The below study is based on the concern program for Sky-ways. Our concern is chiefly focused on supplying Air Travel solutions for the people who have an purpose of going abroad for assorted grounds, instead we focus on the Inbound Tours and assorted bundles within the state.

The company vision is “ To make a new dimension in the Travel Industry by being able to custom-make all and any Travel demand, whilst guaranting maximal client satisfaction. ”

The chief services a of Sky-ways is publishing of Air Tickets, Worldwide Hotel Reservations, Travel Consultancy, visa aid, Particular Holiday Packages etc. the program is the attract business communities, immature population looking for get-a ways for vacations, households, Honeymoon couples Senior citizens going abroad to see their kids, household and friends.

Initial capital invested by the proprietor would be LKR 1,360,000 Plus a bank loan of LKR 600,000. The forecasted net net income of the company for the twelvemonth 2013 is LKR 660,000, anticipating a 2 % growing in the following twelvemonth and so a drastic 8 % growing as many of import alterations and enlargements of the concern are lined up for the 3rd twelvemonth of operation.

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The study goes on to bespeaking the Key perfornmace indexs, a SWOT/PESTAL analysis, actions to get the better of any company weaknesses, to keep and beef up public presentation, the methods of enlargement, the aims of the company, possible jobs and how to get the better of them besides besides an action program on the execution of the alterations.

The designation of impact of alterations in the in the concern and ownership every bit good as few stairss to supervise the alteration, public presentation and direction of the concern are besides included in the program.

A presentation on the pulling investors to the concern will be attached to the concern program

Our concern is chiefly focused on supplying Air Travel solutions for the people who have an purpose of going abroad for assorted grounds. May it be concern, Leisure, Holiday, Educational etc instead we focus on the Inbound Tours and assorted bundles within the state as many chances have come up with the terminal of the war and besides with the major development go oning around the state.

We provide travel consultancy services for the clients who need aid with the Visas, Ticketing every bit good as Accommodation. With the thought of “ An experience that you can depend on ” , the vision revolves around custom-making any travel demand, guaranting client satisfaction.

B ) Our Vision

To make a new dimension in the Travel Industry by being able to custom-make all and any Travel demand, whilst guaranting maximal client satisfaction.

degree Celsius ) Our Mission

Servicing the client with true passion while guaranting a entire Travel Solution, and supplying an experience they can depend on. SKYWAYS seeks to separate itself as a specializer of set uping Travel Packages and besides to be recognized for offering exceeding travel services to accommodate the demands of the clients.

vitamin D ) Organization Structure

Pull offing Director/ C.E.O

Manager Inbound/ Outbound Tours

Manager Finance & A ; disposal


IT Coordinator

Finance Executive

Marketing Executive

Hotel Reservation

Flight reserves

vitamin E ) Servicess

Issue of Air Tickets

Worldwide Hotel Reservations

Travel Consultancy

Particular Holiday Packages

Aid in Visa

Travel Insurance

degree Fahrenheit ) Targeting Group

Young population looking for holiday get-a ways and shopping flings.

The households going on vacations

The Businessmens

Companies that have frequent abroad visits

Middle aged population looking for household pickups

Honeymoon twosomes

Senior citizens going abroad to see their kids, household and friends

g ) Financial Information

Pro Forma Profit and Loss Statement




Gross saless




Entire Cost of Gross saless




Gross Net income




Gross Profit Ratio %

10 %

13 %

21 %

Less – Other Expenses









Maintainace of GDS
















Bank Loan Repayment




Entire Operating Expences




Net income Before Interest




Bank Interest




Net Net income After Interest




Net Net income Ratio %

3 %

5 %

13 %

Balance Sheet as at 1st Jan 2013

Fixed Assetss



other equipment


Furniture & A ; Adjustments



Current Assetss

Cash at Bank


Current Liabilitiess

Entire Assetss


Finance by

Bank Loan





H ) Selling mix


We deliver a service that is customized for each client harmonizing to their travel demands and wants. However we arrange inbound every bit good as outbound tours around the state every bit good as bundles in assorted states for different experiences such as shopping, site visual perception, escapade, love affair etc.

Monetary value

The monetary value of the air tickets and the bundles differ from one bundle to another as it depends on the finish, continuance and the location which has to be matched with the client ‘s demand every bit good as the ability and willingness to get the service.

