Sign up sheets for seminar groups will be displayed on Moodle giving inside informations of the clip. day of the month and location of seminars. Please sign up for a seminar slot for each unit of ammunition of seminars. You will be notified in talks of the readying required for seminars.

Full inside informations of coursework or other non-exam appraisal

One 3. 000 word ( excepting mentions ) instance survey ( 100 % ) . Answers will be assessed for both their theoretical and empirical parts. Coursework on this faculty will be marked in conformity with the undergraduate categorization taging usher as included in your Business School Undergraduate Student Handbook.

Do non choose one of the instance organisations we study during the faculty as specified in Lecture 1 ‘Introduction’ press release.

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Choose an administration in which you are interested. Write a 3000 word essay in which you use strategic direction models to: Sketch the organisation’s current scheme and beginnings of competitory advantage or disadvantage ( Based on resources and capablenesss. nucleus competences. nucleus rigidnesss or dynamic capablenesss ) . Analyse and measure either a recent period of alteration or a period of international enlargement. The analysis of strategic alteration should cover the context. content and procedure of alteration and measure the consequences The analysis of a period internationalization should cover the motive to internationalize. the grounds for choosing the mark country/region. the selected internationalization scheme and the consequences. Remark on the leading of the administration during this period and the organizational issues which the leader needed to turn to.

Please note that 3. 000 words ( excepting mentions ) with a 10 % plus or minus tolerance will be permitted. All words including those in tabular arraies and figures are included within this word count. Essaies which exceed this word count will usually be treated as holding a major mistake ( as defined in the Business School’s Undergraduate Marking Guide ) and hence will be limited to a upper limit of 59 % .

Any coursework that is non suitably referenced in Harvard Style ( as explained in your UG Student Handbook ) in the text where required and with a individual and duplicate alphabetical list of Harvard Style mentions under the header of mentions at the terminal of your coursework will be deemed to hold a major mistake.

Deadline Date for Submission of Coursework

Essaies should be submitted in to the Undergraduate Reception A1. North Building or via the Post Box in the Undergraduate Reception by 2pm on Tuesday 13 May 2014. Normal punishments will use for late entry. Two transcripts of your essay must be handed in.

Five Markss will be deducted for each working twenty-four hours ( or portion thereof ) if coursework is submitted after the official deadline day of the month without an extension holding been obtained. Except in exceeding fortunes. late entry punishments will use automatically unless a claim for palliating fortunes is made within five calendar yearss following an assessment deadline. If you need a deadline extension. reach the Business School Student Support Officer ( Teresa Bee. Room A7b Business School North Building ) before the deadline day of the month. Teresa will supply you with an Extension of Deadline for the Submission of Coursework signifier. This signifier must be signed by Teresa and attached to your coursework when it is submitted. Extensions will merely be given in exceeding fortunes such as unwellness ( which needs verifying grounds from a physician ) and in the instance of important personal/family jobs. Short-run unwellness ( less than 7 yearss ) is non usually regarded as an palliating circumstance for coursework. Late punishments will non be implemented if a claim for palliating fortunes is retrospectively approved.

Faculty Purposes

To analyze the procedure of strategic direction and the direction factors that influence effectual scheme execution.

Learning Aims and Results

Knowledge and understanding
This faculty develops a cognition and apprehension of:

International issues in concern and direction

The development and operation of markets for resources. goods and services.

The development of appropriate concern policies and schemes to run into stakeholder demands within a altering environment.

Intellectual accomplishments
This faculty develops:

The cognitive accomplishments of critical thought. analysis and synthesis. including the ability to place premises. evaluate statements in footings of grounds. to observe false logic or logical thinking. to place inexplicit values. and to specify footings adequately and to generalize suitably.

Effective qualitative job resolution and determination devising accomplishments.

The ability to make. evaluate and entree a scope of options. together with the capacity to use thoughts and cognition to a scope of concern and other state of affairss.

Professional practical accomplishments
This faculty develops:

Qualitative accomplishments including the ability to work with instance surveies.

The ability to use concern theoretical accounts to concern jobs and phenomena.

Effective public presentation within a squad environment. including leading. squad edifice. influencing and undertaking direction accomplishments.

Transferable ( key ) accomplishments
This faculty develops:

Effective unwritten and written communicating accomplishments in a scope of traditional and electronic media.

Effective self-management in footings of clip. planning and behavior. motive. self-starting. single enterprise and endeavor.

Learning to larn and developing an appetency for reflective. adaptative and collaborative acquisition.

This Module Outline should be read in concurrence with your Student Handbook.

