Singapore is an island state located in Southeast Asia, it ‘s besides one of the universe ‘s richest states, the rapid economic development of the developed states, but besides as one of the of import fiscal, service and transportation centre in Asia. Singapore as the 4th largest international fiscal centre, one time known as one of the four Asiatic firedrakes Singapore, its industry is the taking force for economic development, it has besides become the universe ‘s 3rd largest oil refinement state ; recent old ages, Singapore ‘s touristry industry The rapid development of virtuousness seasonal clime in Southeast Asia such as the spring, and the universe celebrated clean state, enjoy the “ Garden City ” repute. ( Planet 2012 ) .

In the high-velocity development of the planetary economic system today, the involvement of a soft topographic point for the travel, touristry has become one of the most popular industry, the Singapore touristry development frontward to a large measure, because it has two IR now, the first legal Casino Singapore Resort World Casino do concern officially on February 15, 2010, it is made up of Malaysia genting limited cost 6.59 billion Singapore dollars of “ Sentosa Resort World ” , it has besides become the first IR in Singapore ; another IR Marina Bay Sands, it is developed by Las Vegas Sands corporation in the United States, the independent Casino edifices, it known as the most expensive in the universe is besides a landmark edifice in Singapore and sightseeing of import attractive forces, the whole undertaking took four old ages and a cost of 8 billion Singapore dollars, it was officially opened on June 23, 2010. Singapore opened a dust-covered 40-year prohibition of gaming, the determination to allow the whole universe was shocked. At the same clip, a voice of support, will besides hold the voice of the resistance, many people have questioned, why Singapore authorities allowed in the casino? Opening casinos will convey impact and injury to Singaporeans and societal? IR is contributing to assisting the development of local touristry, around in Singapore, such as Malaysia, Macau and Vietnam all have their ain IR, IR has besides become the hottest played an of import function in the touristry industry fight, Singapore as a celebrated tourer states, IR non merely can assist to drive the development of the touristry industry, but besides make them hold fight and advantage. Singapore authorities set up two IR non merely to great attempts to develop the touristry industry in Singapore, but besides Singapore ‘s domestic economic system and employment are besides really utile, of class, the economic benefits are clearly the chief motivation of the creative activity of the IR ; In add-on, it has no IR before in Singapore, many Singaporeans use as a vacation thrust to Malaysia Genting Casino for gaming, which is no manner the control of the authorities in Singapore, there are some illegal gaming and sail ship to chance on the high seas, which is a batch of Singaporeans frequently patronize, so that the transition of clip a batch of capital escapes, harmonizing to relevant statistics, Singapore each twelvemonth due to chancing lost to abroad and belowground casino chancing money over 2 billion Singapore dollars, which is a factor of the Singapore authorities is sing opening casinos. ( Eveland 2011 ) .

Through these informations and the existent state of affairs, the authorities realized that even if you do n’t open the casino and gamble for Singapore and caused by the societal influence still exists. Singapore authorities to let the creative activity of IR is non a caprice, it can be said to be a long clip to do the determination after careful consideration, of class, set up the rating of the advantages and disadvantages of IR is besides after repeated, in fact, the Singapore authorities has already realized in IR will convey societal jobs, the authorities established the National Council for the bar of gaming, and introduced a figure of steps to forestall, lasting occupants of Singapore and Singaporeans, they need to pay 100 Singapore dollars a twenty-four hours ticket to come in the casino. ( Chong 2010 ) .

It ‘s regarded as male parent of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew, who had firmly statement: Singapore is opening a casino, unless “ across my organic structure ” . After a oversight of 40 old ages, it has been take a firm standing resistance to open the casino male parent agreed with Mr Lee Kuan Yew, apparently set up IR may be Singapore ‘s most contrary to the rule, but with the development of the planetary economic system, and the development tendency of planetary touristry industry. If continue to be conservative, may be the national touristry industry backwards, and economic development will be affected, so it is imperative under the state of affairs of the Singapore authorities support in casino have ground. ( Sginsight 2012 ) .

