Film is a series of still pictures that tells a story. Film incorporates a lot of elements such as drama, movement, visual art, and etc. A lot of things could be seen in a film but one of the best points of film is that it tells a story. But making a film is not Just storytelling. You have to mind other elements such as cinematography, lighting, editing, location and etc. To make a film. Every single detail in the film should be well thought of. It is one way of letting the audience feel; they are seeing a real situation from another perspective.

Pulaski said that “cinema should make you forget you are tinting in a theatre” (as cited in Irving, 2010, p. 3). In this way, the film you are watching gives you a different kind of experience. It becomes a Journey. According to Rancher (1957), he said that “motion picture tends to satisfy the desire for faithful reports about curious, characteristic, exciting things going on in this world of ours”(p. 34). It meaner that film has the power to capture moments or events that happens in our daily lives. The sensation it gives, satisfies the thing we look for in entertainment.

That is why watching movies or film became a part of our leisure activities. It entertains us. In line with this, Phillips (1999) stated that “no one questions the entertainment value of movies: the proof is in the huge number of people who watch them” (p. 2). This proves that people have patronize film ever since because of its entertainment value. The Joy it gives to people. But film is not only for entertainment and commercial value. It also has other benefits and uses. Films or movies could be a medium for delivering messages to the people: “The movie or film has a great potential for messages to the people.

It can impart discipline, mold citizenry, and provide inspiration. It can implant in the hearts of people basic values such as honesty and integrity, godliness, filial love and respect, consideration for others and love of country'(Andrea, 1987, p. Xiv). Film or movies is a powerful tool because it uses your sense of hearing and sight. People will have an easier time understanding the message the filmmakers trying to portray. And also according to Phillips (1999) “films can help us understand different places, people, and culture – whether in a foreign country or in an obscure region of one’s own country’ (p. ). In films, we could see and learn different cultures and discover things we haven’t about it. Phillips (1999) also noted that these accounts might not be reliable but, it helps us to get a glimpse of their culture (p. 3). When we are able to get messages and learn their culture, we tend to feel something toward it. We are overwhelmed by the feeling of it. There are movies which stand out because of this. Their way of reaching out and connecting to their audience makes these movies, a good film. Film or movies become great if they have impact on us. The stories that they shared to us, made us feel something.

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It depends on the person what that is. But it is probably the reason why they affected us. The way the movie was made, the cinematography, the acting, and the work of production are added to strengthen the impact of the film to the viewers. Examples of these movies are Citizen Kane (1941) by Arson Wells, T tamer (1972) by Francis Ford Copula, and The Shawano Redemption (1994) by Frank Dartboard. These movies were listed in American Film Institute’s 100 America’s Most Inspiring Movies. These movies has inspired generations of filmmakers to create movies like these. It might not be the same for people why these movies are great.

But what is sure that these movies meant something to people. Whether people are astounded because of the story, the effects or the acting, it made an impact to them. Even though, these movies were created way back. According to Tom Shark (201 1), President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, he said in an interview that “what makes a great film is that it stands the test of time… That you can look at it years later, and still enjoy it”. So, even these movies were created in the ass or ass, people still enjoy these movies. Film could be anything to people. The power of the movies to connect and to entertain is astounding.

Though, a lot of people look at it as fortune and fame. It is a form of expression and an art. As the character of Georges M©lie©s, played by Sir Ben Kinsley, in the movie Hugo said “if you’ve ever wondered where your dreams come from, you look around… This is where they’re made”


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