A alteration in Australian policy has led to alterations for Silvertail which includes revising the staffing demands and demands. The top hierarchy was replaced by staff caput hunted from USA. the new board decided to reconstitute Silvertail’s direction such as big size retrenchment and closing of regional installations. This led to rebranding to stand for fresh. modernisation and mark market shifted towards under 30 twelvemonth olds. This determination has imposed a job towards the SIlvertail’s cabin crew. Silvertail’s Director of Recruitment. Sam Milroy has turned to a Management Consultant. Bobbi Stephen to discourse the issues sing their staffing issues.

The adviser attack towards this issue was biased towards the being of the older workers. Alternatively of working on the job. he chose to extinguish the job by utilizing rearward psychological science such as punishing their inducements such as downgrading their adjustment such as from five stars to three stars.

The purpose of the company was to re-structure the air hose without seting their promotion at hazard. The demand to engage younger staffs to be in line with the new image became important for Silvertail. The bing pool of older crews suffered enormous effect such as benefits and privileges was reduced and long draw flights were to be made compulsory to restrict their clip for ‘family commitment’

The issue high spot was chiefly due to the bing staffing which includes old cabin crew which did non suit in their image without recognizing that older workers are prevailing in the comapy. Based on Rosen and Jerdee 1988. directors have negative positions despite their existent public presentation. Conversely. it is important to prolong these experience workers.

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Furthermore. the older workers may non be educationally inclined. the adviser suggested filtrating the workers based on the makings. Hence enlisting and preparation for cabin crew was suggested to be more rigorous. Minimal making for cabin crew was decided to be a degree holder whereby the air hose would willingly off instruction benefits with regard to this demand. However the air hose made if practically impossible to let cabin crew to finish their class of survey within five old ages while functioning the company. The airline’s internal competence demands were be physically disputing for the older cabin crew as it will be much tougher and physical. Promotion of younger staffs used as one of the scheme to extinguish the older workers as it will make emotional tenseness between the workers.

The Silvertail direction did non take careful consideration to happen the best solution to increase their productiveness and keeping of best employers. Failure to acknowledge the experient workers deserving. might take to failure of the new rebranding attempts. The issues were non recognizing that younger workers will besides intend deficiency of experience compared to the older 1s particularly in footings of good client service. This would besides cut down bing staff motive in the hereafter for the air hose.

Another issue is re-engineering which wholly disregard all the premises and traditions of the manner concern has ever been done. and alternatively develop a new. process-centred concern administration that achieves a large betterment in public presentation ( Hammer & A ; Champy. 2000 ) .

The solutions for above mentioned issues are. First for the organisational construction of downsizing. the appropriate scheme should be to clear up the organization’s scheme such Silvertail demand to pass on with their staff-what. why. how ( Waddel et al. 2007 ) SIlvertail demand to measure retrenchment options where they should see other options such as systemic or organisation design before sing workfoce decrease ( Waddel et al. 2007 ) . Execution of alterations should be consistent with Silvertail’s scheme across the whole organisation ( Hornstein. 2009 ) .


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