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The first IR, Resorts World Sentosa, covering a entire country of 490,000 square metres, it has the universe ‘s largest Marine life park, Universal Studios, ESPA and Casino. Harmonizing to statistics, the figure of visitants are more than 15 million people in 2010. ( White and Emmons 2011 ) . Another IR, Marina Bay Sands occupies a entire country of 200,000 square metres, it is deserving mentioning is its exterior design, the edifice group by the Canadian design guru of Israel, Moshe Sadfie design, mold is really fresh alone edifices made up of three 55-storey chief edifice, the roof designed as a ship big sky garden, located on the 57 floor sky garden is the coronating touch to the whole edifice, 340 metres long, can suit up to 3,900 visitants green cover an country of 12,400 square metres ; the whole edifice about 200 metres, IR equipped with 2561 suites, 250 deluxe suites, a big commercial centre, a conference edifice, two theatres, a museum of ultra-modernism and casino. ( Safdie 2012 ) . Harmonizing to statistics released by the Singapore Tourism Board, after the two IR to the full unfastened for concern in 2010, the one-year sum of inward tourers reached 11.6 million, 20 % higher compared to 2009. At the same clip, the touristry income reached 11.8 billion Singapore dollars, it had hit a record high in history ; tourist hotel in Singapore, entire gross reached 1.9 billion Singapore dollars in 2010, a growing rate of 21.8 % . The mean tenancy rate of 86 % , 9.8 % higher compared to 2009. ( Surhone and Timpledon 2010 ) . Singapore ‘s GDP growing reached 14.7 % in 2010, the highest rate of addition since the independency of Singapore, and the two IR drawing consequence of which has been recognized by all parties. ( Wilson 2011 ) .

It is deserving adverting is that we can non merely see the benefits of the development of the IR, at the same clip, there are some negative impact on society ; rely on a big figure of foreign workers in Singapore, the Chinese portion of the entire figure of foreign workers in Singapore 80 % ; IR led the development of the development of economic system, at the same clip, it besides increased the demand for foreign workers in Singapore, Singapore ‘s resident population is besides turning, so that it will do traffic jams and herding phenomenon, many Singaporeans will kick and ailments, such as in on the forenoon and eventide extremum periods, people ride the Bus and MRT a batch of traffic and congestion ; some Chinese do n’t stay by the regulations when waiting for Bus and MRT, They do n’t stand in the designated topographic point and non queued to wait for the coach and train, this will give the other riders to do problem ; ( Hui and Wai 2010 ) . On the other manus, in the past two old ages, house monetary values rose really high in Singapore, a batch of affluent Chinese to purchase a condo in Singapore a individual to purchase a batch of flats as an investing, so this will set a really high monetary value guess ; last portion, there are some Singaporeans are addicted to chancing, their full household nest eggs chancing lost, and borrow vigorish and bank history ; ( News 2012 ) . Singapore Government to amend the Casino Control Act on July 1, 2012, the limited economic conditions is non good figure of people to come in the Casino in Singapore. The Act besides requires two IR must the sustainable development of the non-gambling installations, in order to guarantee that the part to the touristry industry ; once insolvent and accept subsidies are non allowed to come in the casino, expanded to accept the short-and medium-term aid under the Community Care Project and default people rent for more than half a twelvemonth, and non allowed to come in the casino, the forbidden figure increased to more than 40,000 from the original 28,000. ( Ibctong 2012 ) . Each state has its ain civilization and imposts, particularly as Singapore is a multiethnic state, the IR can non merely assist the high velocity of touristry development and the state ‘s rapid economic development, societal jobs that can non be ignored besides need to concentrate on.

The Republic of Panama, itaa‚¬E?s located in the most southern portion of the state in Central America, Panama is a multiethnic state, the land country of 75,517 square kilometres and a population of 5.1 million ; I believe that the Panama Canal will hold found it unusual, it ‘s a world-famous Canal arterias, linking the Atlantic and the Pacific, it has an of import strategic place, exactly because of its of import geographical location, the focal point of the Panamanian economic system is the service industry, finance, trade and touristry, the Panama Canal bear 5 % of the universe ‘s trade and conveyance, It has 15 ports, traveling back and forth every twenty-four hours a batch of business communities and tourers, so the touristry industry is one of the of import economic pillar of Panama, the Panama Canal, the Bridge of the Americas, and known as the pearl island Kunta DORA, they are celebrated international tourer finish, the authorities besides attaches great importance to touristry industry investing, Panama ‘s gambling industry is besides world-famous and really successful, each twelvemonth more than 700 million USD to make net incomes, the IR development non merely impact their touristry industry, but besides the state of Panama ‘s economic development besides play a cardinal function, so it can be said IR development is indispensable and do non contemn in Panama. ( McCarthy 2010 ) .

