Bob Marley’s One Love is heralded as the vocal of the twentieth century. Jamaicans are exultant about this. We boast of the impact of such vocals as Redemption Song in promoting the anti-apartheid motion in South Africa. Millions across the universe identify with the message in Bob Marley’s vocals. We agree that music has enormous power and consequence. Isn’t this evident in how Jamaica has become known worldwide because of Bob Marley’s music? How is it so that the same voices that acknowledge the powerful consequence of Marley’s music now seek to deny the consequence of dancehall artistes such as Vybz Kartel’s wordss on the heads and subsequent behavior of those who listen to them? Dancehall has moved from the infinite that reggae occupies. in its publicity of societal and political consciousness. to the lift and promotion of inanition.

This affects our young person in a negative manner. Dancehall is non merely the music. but it is a civilization which impacts frock. manner and organic structure linguistic communication ; it influences attitude. Dancehall frock leaves little of the women’s organic structures to the imaginativeness. It is this mentality that is now impacting so many of our immature people in school. They are following the dancehall civilization of ‘badmanism’ . ‘hottie girls’ . ’nuff girls’ . ’nuff skin’ and organic structure parts exposed. ’nuff slackness’ . public wining and grinding. ‘bling and more bling’ . and every thing else that the civilization promotes.


There are parents who are indulging in this dancehall life style and who. hence. can non steer their kids to take moral. self-restraining lives. The kids and the parents are now both indulging in the dancehall inanition. We see the consequence of this in our schools. We see it when small kids are taken to Passa Passa and grownups delight in watching them wining and crunching their undeveloped hips in imitation of their inanition. Before these kids can get down to cognize what artlessness is. they have lost it. Their artlessness has been aborted. This exposure to unchecked inanition from an early age has ensured that we produce a coevals whose morality has been warped from the beginning. They will now believe that this slack and loose behavior is the norm.

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We add slackness to slackness when the vocals played on the sound systems and the images portrayed in the music videos all promote adult females as sex machines. These adult females represent themselves simply as objects of sex as is made clear by how they dress and by the sex-simulating rotations they indulge in. which are termed ‘dancing’ . with undersides resiling and traveling unit of ammunition like gigs and pelvic pushs underscoring their venereal countries. With such a changeless diet being fed to the senses of the immature. how can their consciousness develop in an inexperienced person. childlike manner? Add to these stimulations. the images of ‘upstanding’ Jamaicans wining and crunching on the roads during carnival ; adult females sandwiched by work forces from buttocks and before ; adult females and work forces of all forms and sizes. some wholly unknown to each other. have oning the barest of coverings. indulging in unrestrained sexual behavior on the streets with the media promoting and covering it. with hosts of constabulary ( including high-level constabulary officers ) steering the train.

What are we stating to our immature? We are stating that inanition is acceptable. that sexual behavior is non a private affair ; that sex can be practised publically with society’s blessing. Why. so. are we shocked when our schoolchildren show this same type of behavior on the streets. at the transit hubs. on the coachs. on the school evidences? Why are we shocked when they want their sex Acts of the Apostless to be video-taped and published? “Children live what they learn. ” They have merely taken a measure further what they have been taught by the ‘big people’ . the grownups. around them. We are merely harvesting what we have sown. This is what some immature adolescents say about the impact of dancehall on their behavior: “It makes me interrupt out of my small shell. I am an guiltless miss and dancehall music interruptions that barrier. ”

“It makes you experience all gangsterish and cool. And the music teaches you how to dress. ” “The wordss are influential. They tell you to walk roun’ . fume weed and kiss gun. Many people. kids in peculiar. look up to some of the artistes who feature these wordss in their vocals and they really do some of these things because they feel that if their favorite artiste is making it and they are ‘hip’ and admired. so why non make it excessively. Hence. dancehall music is influential. non merely to me. but to the wider society. ” “I have stopped listening to dancehall music now and that’s good because it had such a negative influence on me. At one point. I found myself moving in the manner that the vocals portray a ‘hot girl’ should be. ”


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