Situation In The Balkans Essay, Research Paper

The US should non be involved with the state of affairs in the Balkans because the US doesn T have adequate money to get down what could be the following World War. The US should seek to pay back the millions of dollars that it owes to other states overseas. If the US got involved, so the US would hold to take money out of the societal security to pay for the war. After all that money is gone, so the US would hold to raise takes to back up the war. The higher revenue enhancements could do companies to travel out of concern and that could be the start of the following depression. Then, when the US is low on money and resources, it would be a good clip for some other state with atomic missiles aimed at the US to establish them. The US would counter-strike and fire their atomic warheads at them and so all of the jobs would be solved because there would be nil but a few trees for the staying people to breath off of.

It s clip to halt the violent death and devastation. Defense Secretary William Cohen said in a study from the Associated Press News Service. If the US sends military personnels, the US is seting their

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lives and all of the guiltless Albanian lives in danger. The US Marines would be among the first Americans in Kosovo. The more military personnels that dice, the more the US will hold to direct over. Once the US runs out of military personnels, they will hold to get down outlining American people. The drafted soldiers go to the Balkans, inexperienced and scared to decease because they are merely 18 and thought, I am excessively immature to decease! . There are over 10,000 Albanian guerillas contending for the Kosovo Liberation


Most of the Albanians merely desire peace. Entire towns and illages are being burned to the land, tonss of Albanian civilians are being slaughtered mundane, and 100s of 1000s of people have become refugees. Some Albanians want an understanding to make a national guard or self-defense force consisting of

the Kosovo Liberation Army guerillas. The guerilla would assist NATO peacekeepers in supervising the behaviour of people that may present as a menace. Other Albanians, were speaking about demilitarizing the guerilla. Kosovo Liberation Army spokesman, Lirak Velaj, told the Agency France Press News service that, Cipher is traveling to take their custodies off their arms until we liberate Kosovo.

The Kosovo Liberation Army and the Albanian combatants, most of them armed provincials who have lost everything they had, will non speak with Serbs. There is no existent political leading on the Albanian side that has adequate authorization to do even any good efforts to coerce some

sort of Serb/Albanian colony that could maintain Kosovo within Yugoslavia. All Albanian politicians know to the full good that there is no outside power that could convert the Albanian provincials to give up arms and travel back to paying revenue enhancements to Serbia unless they are defeated and killed in the conflict. So far, the Serb Army has non been able to get the better of them in the conflict. The ranks of the Kosovo Liberation Army are turning quickly and by the terminal of the summer they are said to hold between 150,000 to 200,000 combatants ready for combat. The Kosovo Liberation Army will non discourse the position of Kosovo, which means that the international community will be faced with the worst Balkan state of affairs of all time.

Milosevic has been determined to throw out the Albanians from Kosovo and to extinguish them as a political factor in Yugoslavia. He is the leader of the state. Let Milosevic run it the manner he wants to. Milosevic acted ruthlessly and expeditiously in defence of the Serb Cause and for the creative activity of a Greater Serbia. Until he starts directing missiles over to the US, the US shouldn T worry about it. Recapitulating on what was stated earlier: It would be excessively much money. Many people would decease. War is incorrect. Milosevic hasn T done anything incorrect for the US to be traveling over there and making anything to him.


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