After the impact of the planetary fiscal crisis, the planetary economic state of affairs is non really roar, Panama is no exclusion, it is besides affected, but the gambling industry is booming, Panama bet oning Supervisory Board Chairman Giselle Brea said, growing of the gambling industry, in add-on to factors the addition in foreign tourers, the economic downswing, people are willing to travel to the casino to seek their fortune in order to work out their personal fiscal troubles of their ain people, which is an of import ground. Bet oning Industry Report of the Supervisory Board, Panama across the state a sum of 18 IR provide at least 3,500 occupations for local people. Harmonizing to the information of the the Panama Gaming Industry Authority, the entire gross of the gambling industry up to 1,031 billion USD in 2011, 74 % from the slot machines, 26 % from table games ; Panama bet oning industry gross in the first half of 2012 amounted 600 billion USD, an addition of 9 % compared with the same period in 2011. The Game Operators Association said, monthly casino net incomes growing of 15.9 % , the authorities levied a revenue enhancement of 10 % of the net income from the casino ; in the past 10 old ages, panama bet oning industry for the authorities to convey a entire gross over 1.6 billion USD, which played a really of import function in hiking the national economic system of Panama ; harmonizing to panama INEC informations, Panama ‘s GDP reached 23.25 billion USD in 2011, an addition of 10.6 % from 2010. ( Mofcom 2012 ) . Panama bet oning Supervisory Board Chairman Giselle Brea said, Bet oning net incomes donated to the Red Cross every bit good as the battle against chancing association, and modulate casinos are particular parts. Government in order to better command the gambling industry, nor alterations in the Torahs, in order to do the benign development of the gambling industry, and to command societal jobs caused by chancing. ( Schreck 2007 ) .

There are some really celebrated IR in Panama City, such as the Caesar Park Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, El Salvador and the Veneto – A Wyndham Grand Hotel & A ; Casino, etc. Veneto – A Wyndham Grand Hotel & A ; Casino opened in 2011, it is a reasonably new IR, it is located in the fiscal territory of Panama City, the cardinal country of the Spanish Villa, near the Tocumen airdrome, the transit is really convenient, within the hotel with shopping centre, SPA, nightclubs, and casinos and other amusement installations. Veneto Casino is the largest casino in Panama City, covers an country of 40,000 square pess, it has a Las Vegas-style gaming installations, 600 slot machines and 55 table games. Some people will oppugn why this IR want to open in such a competitory topographic point to make? Veneto – A Wyndham Grand Hotel & A ; Casino ‘s president said, foremost that he was confident to bet oning industry in Panama, and the chances is optimistic, took a illusion to the geographic location of the premier locations, because the new IR offers epicurean comfortss and the largest casino of Panama City.Reception of visitants to more than 300 million people in 2011, the one-year net income of 27 million USD, through these informations to turn out the Veneto – A Wyndham Grand decease & A ; Casino have adequate fight to put a batch of IR in Panama City. Veneto – A Wyndham Grand Hotel & A ; Casino birth non merely to touristry and economic growing to assist, but besides help work out portion of the job of employment. ( Venetopanama 2012 ) . Harmonizing to the National Bureau of Statistics of Panama, the unemployment rate fell to 4.5 % in 2011, the lowest degree in 40 old ages ; there are 241.9 million tourer reachings in Panama in 2011, an addition of 16 % compared to 2010, tourer disbursement was1.93 billion USD, increase 250 million USD compared to last twelvemonth. ( INEC 2012 ) .

