In the Movie “Sicko” i was enlightened on what’s actually wrong with our US healthcare system. Michael Moore had a lot of criticism towards our system of healthcare. He stated and proved how our healthcare system just doesn’t work. It is bad for both Physicians and patients alike. He showed how people get denied health care and turned away like they are worthless. It was very moving. The US healthcare system looked so ineffective compared to the countries he outlined in the documentary. These countries he compared to our healthcare were England, France, and Cuba.

The saddest thing to see is a person turned down of health coverage because of insurance. increases subs Read more: ht Obama’s Healthcare plan to get rid of our healthcare problems is simple yet effective. He wants to increase affordability by increasing subsidies for middle income families that buy their own insurance on the open market. He also wants to increase federal insurance regulation with a new federal health insurance regulatory board that will review rate increases and block those who it deems unjustified. He also wants to increase medicaid funding for all states.

Give extra to the states that have already expanded their Medicaid programs, even without federal prompting. He wants to also impose fees on individuals and employers who go without insurance which would strengthen the individual mandate for those who opt not to buy insurance, and he wants to close the doughnut hole by closing the Medicare drug benefit “doughnut hole” completely by 2020. This would be paid for by an additional 10 billion in fees from drug companies. The drug corporations would hate that law. Countries Canada Canada has Universal Healthcare and Canadians are completely content with it.

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They were so adapted to the idea of all equal healthcare that the fact he even brought up paying made them laugh. Canadians live 3 years longer than us. France England’s Universal Healthcare is just as good as Canada’s. Instead of the hospital charging patients for the stay, they actually reimburse patients for travel costs. Doctors in England do well for themselves which proves that physicians do not suffer for Universal healthcare. England France’s Universal Care is amazing as well. Premiums do not matter to the French Health organizations.

Their motto is “ You pay according to your means and you receive according to your needs. ” This idea is not socialism, its humane. Cuba Cuba has been portrayed to us as an evil socialist dictator run country, but in the aspect of healthcare there miles ahead of us. Cuba has one of the best healthcare systems. They are one of the most generous countries in providing doctors and medical equipment to third world countries. Cubans have a lower infant mortality rate and a longer lifespan than us. Comments Stanley Mathew Alternative Health Care


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