If I could ban anything in the world, I would ban smoking. Without smoking, the world would be a better place with cleaner air. The environment will not be harmed. The large smoking death toll will decrease significantly and humans will be able live longer. We all know smoking Is dangerous, even to the people around the smoker. Long exposure to Secondhand smoke kills lives. If smoking was banned, non-smokers wouldn’t have to suffer a smoker’s consequences, living a longer and happier life.

A cigarette contains harmful chemicals that could severely harm your body leading to lung cancer, horrible breath, heart failure and many more diseases. Without smoking, these problems and side-effects wouldn’t exist. If smoking was banned it would also benefit the environment, making the world more sustainability and green. The air would be clean and waterways less polluted. No more damaging the planet and clearing green fields to grow tobacco. Banning smoking also means money will not be wasted on cigarettes.

Despite the expensive price of cigarettes people still buy them. Money should be used more wisely, for example: going on a lovely holiday or buying some new clothes. Smoking is an addiction which is hard to control; smokers have the eager to want more. Life will be better without smoking as you can make better life choices with your money, instead of rotting away on cigarettes. If smoking was banned, there would be no more smokers on our streets. Adults who make are a bad influence towards young children.

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The exposure of smoking will Increase their chance of becoming a smoker. So when smoking is banned, perception of people would certainly change and society will become a better place. Overall, smoking is unhealthy for your body; particularly for your lungs, banning It will only bring us advantages. Money will be used more wisely and the alarm we breathe will be clean. The environment will not be harmed and the smoking death toll will greatly decease.


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