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Yoko Kawashima wrote this book for her sister. It commemorates all the unsafe hazards they had to take as a household to get the better of the Korean War. While reading this narrative we learn about the historic facts but we foremost of all learn about this hapless Korean household who was forced to go forth their hometown to travel to Japan. They sought safety on the other side of the sea but found out that their household had besides been killed.

The major portion of the book is about the manner this immature miss, her sister and her female parent escaped decease while running off from the Korean Communist ground forces. Their hometown located in Northern Korea, when the invasion began, they had to go forth and seek to travel to a safer topographic point. They took few of their properties, a small money, and some commissariats. Throughout their journey, we see how they struggled to get away diseases, decease, and colza. Korean Communists are shown as pitiless, violent, and immoral work forces. They kill everybody on their way and dainty people as things. So we witness North Koreans seeking to fly to Southern Korea. Sing the poorness of Northern Koreans, we learn that it was really difficult and unsafe to travel reasonably much anyplace. Some made it to the following metropolis but died afterwards or were found and killed by soldiers. The end of about all non-communists Koreans was to acquire in the ground forces or leave their place. The program of the Kawashimas was to travel south and so happen a manner to travel to Japan. Across the sea lived some of their grandparents with whom they would populate. During the trip to the South, the household had about nil to eat, nil to imbibe and nowhere to kip. We see how hapless the state is throughout the immature miss s point of position. She didn t recognize it when she was

at that place, but now, as a author, she is ashamed of what her state became during that was. The two misss learn rapidly to move like grownups and to develop liberty, which is really of import in these state of affairss. We can besides appreciate the integrity and the solidarity of the household. They ne’er give up hope, ever remain together and assist each other out of course. When they eventually arrive in Japan, the first thing the female parent thinks of is the instruction of the misss. She did all she could to acquire tem into a school. She is really concerned about the miss s hereafters. Both misss are treated really severely at school. They are made fun degree Fahrenheits and laughed at, but they prove their worth by stand outing in school topics and acquiring perfect classs. This is a great mark of adulthood. They ne’er lose assurance and ever seek to make their best. The eventually happen a shelter and both work after school to do and money to populate. They ne’er waste anything and live a hapless life. Their female parent dies after looking for the grandparents in vain. The misss are on their ain and larn quickly how to respond in this sort of state of affairss. We learn even more about the solidarity of the two sisters. They live like that during about a twelvemonth until the clip when they meet their brother. They had been looking for him of all time since they arrived in Japan

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The book ends with the kids s reunion and we suppose the older brother is traveling to take charge of the household merely as a male parent would. The touching narrative allowed me to larn much more about the Korean War. It is non the same message as a history book where one merely reads the facts, but here, I am a informant of a existent narrative where I put myself in the victim s place and recognize that I should be really happy with the life I have.


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