Singin’ in the Rain is a musical sing the development of the Hollywood movie industry ; from soundless films to talking pictures. with the debut of sound in movie. With the Prime Minister of The Jazz Singer. movie industries had begun experimenting movie doing with sounds. doing two soundless film stars and movie industries fighting to set into the new speaking movie.

Analysis inquiries:
Pick a musical sequence from Singin’ in the Rain. Analyse how the four elements of movie ( filming. mise-en-scene. sound and redacting ) were used in this sequence. Analytic Remarks:
Singin’ in the Rain is a humourous musical movie presenting a new epoch in filmmaking where histrions and movie industries are confronting a hard passage from the soundless movie to speaking movie. With the determination of turning ‘The Duelling Cavalier’ into a speaking movie. soundless movie stars. Don Lockwood ( Gene Kelly ) and Lina Lamont ( Jean Hagen ) battle to set themselves in the new movie devising environment. nevertheless their effort in speaking movie had non turn out great due to the black Prime Minister of ‘The Duelling Cavalier’ . In order to battle the turning petition of speaking movie and to salvage their occupation. Don Lockwood and his friend. Cosmo Brown ( Donald O’Connor ) pitched their thought of turning ‘The Duelling Cavalier’ into ‘The Dancing Cavalier’ to their manufacturer. R. F. Simpson ( Millard Mitchell ) . However. due to the negative respond received from audiences on Lina Lamont’s voice as heard in the Prime Minister of ‘The Duelling Cavalier’ . R. F. Simpson became loath in projecting Lina in a musical production. which Don and Cosmo so thought of projecting Kathy Selden ( Debbie Reynolds ) as the voice of Lina Lamont. which she was non credited for after Lina had found out what was done to her in the production of ‘The Dancing Cavalier’ . which turn the movie. Singin’ in the Rain into a combination of play. comedy and love affair ; the love affair being the love narrative told between Don Lockwood and Kathy Selden.

The four elements of sequence. filming. mise-en-scene. sound and redacting are present in the ‘Moses supposes’ sequence. The musical consists of broad shootings mid shootings and over the shoulder shootings. The broad shooting of the sequence assisted in set uping the inside informations of the room. including furniture and character arrangement ; it besides shows audiences the musical sequence. of the characters dancing around the room. The mid shooting available in the sequence shows the audiences the mocking actions made by both Don and Cosmo when the both of them had snatched the book out of the enunciation coach’s custodies and begun declaiming the sentence at the same time before spliting into music and dance. The over the shoulder shooting is taken during the posing of the enunciation manager on a chair while watching Don and Cosmo pat dancing both on the floor and on the tabular array. Aside from the shootings. the room is brilliantly illuminated. with shadows thrown on the wall. proposing that it is a cheery twenty-four hours. likely either noon or afternoon. With the room brilliantly lit. the shooting itself shows a sort of elation to it ; where the characters are reasonably. doing audiences experience happy while watching the sequence.

The musical sequence chiefly consist of panning and leaning while the camera shadows the motion of the characters leaping on furniture and dancing around the room. whereas a dolly shooting is besides present while the camera turns aboard the characters without a cut. As a musical movie. most of the playing in Singin’ in the Rain consists of dancing and vocalizing ; which act as the scene and look of the movie. The temper expressed by Don and Cosmo during the musical sequence of ‘Moses supposes’ can be seen non merely through their facial look. but besides from their actions. in this instance. their dance motion and the musical figure ; where their dance motion consists of a little bounciness with joy which is seeable through their modus operandi every bit good as the joyful musical figure with a mocking melody nowadays in its wordss. The costume worn by both Don and Cosmo besides has a amusing side. with both characters have oning similar outfit but with a different coloring material. which synchronizes with both characters transporting out similar actions in their dance footfalls every bit good as the comedic yet vernal side of them.

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The sequence is added humor with the dressing of the enunciation manager in instead formal garb compared to the insouciant manners of Don and Cosmo. and with both Don and Cosmo dancing around the enunciation manager doing him seem foolish. The scene of the furniture suggests that the room is in fact the workplace of a professional. which has rather a serious touch to it. where audiences does non anticipate a comedic result from the scene. Both the earnestness touch of the room and the comedic actions of Don and Cosmo. audiences will decidedly be surprised with the mocking melody and the humourous actions of the histrions and the sudden musical result. With it being a musical sequence. the scene is supported by background music ( non-diegetic sound ) every bit good as diegetic sounds. During their public presentation of ‘Moses supposes’ . Don and Cosmo presented their act through cheerful melodies and rhythmic wordss while badgering both the enunciation manager and the sentences Don was repeating on order to better him pronunciation in readying of a speaking movie. ‘The Duelling Cavalier’ .

