Small to medium sized endeavors ( SMEs ) are found throughout the Canadian economic system and are of import subscribers in economic growing and occupation creative activity. The ripening of the Canadian population, concern proprietors in peculiar, combined with a deficiency of sequence planning throughout SMEs will hold a negative consequence on the Canadian economic system in the close hereafter.

Harmonizing to Statistics Canada, Business Register in December 2011, 98.1 % of all Canadian concerns are little endeavors and an extra 1.7 % are average sized endeavors. Small endeavors are defined as endeavors that employ 1-99 employees and medium endeavors employ between 100-499 employees.

There are about 10.8M Canadians employed in the private sector in 2011 harmonizing to SEPH ( Statistics Canada ‘s Survey of Employment, Payroll and Hours ) information. Of those employed in this sector, 47.8 % are employed by little concerns with another 15.9 % employed by medium sized concerns. Considering, the staying 36.3 % of those employed in the Canadian private sector are employed by big endeavors, it can be stated that the bulk of the Canadian work force is employed by a little to medium sized concern.

SMEs are an built-in portion of the Canadian economic system and support is in the signifier of gross domestic merchandise, occupation creative activity and exports. As stated in Industry Canada ‘s June 2010 published study Key Small Business Statistics,

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SMEs contribute merely over 40.7 % to Canada ‘s Gross Domestic Product

SMEs created 53.9 % of all new occupations in the private sector between 2001 and 2011

SMEs history for 96.7 % of all Canadian exporters in 2010

SME contributed $ 129 Billion in exports accounting for 42 % of the entire Canadian export value in 2010

In Canada, SMEs are shown to hold a worsening endurance rate in Industry Canada ‘s June 2010 published study Key Small Business Statistics. Based on little and average sized concerns with fewer than 250 employees that entered the market in 2005, 85 % stayed in concern 1 full twelvemonth, 70 % stayed in concern for 2 old ages, 62 % stayed in concern for 3 old ages and merely 51 % stayed in concern for 5 old ages.

Intensifying this issue is that the same study besides shows that there is a net trending diminution in the sum of entrants into the market/exits out of the market from 2002 – 2008. This statistic points out that the overall sum of SMEs is worsening in the Canadian economic system. With diminutions in the overall SMEs come diminutions in parts to Canada ‘s gross domestic merchandise, occupation creative activity and exports. These diminutions have a negative consequence on the Canadian economic system.

The mean age of Canadian SME proprietors is

As the Canadian population ages and the babe boomer concern proprietors reach the age of retirement, it is expected that SMEs will either alter custodies or cease to be. Those concern proprietors with formal sequence programs have the upper manus when it comes to successful concern passage. Those who do non may be forced to shut the doors.

In a TD Waterhouse canvass in October of 2011, 76 % of little concern proprietors polled stated that they did non hold a sequence program for retirement. 23 % of those polled besides stated that they would shut the doors when it comes clip to retire and 27 % said that they did non cognize what they would make.

Another study, the CFIB Succession Planning Research study published in October of 2006 provinces that “ Retirement is the chief ground for concern proprietors to go out their concerns. However aˆ¦ one in 10 proprietors be aftering to go out their concern have their sites set on get downing another concern venture. ” ( Bruce, 2 ) . Of those concern proprietors surveyed 34 % stated they were traveling to retire within 5 old ages ( between the old ages 2007-2011 ) , 32 % stated that they planned to retire in 6-10 old ages ( between the old ages 2012-2016 ) . These statistics point out that in 2006, 64 % of SME had programs to retire within 10 old ages.

Application and extrapolation of the above per centums to the bing concerns recorded in 2011 ( Appendix 1 ) show that there is a potency of 82,436 – 272,398 concerns that could go out the Canadian economic system by the twelvemonth 2016. These are of class offset by the mean SMEs that are come ining into the economic system as stated in Appendix 7 of 10,000/year or 50,000 by 2016. The possible net lessening in SME ‘s by 2016 is 32, 436 – 222,398 presuming that those proprietors without formal sequence planning are forced to shut their concerns in order to retire.

This paragraph should bind in the effects on the economic system if SME lessening throughout the state.

This paragraph should place that immature enterprisers are likely to get down new concerns to bridge the spread and some of the current concern proprietors will get down new concerns but that there are limitations to youth acquiring funding and such – merely 1/10 older proprietors will get down another concern ensuing in less being started than being closed.

This paragraph should be the decision of the old paragraphs back uping the thesis.

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

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Appendix 7

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