“The Scarlet Ibis”, “Raymond’s Run”, and “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” all have something in common. In “The Scarlet Ibis” Doodles older brother takes care of Doodle because he has a disability. In “Raymond’s Run” Squeaky, which is Raymond’s younger sister, has to take care of Raymond because of his disability and in “What is eating Gilbert Grape, Gilbert takes care of his younger brother Arnie who also has a disability. All of these brothers and sisters have different kinds of relationships with each other. William Armstrong, a baby born with a name that would look good on a tombstone said William Armstrong’s parents.

They called him Doodle, because when he would crawl backwards he looked like a doodle bug. Doodle had a disability and he would not live for long so his parents named him William Armstrong because it would look good on his tombstone. Doodles older brother took care of him more than their mother and father. Doodle and his brother had a love and hate relationship. Doodles older brother is embarrassed to been seen in public with him in the beginning of the story. Doodle and his older brother did not have a good relationship.

Squeaky is Raymond’s younger sister, she is a runner. Raymond has a disability and Squeaky takes care of him. Raymond goes to all of Squeakys track meets and watches her run. Squeaky is not bothered by Raymond, she is happy with her brother. She is not embarrassed to be seen with him. Squeaky and Raymond have a protective relationship. Raymond’s younger sister really cares about him and she would make sure that he is safe and she would never let anyone hurt him. In a small town called Endora, away from everything lived a loving, happy, and curious boy named Arnie.

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Arnie had a disability and his older brother Gilbert took care of him. Arnie has a younger sister name Ellen, and an older sister named Amy. Their father had killed himself and they live with there mom who is over weight and sits on the couch. Gilbert takes care of Arnie all day and everyday. Gilbert and Arnie have a strong and a tough relationship. Their relationship is strong because they go everywhere with each other. Gilbert takes Arnie to work with him everyday. Their relationship is tough also because Arnies disability makes him think e is younger and he takes everything as a joke and always wants to play around with Gilbert. In these three stories all of the siblings have very different relationships. Doodle and his Brother have a love hate relationship, they do not always agree with each other. Squeaky and Raymond have a protective relationship; squeaky would never let anything dangerous happen to her older brother. Gilbert and Arnie have a strong and a tough relationship, they do fight sometimes, but they will get over it and they have the closest relationship.


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