IR development is of import to economic growing and the development of touristry industry, but it ‘s in the involvements of the rich at the same clip, some jobs can non be ignored, it comes like a Marxist doctrine that aa‚¬A“everything has two sidesaa‚¬A? . ( Balibar 1995 ) . See the benefits at the same clip, it should be noted that its drawbacks, and how to equilibrate the pros and cons, which requires operators to jointly shoulder the duty of the Government of Panama and IR, they need to be responsible for the invitees, at the same clip, the authorities will be responsible for these investors. The casino of IR is one of the chief pillars of the income of the full IR ; how to pull off the gambling industry, its healthy development, the authorities has set up the Gaming Industry Supervisory Board, that to supervise and pull off these Casino strict control of the Casino internal loan-sharking, illegal to invitees malignant stimulate invitees to prosecute in chancing activities, if it is being investigated, Casino will accept a immense mulct, if the terrible licence may be revoked ; On the other manus, the authorities has set up a confrontation chancing Association, that to command and steer the figure of pathological gamblers ; Government recommended that these IR multi set up some other amusement installations, such as subject Parkss ; authorities Torahs under the age of 18 can non come in the casino, the Government attaches great importance to immature people ‘s values and degree of instruction. In add-on, the authorities should besides take into history the point of position of the development of the IR and investors because foreign investing in Panama introduced each twelvemonth to about 3 billion USD, the authorities attaches great importance to touristry industry investing, such as authorities attempts to better touristry Panama Canal is located in the narrowest point of the Isthmus of Panama 1.6 million metres shorten the ocean trip between the Pacific and Atlantic Canadian lake, the canal is the universe ‘s largest unreal lake ; On the other manus, the authorities investing in advertisement to better the visibleness of Panama, in order to pull more foreign tourers ; better the visibleness and repute of Panama, and increased traffic, granted to the development of the IR provided support and aid. ( IMF 2007 ) .

Veneto – A Wyndham Grand Hotel & A ; Casino as the new IR in Panama City, earn money at the same clip, it must take into history the demands and concerns of the invitees, at the same clip, a duty to carry through their invitees, such as some abroad visitants to take Veneto – A Wyndham Grand Hotel & A ; Casino, they win a batch of money in casino, if the guest win more than 100 1000 USD, Veneto – A Wyndham Grand Hotel & A ; Casino provides free protection services, responsible for personal safety and belongings safety of the invitees, so invitees will experience the attention, and the Veneto – A Wyndham Grand Hotel & A ; Casino is more confident, willing to take it once more. On the other manus, IR as a corporate should take up corporate societal duty, such as, Veneto – A Wyndham Grand Hotel & A ; Casino took out the IR 1 % of the one-year income of return to the society, and donated to the Red Cross, nursing place and orphanhoods. ( Wyndham 2012 ) .

At present, the demand and development of touristry should non be underestimated, the development of IR has played a catalytic function in the development of the touristry industry, so the development of the IR is indispensable and of import. There is no IR in some states, because the jurisprudence does non let gaming ; Some topographic points are ready to set up IR, such as Taiwan, Sanya ; In Panama, where the IR has been the history of a really long period of clip, they need to see is the sustainable development of IRA?A?A’and can non be wholly confined to the casino, although the casino is the most of import pillar of the income of the full IR ; ( Butterman 2010 ) . Veneto – A Wyndham Grand Hotel & A ; Casino to sustainable development in the hereafter, although the casino is their advantage, it has advanced machine equipment, and Panama City ‘s largest casino, but in order to be able to go on the development, they should add some other amusement installations, such as subject Parkss, etc. ; IR as a service industry, it is necessary to optimise their ain services to supply better quality and attentive service for invitees ; There is a really of import thing is that they jointly with the authorities of Panama to form an international event, they plan to Veneto – A Wyndham Grand Hotel & A ; Casino ‘s Convention Center will be held May 8 & A ; 9 2013 forming Panama SAGSE ( South American Gaming Suppliers Expo ) ; ( BMT 2008 ) . Veneto – A Wyndham Grand Hotel & A ; Casino has the luxury of the Convention and Exhibition Centre, and can supply a locale and catering services ; On the other manus, it can better the hotel ‘s visibleness in the international, and pull a batch of invitees to exhibitioners. In 2009 and 2010, Panama SAGSE held a really successful, big slot machines and casinos to take part in the exhibition, supply of natural stuffs makers, they come from Europe, Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico. SAGSE will be held one time a twelvemonth, the success of this organized in Veneto – A Wyndham Grand Hotel & A ; Casino, Veneto – A Wyndham Grand Hotel & A ; Casino will be held the SAGSE with the authorities of Panama every twelvemonth in the hereafter. In add-on, Veneto – A Wyndham Grand Hotel & A ; Casino will come up with portion of the returns of the exhibition for charitable activities, parts to the public assistance bureaus, and societal returns ; In short, these patterns are aimed at sustainable development of Veneto – A Wyndham Grand Hotel & A ; Casino.


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