Sereneness How has the rapid development of technology affected competition in the mobile phone industry? The move to an increasingly mobile world has created new opportunities for a variety of industries. Mobile phone devices can be used to access the internet than traditional computers. New developing market companies are major competitors, growing rapidly because a lack of legacy systems have enabled them to profit more quickly from new technology as it becomes available. Emerging markets have created plenty of opportunities related to mobile phone technology, and they won’t be limited o for profit enterprises.

How does this technology affect supply and demand in the mobile phone industry? As mobile phone devices become increasingly accepted, companies can move into contiguous markets to exploit new revenue models such as mobile commerce and mobile payment systems. As the waves of disruption continue, whole new markets can be created even when long-established businesses are destroyed. In this changing environment, network providers could be faced with a choice of either evolving into the role of innovation providers or to be content simply to serve as a utility.


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