So why do people take drugs? Well firstly, for drugs such as Nicotine (cigarettes) and alcohol, they are readily available in many convenience stores and supermarkets. As long as you are 18 and above and have enough money, nicotine and alcohol are readily available almost anytime and anywhere.And since certain drugs are readily available, many people may be curious on the effect of these drugs, and may want to experience how it feels like to consume these drugs. They will be especially more inclined to experiment if they are bored, or if they have many people around them who constantly deal with these substances.I found one article that was published only a few months ago by the Straits Times and it could perfectly exemplify the reasons that I have stated. This article features an interview of a student who was arrested for drug consumption. She mentioned that she got into marijuana when she was in polytechnic, and that she would smoke it with her friends at the school toilet or at a friend’s house. And she did so because they had nothing to do in between classes, and the boredom somehow overthrew their fear of getting caught. This clearly shows how simply boredom and being around people who does drug can lead one to taking drugs. Many teenagers are being pressured to take drugs by their friends, and they listen to their friends in order to fit in. Many of their friends also tell them that these drugs will make them feel good.And have you noticed any correlation between these reasons on why people take drugs? Well, they are all similar in the way that they are trying to self-medicate themselves by taking these drugs. Boredom, loneliness and stress are some of the few reasons why people would self-medicate themselves with these harmful drugs. These drugs helps create a connection for the victim. And this is a connection between the victim and the drug. Many drug victims lack a proper connection in this world, and they would try to self-medicate themselves in order to escape reality. Most these reasons I have just mentioned are probably just sub-points to the main reason on why people consume drugs. The main cause of this problem is probably the lack of connection.


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