Past/Sample Examination Paper

Not applicable as there is no exam appraisal for this faculty.

Module Details on Moodle

The web reference for Moodle is moodle. nottingham. Ac. uk. Moodle contains the unequivocal faculty specification ( including all appraisal inside informations ) . past test documents. and assessment feedback and reappraisal pages. You can see information on old pupil public presentation and SEM feedback on the faculty. For most faculties. Moodle besides contains on-line tutorial sign-up lists. faculty forums. faculty intelligence and proclamations. and a faculty place page that provides entree to online stuffs such as electronic transcripts of talk press releases.

Feedback on Teaching

The School operates a system of formal instruction assessment ( termed SET/SEM ) . You will be asked to finish a short online questionnaire relating to the instruction on this faculty. Your co-operation would be really much appreciated. as we value feedback to keep the quality of our programmes. SET/SEM is completed on-line utilizing Moodle.


If you would wish a difficult transcript of this or other paperss in an alternate format. or have other concerns around issues of handiness please reach the Module Convenor or Teresa Bee ( the School’s Disability Liaison Officer ) .

Reading List and mentions

Recommended reading for specific subjects is provided within this papers.

You may happen the undermentioned book. on which the faculty was originally based helpful: it is besides the beginning of most of the exemplifying instance surveies we will be utilizing.

Dobson. P. . Starkey. K. & A ; Richards. J. ( 2004 ) Strategic Management: Issues and Cases. Blackwell ( DSR ) ( Available from the library as an eBook library resource. Please reach the library for farther inside informations ) .

Extra reading:
The undermentioned diaries are recommended:
California Management Review. Harvard Business Review. Journal of International Business Studies. Long Range Planning. MIT Sloan Management Review. Strategic Management Journal.
The Financial Times. Business Week. The Economist. Fortune. Management Today and the concern subdivisions of the good quality newspapers are besides good beginnings of information.

For farther beginnings of company information for coursework please confer with the library.


Subject 1 Strategy and Organisation
Lecture 1: Understanding administrations utilizing the McKinsey 7S theoretical account

Module debut
Shared Valuess


Dobson. Starkey & A ; Richards ( DSR ) Ch. 5

Drucker. P. F. ( 1994 ) The theory of the concern. Harvard Business Review. 72 ( 5 ) . 95-104. Goold. M. . & A ; Campbell. A. ( 2002 ) Do you hold a well-designed organisation? . Harvard Business Review. 80 ( 3 ) 17-124. Hambrick. D. C. . & A ; Fredrickson. J. W. ( 2001 ) Are you certain you have a scheme? The Academy of Management Executive. 15 ( 4 ) . 48-59. Mintzberg. H. ( 1980 ) Structure in 5’s: A Synthesis of the Research on Organization Design. Management scientific discipline. 26 ( 3 ) . 322-341. Porter. M. E. ( 1996 ) What is scheme? Harvard Business Review November-December 61-68. Waterman Jr. R. H. . Peters. T. J. . & A ; Phillips. J. R. ( 1980 ) Structure is non organisation. Business Horizons. 23 ( 3 ) . 14-26.

Exemplifying instance: Home Depot in the thick of transmutation

Lecture 2: Towards a theory of high public presentation and the aura consequence In hunt of excellence
Built to Last
The Halo Effect
From Good to Great


Dobson. Starkey & A ; Richards ( DSR ) Ch. 5

Collins. J. ( 2001 ) Good to Great Fast Company hypertext transfer protocol: //www. jimcollins. com/article_topics/articles/good-to-great. hypertext markup language Collins. J. C. . & A ; Porras. J. I. ( 1996 ) Constructing your company’s vision. Harvard concern reappraisal. 74 ( 5 ) . 66-77 Eisenhardt. K. M. . & A ; Sull. D. N. ( 2001 ) Strategy as simple regulations. Harvard Business Review. 79 ( 1 ) . 106-119. Hamel. G. . & A ; Valikangas. L. ( 2003 ) . The quest for resiliency. Harvard Business Review. 81 ( 9 ) . 52-65. Kirby. J. ( 2005 ) . Toward a theory of high public presentation. Harvard Business Review. 83 ( 7 ) . 30. Peters. T. ( 2001 ) Tom Peters’s true confessions. Fast Company. 78-93. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. fastcompany. com/44077/tom-peterss-true-confessions Rosenzweig. P. ( 2007 ) Misconstruing the nature of company public presentation: the Halo Effect and other concern psychotic beliefs. California Management Review Summer 49 Issue 4 p 6-20


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