Topographic point

We are located in the Wattala country as it seems as a developing country with good concerns of demographic environment and besides in this country Kris Holidays is the lone travel bureau. Apart from the town office we do concern online every bit good as over the telephone as face to confront interaction is non necessary and everything can be done electronically


In footings of publicity we can chiefly utilize mega blast mail and newspaper advertizements to advance the particular Tourss, every bit good as word of oral cavity on how good our services are carried out. In presenting new publicities and particular Tourss broochs can be printed and handed over to possible clients.

Main Methods of selling

Ad on newspapers, wireless Stationss and magazines sing new publicity, bundles every bit good as article on the experience of the clients covering with us.

Social Media – create a face book concern page where all inside informations can be added and can make strong client-tail

Can roll up email references from clients and besides direct blast mails to maintain the client informed on the latest updates

J ) Keys to Success

Section and aim the market harmonizing to the income/ age / often travelled finishs.

Communicate the alone services of Sky-ways and spread the word of a reliable travel experience.

Excellence in carry throughing the clients requirement

On clip response to clients bespeak by pass oning with the client sing the agreements to be made.

1.2 Cardinal Performance indexs


Cardinal Performance Indexs


Cost Avoidance

Policy conformity

Travel direction services coverage

Value of managed travel

Change in entire travel cost



Climate impact of concern travel conveyance


Travel disbursal productiveness

Change in entire travel cost




Policy conformity

Travel direction & A ; services coverage

Value for money

Value of managed travel


Climate impact of concern travel conveyance



Duty of Care

Travel direction services coverage

Travelers insurance policies

Traveller Satisfaction

Customer service and the public presentation of SKYWAYS


1.3.1 SWOT Analysis for the travel bureau

a ) Strengths

Good location

Excellent client base

Handled by experient travel forces

Fiscal resources

Hardworking employees and good sellers

Customers can do reserve in any air hose

24 hr on-call for Customer demands

B ) Weaknesses

No much apprehension of societal media and the planetary distribution systems

Not much inducements and low wages

Not many people to confer with in the instance of determination doing hence the procedure will be slow.

Some chances can non be taken on as the staff is limited.

When compared with the rivals, our fiscal beginnings are limited

Lack of acknowledgment as we are still a new company

Challenges in the on the job environment as will be working with new people

Unable to cover straight with the Airlines and demands to travel through a consolidator. This procedure gives you less acknowledgment by the Airlines.

degree Celsius ) Opportunities

New engineering

Particular offers during festival seasons

Promotional offers given from air hoses

Group travels

The encouragement from the authorities in advancing touristry.

Can acquire a one to none chance for group menu dialogues as when a big group menu is required.

vitamin D ) Dainties

High degree of competition

New selling schemes

Changes in clients gustatory sensation and penchant

System failures will impact the concern

1.1.2 PESTEL

a ) Political / Legal Environment

Legislations and ordinances that should be adhered to and besides touristry is a flourishing industry in Sri Lanka due to all the development in the state after the terminal of the 30 twelvemonth war. The political stableness of the state of the state besides supports concern patterns. In footings of revenue enhancement a portion of the income earned from the concern should be paid as income revenue enhancements which in return aid with the development of the state.

In footings of legality to get down up the concern it has to be a resisted under the company act and besides should register with the Civil Aviation Authority and obtain a certification, besides to run a travel bureau it is a demand to hold at least 2 qualified staff in the relevant industry.

B ) Economic Environment

Tourism is much encouraged as it is a cardinal factor in economic growing. The authorities is anticipating a immense return in the investing of the New Airport to be opened in Mattala.

The cost of life is in mean degree hence the people are able to pass on their travel needs better than earlier. However the assorted revenue enhancements imposed will hold a negative impact as the menus and the degrees of committee will postpone consequently and sometime it may non be so profitable.

degree Celsius ) Social Environment

The alterations in the demographic environment and the assorted societal concerns around the country as there are people from assorted civilizations every bit good as different age groups which have different travel demands will hold a impact in the demand for the services

It besides depends on the client base and there demands as the service has to be customized for each and every client.

vitamin D ) Technological

It is of import that we adapt to the technological alterations that happen every bit good as the updates of the chief operational systems i.e the planetary distribution systems used to do reserves.

