Skateboarding History, Evolution And Stereotypes Essay, Research Paper

It is 9:30 PM, the skies are dark but the mammoth bowl visible radiations illuminate the sleek and of all time so smooth inclines in the Skate Park. The crowd is in silence as a individual skater is the centre of attending, as he drops into the 9-foot one-fourth pipe. As he rolls down the incline the distinguishable rumbling of a skateboard can be heard, as he approaches the pyramid the crowd pant in hopes for a great fast one or a even a great autumn. As the skater reaches the top of the pyramid he crouches and unleashes a immense Ollie and rapidly kicks his back pes off of the board and catch the tail with his right manus. Just before set downing he pulls his pes back onto the board and Lashkar-e-Taibas go of the tail. The 2nd the typical sound of his board siting swimmingly across the land came once more the crowd roared with blessing.

If you have ne’er stepped onto a skateboard you would non understand what drives skateboarders to force the bounds of their boards their organic structures and the terrain around them. Skateboarding is an interesting athletics with a really interesting history. What is the history of skateboarding, How have the equipment and the athletics changed since the athletics was discovered? What are the stereotypes that are associated with this & # 8220 ; extreme & # 8221 ; athletics?

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Skateboarding began in the 1920s and 30s ; Surfers who could non acquire to the beach would take the undersides of roller skates and nail them onto a board or any piece of wood they could acquire a clasp of. These boards were really unstable, stiff and if you were to hit a pebble while siting the wheels would shatter because they were made of clay

( Shoemaker 9 ) . In the 1950s a great alteration came into the universe of skateboarding, a specially designed truck. ( the metal piece that holds the skateboard and wheels together ) with this innovation the skateboard was able to turn much easier. In 1970 another fantastic innovation rocked the universe of skateboarding, Frank Nasworthy decided that a urethane skateboard wheel would give the skater more control less noise and much more grip along with the frights of a wheel shattering being blown out the window ( The History of skateboarding in less than 1700 words excerpt from The Concrete Wave ) .

About this clip the existent size and form of the skateboard was altering. The skateboard went from being a little really thin unbridled piece of wood about a 18 inches long and four or five inches broad to around 30 inches long and 11 inches broad with the back side of the skateboard turned somewhat upward. The manner of

skating besides changed with the manner of these two types of skateboards. With the first skinny boards the aim was to get down at the top of a hill and sit down without falling off, which was no easy undertaking because of the deficiency of control and the unsafe clay wheels. The new wider boards with urethane wheels were used to carve around in pools and turn over down bigger and better hills at much greater velocities. ( Excerpt from The concrete moving ridge ) .

The following and perchance the biggest alteration in the manner skateboarding is perceived was the innovation of the Ollie. ( an aerial manoeuvre in which the skater jumps off the land and the board stays under his pess while he is in the air ) The Ollie was created in 1978 by a adult male by the name of Allen Ollie Gelfand. He perfected this fast one on the bigger boards with urethane wheels. With the innovation of the Ollie there was a sudden rebellion of a new type of skating called street skating. Street skating took skaters into a new degree of danger and exhilaration. It seemed that no skater could defy ollieing sets of stepss and skiding down bannisters. With all the new emphasis on the skateboard itself, it was one time once more clip to modify the skateboard. In the late 80s and early 90s the skateboard was turned into a extremely engineered device. The nose ( front ) and tail ( back ) were now both turned upwards, the breadth of the board dropped down to between seven and eight inches and the length stayed about the same. But for the first clip of all time at that place was concave. Concave is how the board was shaped in the center, the older boards were wholly level but the new boards had concave which made tossing the skateboard over and whirling it around a possibility.

Now that skateboarding had been pushed to its new bound, the metropoliss were acquiring tired of holding skateboarders skating every populace set of stairss and skiding or crunching anything they could happen. The people began to pigeonhole skateboarders as delinquents and drug users because of their visual aspect and the fact that the people who didn & # 8217 ; t skate could non understand the attractive force to skateboarding. They saw it as a manner to allow out force or some even saw it as lawlessness. As with any athletics you will hold the good cats and you will hold the bad cats. ( campus headline intelligence ) .

Skateboarding has had its ups and downs but it is safe to state that it is here now and perchance at its biggest extremum of all time, but this will most likely lead to the greatest depression of skateboarding in history every bit good. But those who are true and those who are new into the athletics and love it will ne’er allow it decease out.


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