Hello Miss Najla and everyone. First of all, I want to introduce myself to you. My name is Nur Athirah binti Mohd Shukeri. In my primary school, all my friend call me Tirah. So, my nick name at my village was Tirah. Starting from secondary school, my new friends call me Aty and until here I was in UPM my friends call me Aty. For your information, I came from Kuala Krai Kelantan which well known as country of Cik Siti Wan Kembang. I am here study for the program Bachelor of Instrumentation Science for the second year student.

Just two students in this program are came from Kelantan. To know about my family, I am the second last from eight siblings. In my family, I have two brothers, five sisters and a younger sister. My favourite food and drink is everything hot dishes and fruit juice respectively. My hobby is play badminton. During my semester holiday, my sister and I always play badminton together. For my character, first of all I am actually a shy person but in the other side I am friendly friend.

Actually, I think I was poor in writing and lack of vocabulary. So that I can’t write the best essay but I want to improve my writing skills as the others. As a student of BB12421, I hope I could improve everything about English such as grammar, vocabulary, and writing. Lastly, my favourite quote would be “There’s never enough time to do all the thing you want”. Because as a student, we need to be wise in time management and help me to do the thing at suitable time. That’s all from me, thank you.

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