The assorted methods used to pass on in a high tech mode. To heighten concern pattern every bit good as to supply better services

vitamin E ) Environmental

The conditions conditions of our state and the remainder of the universe and besides the natural catastrophes set uping the flight operation will be a determinant factor for people to go abroad therefore if there is bad conditions or any indicant of natural catastrophe like hurricane, tsunami ECT there will be less travels so there will be a negative impact to the concern.

Undertaking 2

2.1 Actions to get the better of failings

In the initial phase of concern, the start-up is hard but by get the better ofing the failings we can accomplish a fast growing for the company.

The staff should be given appropriate preparations to understand the client ‘s demands and besides to utilize the planetary distribution systems used in the concern.

In clip to come as the concern is turning the inducements given to staff can be increased as it is understood that at initial phases the company is unable to supply such benefits besides salary increases will be a incentive to convey in every bit much concern possible.

Attracting spouses to the concern will increase the fiscal stableness with the capital the spouses will convey in, and besides it will assist in bring forthing new thoughts and aid in the determination doing procedure as there would be more people to confer with.

If more financess are required to run the concern we can raise financess through fiscal establishment by using for loans, acquiring grants from the authorities or acquiring interested parties to put as spouses.

Geting acknowledgment can be done by word of oral cavity by giving out a good service to clients so it is spoken approximately. Besides publicizing on newspapers and wireless, publishing broachers adverting particular publicities.

2.2 Keeping an strengthening public presentation

Anticipate and transcend client outlooks

Challenge strong belief by being brave, advanced, funny and ambitious

Provide first-class client service every bit good as place the clients ‘ demands and cater consequently

Employee staff with positive attitudes/ Can make attitude

Adapt to the latest technological alterations to maintain up with the rivals

Have good concern relationship with possible clients

Guarantee the quality and the experience that client can depend on

Make certain client receives value for money

Accept regards and if any ailments make certain it will non be repeated In the hereafter.

Adjusting harmonizing to the different types of people as they have assorted civilizations and have different thoughts.

Prosecuting in just concern practises

2.3 Expanding of the Business

Expanding from Wattala to other parts of the county.

Having subdivision offices in Colombo and Katunayaka

Besides holding a travel desk in at least two prima hotels in Colombo aiming the aliens remaining in them.

Once to the full established we can spread out to international markets aiming the Sri Lankan population populating aboard.

Having a nomadic agent with a laptop with all necessary equipment traveling to the clients to acquire the tickets issued. With one run intoing the whole trade is sold and finalised.

Expanding trough methods of doing concern minutess

All minutess can be done electronically with less face to confront interaction the reserves can be made over the phone and the payments can be made by Credit card or bank transportation and the tickets can be e-mailed straight to the client with much convenience.

Making web site where clients can do on-line reserves and acquire information online

Having an online adviser where any information can be obtained by a confab with the adviser.

Expanding to other concerns

Apart from Inbound and Outbound tours we can spread out to hot air balloon drives, chopper drives and going within the state on the Sea plane.

Besides in the old ages to come we could besides outsource and sell Cruise bundles which entitles to a committee on each sale made.

Traveling on to a cab service with in the state every bit good as rent out the vehicles for tourer.

Undertaking 3

3.1 Aims

Achieve gross revenues growing in the company in the old ages with a corresponding addition in net incomes

Provide maximal satisfaction and put high criterions of client service

Establish good in the local market and strategically travel on to the international markets over the old ages

Develop the trade name name and set programs/deals and particular offers to pull and retain clients.

3.2 Potential Problems that can Occour

There can be lack fiscal resources to maintain the concern turning

Other travel bureaus coming up in the same country will do an addition in the degree of competition.

Airlines enforcing regulations such as no committee for the tickets arising from other states.

Airlines giving price reductions for engagements made through their direct web site.

Unpredictable clients shopping for cheaper tickets

Changers in the client ‘s life manner, the addition in the cost of life and incompatibility of the authorities that will in return create less demand for leisure travel services.

Huge alterations in engineering that can non be adapted to at one time hence when major alterations in the systems used there is a high cost to be incurred on the preparation.

Issues with staff demanding for higher wages and other benefits

Expenses more than the income

3.3 Get the better ofing jobs and implementing alteration

Attracting investors who are willing to put every bit good as acquiring a loan from a bank back uping SME ‘s we can work out the fiscal issues.

