Summary of the Situation on August 5th, 2003, a news release was Issued by The center for science and Environment (CASE) against the popular pop brand, coca-cola. The vilifying claim stated that the refreshing beverage contained “a deadly cocktail of pesticide residues. ” CASE is a research and advocacy group working toward a sustainable future. Their claims were based on tests that were performed by the Pollution Monitoring Laboratory In the early summer of 2003.

These tests came to show that three samples of 12 PepsiCo and Coca-Cola brand products across the New Delhi entwined over 30 times the global standards of tolerable pesticide residues. Among the chemicals found were several cancer causing agents such as linden, EDT, immolation and chloroforms. In addition to causing various cancers. These chemicals are known to damage the immune system, nervous system, reproductive system and cause birth defects. The report by CASE has took its toll in the minds of students and residents in the impoverished country where there are already nearly six out of every 100 infants die before their first birthday.

Although these pollutants are not found in reduces distributed within the united States, they are doing no favor for the Indian branch of the company where they are already known to be large symbol for western cultural imperialism and accounts tort sixty percent to the $1. 6 billion market tort soot drinks within India. The Indian government eventually banned all coca-cola and PepsiCo products In Parliament, schools soon followed cult and detriment sales as a whole for both companies. In an attempt to recover his brand the Coca-Cola India president and CEO, Canals Guppy, argued that their was error In the testing.

With his fellow employees and management he continued to name the Case’s allegations as baseless and unsatisfactory. This was countered by the CASE with that they had followed the standardized testing methods and were supported by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. There was later a survey distributed in New Delhi within a few days of the announcement concerning the pesticide laced soft drinks that found that a majority of consumers believed the findings were correct and supported the ban put on by parliament thus leading on too dispute lasting well over three years.

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