After their musical effusion. Don and Cosmo manage to edify the temper of the enunciation manager every bit good. which turns the initial earnestness of a acquisition environment into a more relaxed environment. Throughout the sequence. there seem to be minimum redaction. where most of the shootings chiefly consist of long takes. which lasts up to half a 2nd before a cut is made to the shooting. Aside from that. there is the grounds of clean panning. tilting and dolly motion which requires less redacting to be made ; in the sense of clean panning. tilting and dolly changeable. the camera motion is in fact good synchronise with the dance motion of Don and Cosmo. ensuing in clean shootings throughout the sequence with up to about four cuts made ( as counted ) through the three minute musical sequence. Outline:

Steven Cohan suggested that Singin’ in the Rain could be analysed through a scope of readings where a few critical theory is applied to assist in better apprehension of the movie itself. These theories assist readers and audiences in construing their ain ideas on the movie.

Reading inquiries:
The Cohan reading offers many differing readings of Singin’ in the Rain. Discuss which critical theory entreaties the most to you and explicate why. How is this reading of the movie similar to your ain reading of the movie? How is it different? Has this reading changed your head about the movie in any manner?

Analytic reading remark:
Harmonizing to the Cohan reading on ‘Interpreting Singin’ in the Rain’ . the critical theory on spectatorship and sexual differences entreaties to me the most as this theory discuss on the affair of gender inequality in movie industry every bit good as an imaginativeness of a sequence or scene without the aid of traveling images. Gender inequality is present in Singin’ in the Rain with Don Lockwood fliping the terminal scene of their musical to R. F. Simpson. where he painted a image with what he thinks would be a glorious terminal to a musical ( Cohen. 2000 ) . In this scene it includes Don Lockwood depicting as a masculine immature histrion who yearns to do it into the filmmaking production where his success was constructed rapidly within a few proceedingss. It begins with Don strike harding on doors of filmmaking manufacturers. while showing his ability to dance. where after a few bend downs ; he was eventually accepted by a manufacturer to assist him win in the filmmaking industry ; with his new found stardom. he finds himself walking into a saloon. when he saw an attractive immature lady. who was neither Lina Lamont non Kathy Seldon. the immature lady finds Don attractive. with his maleness and singular dance moves.

However. the immature lady seem to be more interested with mercenary article instead than Don. who seem to hold a turning fondness toward this immature lady. From this peculiar scene. it is recognizable that there is a portraiture of gender inequality toward adult females. where adult females is shown to be really sexual. as seen with the immature lady who was have oning a green frock with slits up to her thighs. Aside from that. adult females are besides portrayed to be more attracted to mercenary objects such as money and jewelry instead than the feeling of the opposite sex. in a sense that adult females would instead day of the month work forces who have many mercenary objects to demo for instead than work forces who do non demo off his mercenary things. After Don had pitched the thought to R. F. Simpson. he had problem visualizing the scene. which is when Cosmo had suggested that it would turn out great one time the film had been produced. Which as suggested by the theory of spectatorship. that the treatment between Simpson and Cosmo on the affair of visualizing the pitch presented by Don is condensed in gag which as clarified by psychoanalytic movie theory as cinematic spectatorship beginning of pleasance ; whereby through the image projected on screen. audiences are able to unconsciously place the image with the camera ( Cohen. 2000 ) .

Through the reading of construing Singin’ in the Rain. I find that the reading itself is in fact similar to my reading of the movie itself. particularly with the scene described above. alongside with the theory. spectatorship and sexual differences. From my reading of the movie. most of the scene included is related to sexual inequalities where the work forces in the movie are portrayed to be masculine. where they have the ability to be in the place of taking charge a determination whether if it is a determination which causes the opposite Se to experience uncomfortable with. for case in the sequence where Don. Cosmo and Simpson had a program of uncovering the truth about Lina’s endowment. Don had told Kathy to sing in behalf of Lina although Kathy had protested and even told Don that after the vocal. she would non desire anything to make with Don. Yet Don shrugged her suggestions off and preceded with his program. in the terminal. Don had besides shown his maleness with the audiences as he ordered them to halt Kathy from acquiring manner.

The narrative. dance and dubbing of sound in Singin’ in the Rain is both entertaining and similar to my position of the movie every bit good. where the voice of Lina Lamont when she had foremost spoken. which turns out that her voice is coal-black and nasally. made audiences experience as though she should non be in a speaking film. together with her stiffness while moving ; doing dubbing of her voice by Kathy a superb determination by the manufacturers in the movie itself. However being every bit celebrated as Lina is in the movie set. she thought of herself as being in control over a normal individual such as Kathy. where she could acquire Kathy to make as she please. Nonetheless. the reading of this movie has helped me understand and view the movie in a more in depth mode. where every action and narrative is in fact a concealed significance to which the epoch of the movie release could convey. in this instance. where the population still faces gender and category favoritism. particularly in the filmmaking concern.


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