Publicise and do the company good known among people and besides give out attractive bundles by analyzing the rivals

Originate more outward travel from Colombo and capture the market and advance inbound and outbound hotels.

Move in to other options such as chopper travels, sea plane engagement, hotel reserves, sails, dinner sails, escapades, overseas telegram auto drives, wonder coach Tourss.

Make a trueness programme that will construct up a reiterating client base and have particular publicities for members of the programme

Making and on-line web site where the reserve can be created by the client through web and it will be ticketed from our terminal

Allocate a particular budget for the updates in the engineering every bit good as a budget for preparation and development.

Minimizing the disbursals and maximizing the income of the company and besides have public presentation biased committee for the employees where for each concern bought it the employee will acquire a committee.

3.4 Action Plan

Action Plan


Responsible party


Using for bank loans to fund all alterations that require.

3rd – 5th twelvemonth

Finance Manager

Updating and altering bundles and adding attractive publicities that will bring forth more concern

2nd Year

Reservation and admin staff

Geting contacts to spread out to reserves of Curies lines, domestic sea plane reserves, Helicopter drives and other services and set uping a client-tale in that footing every bit good

4th Year onwards

Reservations Manager and relevant staff

Establish the trueness programme “ KRIS Flyer ” for reiterating clients.

2nd Year Onwards

Administrative Manager and IT coordinator

Have an dateless web site with installations to do reserves online where the web site will make the reserve and payment can be done with recognition cards

Once concern is good established and client seek convenience with in the 4th or 5th twelvemonth

IT Coordinator

Adapt to all technological modifiers to maintain up with competition. Get necessary equipment.

Soon as the demand arises

Pull offing manager and all staff in the company

Widening concern to holding a cab service. Land transit for tourer and besides to take groups of Tourss

After set uping the air transit sector, towards the 5th twelvemonth

Pull offing manager and all staff in the company.

Undertaking 4

4.1 Impact of alterations on a Business and its Ownership

The alterations that take topographic point in the economy/ environment can be a determinant factor of the profitableness of the company.

If there are other interested parties to put in the concern that will hold an impact on the concern as there will be a distribution in ownership every bit good as net income and besides there will be alterations in the direction of the company.

The alterations in the environment can ensue positively and negatively but it depends on the state of affairs.

The economic alterations may ensue in alterations in the gross revenues degrees, the profitableness, income every bit good as the disbursals borne by the company as all depends on the economic system.

Depending on the prominence of the company and the growing of market portion may increase/ lessening hence the ownership of company will be strong and the sum of capital invested on the concern will be given to lift.

Pull offing execution of Change

In the hereafter there may be assorted alterations in the company, may it be technological, modifiers in markets, modifiers in the construction of the organisation etc. However the undermentioned points should be given precedence in implementing alterations.

Identify the country that needs alteration

Take necessary determinations on the relevant alterations

Communicate to employees the determinations and the actions to be taken in order to implement the alterations

Have preparations and other activities that will assist in the procedure of informing the employees.

Monitor the employees public presentation after the preparations by look intoing the gross revenues quality degrees

Make sure the general distribution systems are updated In instance of any technological alterations.

Monitoring alteration, public presentation and direction of the concern within the following 2 old ages

Set short term end and aims to accomplish a specific undertaking

Have a standard service quality degree that each and every employee must run into

Have meetings and treatments weekly or monthly to place any failings and turn them in to the company ‘s strength

Go by the action programs created for assorted undertakings and maintain it updated about the advancement

When responsibilities are assigned to staff, acquire a study from each staff upon completion.


Sky-ways is a little graduated table travel bureau with an purpose of capturing the market in footings of concern growing and enlargement nevertheless the concern program is set to accomplish the company vision, mission and aims to make the maximal success of the concern and gain a maximal return on the investing.

The concern program contains the information of the Key public presentation indexs, a SWOT/PESTAL analysis, actions to get the better of any company weaknesses, to keep and beef up public presentation, the methods of enlargement, the aims of the company, possible jobs and how to get the better of them besides an action program on the execution of the alterations.

The designation of impact of alterations in the in the concern and ownership every bit good as few stairss to supervise the alteration, public presentation and direction of the concern are besides included in the program.

Finally we can reason harmonizing to the program by the terminal of the 5th twelvemonth the company will be in a higher place in footings of growing the profitableness.


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