Question 2

From a selling position, discourse FIVE ( 5 ) factors that have contributed to the success of Singapore Airlines.

The history of Singapore Airlines ( SIA ) can be traced back to May 1947 that Malayan Airways operated its first commercial flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang. The air hose has changed its name to Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines – Singapore Airlines ( MSA ) in 1963 and 1966. In 1972, the co-operation between the Government of Malaysia and Singapore was ruptured, so at that clip co-operation must halt, it besides split into two companies: Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines. Singapore Airlines is a Singapore state-owned air hose, IATA abbreviated as SQ. Singapore Airlines to Singapore Changi Airport as a base, the chief operating international air hoses. The company is a member of Star Alliance. From a selling position, we should cognize what sort of factors does the Singapore Airlines to be success. So after this we should discourse five factors that have contributed to the success of Singapore Airlines. And the five factors are employment, merchandise, topographic point, monetary value and rival. ( Wikipedia,2010 )

The first factor is people. The people besides can be call endowment in this. “People are really of import to the capital, but merely the endowments are the most of import capital.” Behind human resource direction in the SIA, there are five reciprocally reenforcing elements, there are purely selection and enlisting of staff, to put to a great extent in employee preparation and retraining plans, build successful service squad, authorized by front-line staff and staff motive.

Singapore Airlines all members must be “people who can appreciate the feelings of others“ , after the interview, merely approximately 4 % of the campaigners will be hired. Singapore Airlines wage more attending to the preparation of front-line staff for any other air hose. The freshly airhostess must to have 4 months of intensive preparation, when the pilots are allowed to take off and set down operations, it must be having about 29 months of comprehensive preparation, that is the strongest, most comprehensive procedure in air power industry.

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When we talk about the SIA staff, people will besides rapidly think the “Singapore air hose stewardess” image would of course come to mind. Excellent client service is one component of the success of Singapore Airlines. The flight attender image of Singapore Airlines is about the trade name image of Singapore Airlines. SIA ‘s trade name personality is the personality of its male and female crew members integrated. In Singapore Airlines flight attender, that is frequently said that the most celebrated is air hose air hostess. ( Wikipedia,2010 )

“Singapore air hose stewardess” scheme is a really airy thought, about fabulous aura around the Singapore air hose air hostess ; she has become a symbol of a really successful trade name. “Singapore air hose stewardess” on behalf of Asiatic values and cordial reception, she was sort, warm, gentle, and elegant. It is the Singapore Airlines service quality, committedness and outstanding public presentation of the perfect homo. “Singapore air hose stewardess” image so successful that in 1994 as the first commercial people on show in London ‘s Madame Tussauds.

The 2nd is the merchandise. In the merchandises, the first thing that attracts people ‘s attending is the flight attender uniforms. Singapore Airlines has employed French haute couture interior decorator Pierre Balmain for the air hostess designed a alone Baya Malay sarong can be as a air hostess uniform vesture, this vesture non merely has become a Singapore Airlines was the most celebrated corporate logo, but besides Singapore Airlines trade name experience in a alone ocular experience. ( Wikipedia,2010 )

Second, the merchandise is a repast on the flight. Singapore Airlines is the universes merely set up consultative organic structure specifically to work out the flight repast design and quality of repasts. Singapore Airlines International Culinary Panel was established in 1998, Singapore Airlines flight on an international culinary art cooked by the squad through a assortment of cooking methods designed for the air hose riders, made a assortment of gourmet cookery. Its members are all over the universe well-known chef, has come from France, India, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Australia and other topographic points of the world-class chef. In add-on, the Singapore Airlines First and Business Class riders can before 24 hours when you departure to bask “Book the Cook” services, from the specified bill of fare to choose nutrient, dishes in flight different to the normal bill of fare in order to run into the different gustatory sensations of riders.

As mentioned above, a assortment of cabin can bask a different culinary art, under the Singapore Airlines have to state, another of import merchandise – the cabin. Singapore Airlines divided into 3 classs. The first is economic system category. Singapore Airlines economic system category for all aeroplanes has equipped with personal telecasting, place width 19 inches, 32 inches from the place. In add-on merely without to A340-500, the other Singapore Airlines aeroplanes are equipped with economic system category. Executive Economy Class place width 20 inches, 37 inches from the place equipped with 9-inch personal Television screen. With the Singapore Airlines A340-500 all economic system category alternatively of the executive concern category, Singapore Airlines Executive Economy Class will be out of the Singapore Airlines. Following is the concern category. Singapore Airlines aeroplane are equipped with all the concern category, utilize 1-2-1 or 2-3-2 are arranged, equipped with personal Televisions and seats up to 34 inches in breadth. The concluding is first category. Singapore Airlines has some first category for long-range aeroplane equipped with personal Televisions and seats up to 35 inches in breadth. For different rider demands and set up the different classs of cabin, different classs, of class, have different service undertakings to run into the particular demands of riders. ( Wikipedia,2010 )

The 3rd one is topographic point. In 1965, when Singapore comes out to Malaysia to an independent state, Singapore Airlines besides separated to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines was the same as in this state can non see any hope, Malaysia Airlines rivals laughed stating: “building the airdrome into the sea.” As a city state, Singapore has no domestic air hose, so at the first they must to extension international flights – to Australia, North America and other ways in Asia, they must competition for market portion to strong rivals.

Singapore Airlines base on the Changi International Airport, because Singapore is a city-state, so the chief operating international air hoses. Owns more than 20 subordinate companies, concern range covers the full aviation-related concerns, from air lading to kitchen, from luggage managing operation to the engine care. Singapore Airlines Cargo Singapore Airlines and its subordinate companies and regional air-SilkAir company, together with cargo and rider air hoses web covers North America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, West Asia and Africa. Its air hoses web covers more than 40 states and more than 100 finishs. In Southeast Asia, East and South Asia has a strong air hoses web and busy the “kangaroo airlines” a portion of the market. In add-on, Singapore Airlines trans-Pacific flights of concern, including the A340-500 to run the universes longest in Singapore – New York direct flights. The market throughout the universe, covering more country of the market, the greater the net incomes it will be. ( Wikipedia,2010 )

The Forth one is monetary value. Singapore Airlines has been the universe ‘s most profitable air hoses, in order to manner tendencies and industry usher of the image of the Challenger is known in the industry. Singapore Airlines is still a moneymaking concern, one of import ground is that it is high quality while keeping cost control to really low. Not any in the international market and a strong rival to vie, but besides to keep the low-priced operating methods, so this is the quandary faced by Singapore Airlines at that clip. From the beginning, Singapore Airlines was forced to ship on a different theoretical account of development – both low-priced operation and high client satisfaction, and the ensuing high-yield in order to keep the company ‘s high-velocity operation. Singapore flights are non really inexpensive monetary value, but due to be control instead low, so the comparative net incomes increased.

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