management so that he will leave the workers, too. Instead, he distributed the money among the workers and used the rest to finance the strike. This earned the ire f the management so they plotted his death. He was killed one night when he was on his way home.

The workers pledged to continue what they started during his wake. F. Green Bugaboos Director: Cesar Gaylord Character”s Name: Green Role: Bataan Quip, stevedore Co-star: Amelia llano year: 1964 dignified and would not stoop to doing wrongdoings even if he has the capacity to get away with it. He is considered a protector and defender of the weak. He was framed because of Deign, his friend with whom he had a falling out with. He tried to hunt remaining members of the syndicate. There law enforcers also arrived in the scene of the fight and apprehended the 6 those who did this but was instead hunted.

In the end, he figured in a gunfight and VI. Films thematic approaches Joseph Stared”s films that are part of this analysis exhibit several similar running themes. These themes, when analyzed will also show how these might have affected how the masses saw Joseph Stared in relation to their own situation. One clear theme among the movies is the value of family and familial relationships. In Asking Salon, for example, despite him being considered a gangster, he always took care f his family and seems to show how much he loves them. The same thing is true in the movie Green Bugaboos.

Although he does not actually have a family in the story, he took care of the kid as if it was his own child or brother. In Squander Alibis, his love for his family eventually made him decide to surrender, although he did not have the chance to do that since he was killed before he can even do so. Aside from the love of family, Reap”s movies also show that there is dignity in poverty. In most of the movies, this theme was also shown. This was very evident in the movies Green Bugaboos and Bag Illuming nag Saba. One other important theme among his movies is that the poor are weak and powerless in the face of the ruling class.

This can be gleaned from the movie Banking Appeal as Tag Eng Pappy and Green Bugaboos. This was especially evident when Paul was not accepted in the hospital when he was gunned down. On the other hand, the idea that hard work pays off is also in his movies. This is shown in Reap is my Guy and Bag Illuming nag Saba. While, the thought of using violence will almost always bring the one who use it to ruin. This was clearly depicted in Asking Salon, Green Bugaboos and Squander Alibis. VI’. Film Styles Various film styles were used in the movies. In several films, the approach was realistic.

This can be seen in the movies Green Bugaboos, Squander Alibis and Asking Salon. The movie Banking Appeal is reflective of the time”s situation, is it 7 the portrayals were also realistic. Meanwhile, Reap is my Guy and Bag Illuming nag Saba are examples of slapstick comedy in some parts, especially in the scenes with the Bert Taw Marcelo and musical in the others. VIII. Film Elements Stared probably deserves his acting awards, because although he has the tendency o overact in some scenes, he comes out convincing in his portrayals of the different characters that he has played.

Music has been effectively utilized in his films, especially in the movie Squander Alibis, where a seemingly benign song becomes a very haunting melody. In all of the films, music was utilized either as background or as part of the story, itself. Both ways proved to be effective in setting the mood of the movies. In terms of cinematography, the choices of location were also effective, as well as, the shots that were employed. In the more dramatic movies, like Banking Appeal and Squander Alibis, the scenes were quite dark. These add to the mood of the films, too.

The choice of shot and locations were also relevant to the stories that were unfolding. Directing-wise, I believe the ones at the helm were able to do Justice to the films as I felt that the films were effective in establishing the mood and the stories. Even the comedy were quite believable. The directors were also able to get the meat out of the actors” acting prowess. ‘X. Action in Rap’s Films and Reap in his Actions If the roles of Reap in his films are to be analyses visas-Г¤-visas the narratives of Filipino action films, it can be said that he was, in a way, successful. An attempt was made to show the plight of the masses in his films.

Similar to Salary”s take that action films are supposed to be reflective of the national consciousness, the films tried to show what is supposed to be happening to the poor and marginalia, for example, in the movie Banking Appeal as Tag Eng Pappy. It also tried to show how the people tried to change their situations. In the end, “Nag pipelining baking kayak diminuendo Eng Tao ay Delilah as salamis Eng bubby an tasting millenarian Eng MGM ‘to (Cover 1989). ” Forever, it was still hanging. This observation may be right. But although these movies mirror their situation, that is all there is to it.

The movies provide escape, yes, but not solutions. “Piano action heroes are victims of injustice, champions of the masses, Christ figures who willingly lay down their lives for the good of the community (Sotto 1989). ” This sentence reflects how Stared was positioned exactly in relation to the moviegoers public, especially the masses – he is their champion. Again, he may have embodied the aspirations of the poor and the oppressed, of the masses, but looking ND understanding the movies closely, it will be noticed that although he fights against the oppressors, there is no “action” that is presented to really get out of the situation.

While it is admirable to feel dignity about one”s work no matter what it is, what is shown is a character who is contented to stay where he is, with the argument that it is dignified and that it is okay to be contented. The status quo is not challenged, and instead of empowering the masses, they are merely given dole-outs of escapes. It would have been more change-inspiring and productive and practical if he “liberator” or the champion of the masses, can create other liberators and other champions.


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